Rabu, Oktober 08, 2008


1. Dear Encik Tukang Buatkan Header,

Thanks for the new one. As always, I love it, love it, love it! You couldn't have guessed better, that I secretly harbour a desire to own a VW or something of that era. Ngehehe. Barulah old school.


Can I have a real one then? :-D

2. Dear Favourite Uncle who's getting married soon,


Now you've got to help me find someone, before granny drags me off to mandi bunga or something like that. SOS nih!

3. Dear Zeff and Peon,
Can you invite Abg Nuar to come to your reception? And if he comes, can I sit on his lap? Plish? :-p

4. Dear The Little Man who stole my heart,
You turn 3 tomorrow. Happy Birthday. :-) Tante loves you!

5. Dear Kilang Gula,

Can you not insist on playing the kilang gula theme song twice a day? (yes, kilang gula got lagu. not pretty.) I am on the verge of pulling my hair out one by one, everything I hear that song. Don't you realize it's so...nope. That kind of song was never in season. Pay someone to write a better song if you insist on having one. Please.

6. Dear friends,

Can I have a ticket to watch MammaMia the musical as my birthday present? Plish plish plish? *huge grin* (walaupun tau harapan hampa. hahaha)

Well. Better starts saving for that. Ngehehe.

5 ulasan:

Akhyari berkata...
Ulasan ini telah dialihkan keluar oleh pentadbir blog.
liydan berkata...

awalnya nak bday present :p

awesome blossom berkata...

farina! tak de mp3 ke lagu kilang gula tu? aku curious giler nak dgr bunyinya mcm mana...!!

Lina Syazwani berkata...

mp3 kilang gula!mp3!mp3!we want mp3!

mamma mia film sgt bestttt!! second best after sounds of music...baru tgk tadi :)

laa abang nuar tu.. kate pasangan .. bkn patut dtg sekali dgn ko ke haha

Nadya berkata...

i like this

of all the headers before

cheers to Encik Tukang Buatkan Header! (whoever you are)

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