Selasa, September 16, 2008


He's Doni Tata Pradita. He's a Jogjanese. He's 18. He's a MotoGP racer. And here's what Wikipedia has to say about him:

"Doni Tata Pradita (born Jan 21, 1990 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia) is an Indonesian motorcycle racer. He currently races for Yamaha Pertamina Indonesia Team in the 2008 250cc Grand Prix World Championship.

Starring in underbone motorcycle racing in Indonesia from an early age, Doni won two consecutive victories (2003, 2004) in the Novice Class of the Yamaha regional underbone race championship, the Yamaha Asean Cup. In 2007 he took part in the GP250 class of the All Japan Road Race Championship. For 2008 he races in the 250cc Grand Prix World Championship.

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Well, all I know is the sight of him is enough to make my heart race. Haish. Brondong lagi

Saya suka sekali, dia masih pegang pesan neneknya...
"wherever you go, wherever u are, remember, that u are only a 'hamba'. So never ever ever tinggalkan sholat."

I'm guessing she said this in Indonesian language.

Benar sekali tuh, nek. Thanks for the reminder. :-)

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