Selasa, Oktober 14, 2008

I just Khan believe it!

'Malaysians more deserving of Datukship than Shah Rukh Khan'

KUALA LUMPUR: Local artistes are protesting the conferment of Datukship upon Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan.

The Malaysian Artistes Association (Seniman) chairman Datuk Mustapha Maarof said the intention to award the Darjah Mulia Seri Melaka to the actor should have been referred to Finas to determine his eligibility.

“It is their right to award the title. But we hope the selection of recipients should have been properly considered first. State governments should ensure their awards are given out to only the most qualified candidates or the awards will lose their prestige,” he said in a press conference.

He also named Azean Irdawaty, M. Nasir, Kuswadinata and Ruminah Sidek as artistes deserving to receive the Datukship. He added it was an insult to Malaysians that Shah Rukh Khan did not turn up to accept the award.

Shah Rukh Khan was awarded the Datukship on Saturday during the 70th birthday of the Yang Di-Pertua of Malacca Tun Mohd Khalil Yaakob. According to Mustapha, Seniman would be submitting a protest letter to the Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage Ministry at 4pm today.
Source: The Star Online

Telah bergelak guling-guling sambil menyanyikan lagu Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

Yatt, kalau kamu dulu kahwin dgn Shah Rukh bagai dirancang, dah jadi Datin Yatt ko sekarang!

I would love to hear what Shah Rukh has to say about his Datukship. :-D

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Tanpa Nama berkata...

insulting for nominate at first haha

awesome blossom berkata...

OMG, that is so true.. we could have been friends with a Datin now...! hahah

yatt berkata...


come to think of it, why not kan? kaya raya akuuu...

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