Ahad, Ogos 03, 2008

Weddings Galore

Attended 2 weddings today, Airiz's and Lai's. Airiz's another fellow sheilagank, and wanita ayu ini adalah seorang laskar. Hebat nian. Went with Im and Rehot, didn't manage to pose with the bride sebab masa kitorang nak balik, dia masih di andam. But guess who sang at her reception?

Julie Sudiro ok, uolls!

Then rush to Liyana's place, nak pergi bareng to Lai's reception in Masjid Wilayah. Agak best jugak la buat kat situ, lepas nikah langsung resepsi, and tak payah sakit2 kaki pakai high heels (sbb dewan indoor dlm masjid, maka berkaki ayam sahaja). Dan dewan beraircond, marveles!

Lai was pretty in pink, and her husband's name is Zeff. Hahaha...I affectionately named him, Zeff no. 2. Other sspians who were there...Seri, Tote, Azie, Min, Petite and Nadiah.

And this beautiful young YB who happens to be a cousin of the bride and my senior in primary school...

Me: Kak Izzah, I wanna take photos with you, boleh?
Her: Sure! Because of ur pearls, boleh...
Me: Haaa??! Because of my pearls? Bukannya for old time primary school sake... (ayat dalam hati: or at least, ckp la sudi nak ambil pic dgn I sebab I cantik ke...LOL)

Wahai champagne colored necklace, when I bought u 2 weeks ago in Melaka, I was sure, one day, you'd serve ur purpose. The day is today. Thank you (sambil mengusap2 rantai itu penuh bangga)

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saya tetap prefer tora sudiro *ahaks*

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