Isnin, Oktober 13, 2008

9 ways to boost your mood

We're just humans. There are times when we just can't help feeling grouchy and blue.
I found this list of things we could do to elevate our mood we're feeling down here

I realized most of it, I have tried. Haha...guess I do have a positive way of dealing with stress! Let's see...

1. Buy some candy that you loved as a kid
(or chocolates, the ultimate comfort food. Hehehe! Altho not a huge fan of candy or chocs, wouldn't say no to a huge bar of imported cadbury!)

2. Take a shower or bath
(I even have comfort shower gel. For those stressful period in my life. I also have one for wake-me-up purpose, putting-me-to-sleep, make-me-feel-girly, make-me-feel-like-i-can-conquer-the world... :p)

3. Read a piece of fiction
(this, I do a lot. hahaha..those who have been in my room, can bear witness)

4. Make a mug of tea/coffee/hot chocolate
(Absolutely! which reminds me. Shamam...we havent had that promised ngopi session right? :-D)

5. Take a walk
(hahaha...since I have started hitting the gym again, then yeah. Exercising does help. Especially andai ada trainer muka Johnny Depp. Sigh. Andai...)

6. Write down five things you love about your life
(Done. Will only share it with the 5 people I love the most in my life, tho. Hehe. Encik Trainer muka mcm Johnny Depp tidak termasuk carta)

7. Watch an episode of your favourite TV show
(Extravaganza! LOL)

8. Get on with a chore that you’ve been putting off
(I cleaned my room a bit. A bit. Hahaha...think my car needs a good wash too. Hmmm...maybe tomorrow)

9. Laugh
(that's exactly what I've been faking the whole day!)

What do you do when you are feeling blue?

2 ulasan:

anis-chan berkata...

ko mmg shower gel queen. hhahahaha... me? no 1, 3 and 4 is a difinite to-do. i love reese's peanut butter cups!

Ernie Khairina berkata...

tido la farina..ape lagi

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