Ahad, Ogos 10, 2008


It was back in 2003, if my memory didn't fail me, that we sat side by side at the FFM. Rosyam won best actor, I looked to my side and said, "Awak bila lagi?" He calmly said, "Dia 10 tahun baru dapat award. Awak bagi saya 10 tahun eh?"

Tonight, he won Best Supporting Actor award. I was at home watching tele, no longer the one sitting beside him (ya iyalah, bapak orang dah tuuuu), nevertheless, I was still ecstatic to see him receiving the award.

I've always believed in your talent,my friend! It's about time Malaysia takes notice. Hooray!!!

Congratulations, Zul! Looking forward to watch 'Wayang'. :-)

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