Khamis, September 18, 2008

The Boy

I've always wanted to share this letter with everyone. But every attempt to write about the story of the writer's life falls flat. I am not doing him justice. But you guys should read the letter.

Viky's only 5 when he lost his mother to the earthquake that hit Jogja in 2006. She died saving him. He has never known his father, he left them when Viky was just 5 months old. Now, Viky lives with his really old grandmother and uncle, who works as a field labor.

Viky's now 7.

Had the privilege of meeting him during my last visit to Jogja. Later when asked, what is it that I remember the most about him...I said, "his eyes". His pair of eyes are like telling you the story of his sadness and his pain, but above it all, of his hope.

A hope for a better life, a hope to bring his family out of poverty, a hope for a chance to go to school like the other kids, a live.

And as he wrote in his letter,

"Viky mau tetap bersinar seperti matahari, walau Viky tidak punya ayah dan ibu
lagi. Semoga Allah mengabulkan, Amin."

This young boy has been thru so much at this tender age, and still he keeps his up head high. Still, he doesn't give up hope. Makes me feel ashamed for ever feeling hopeless and cry in despair over the trivial matters in my life.

Thank you, Viky. Semoga kamu tetap bersinar seperti matahari. :-)

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