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No problems, says hubby of 106-year-old woman
Source: The Star Online

Pic Credit: Kosmo Online

A 37-YEAR-OLD labourer who married a woman almost three times his age, said their marriage was a happy one and there were no problems between them despite their age gap, reported Kosmo!.

Mohd Nor Musa who married 106-year-old Wook Kundur three years ago, said they first met when he rented a room in Wook’s house at Kuala Berang, Hulu Terengganu, and treated her like an adopted mother.

Wook, who was living alone at the time, suggested they marry to avoid the negative perception in the community and also because Mohd Nor could take better care of her.

Describing her husband as caring and gentlemanly, she said Mohd Nor always knew how to cheer her up.

Mohd Nor said he did not feel embarrassed when his siblings visited him but felt proud to have an elderly wife.

Wow. That's 69 years age gap! Namanya juga jodoh. Kalau gitu bisa dong, saya ama BM kan beda cuma 7 tahun. Makin mantap aja nih. LOL!

Muslims can do yoga minus the chants, says PM
Source: NST Online

He said Muslims who performed yoga exercise and do not chant any mantra could carry on with their activity as it was good for their health.

"I wish to state that a physical regime with no elements of worship can continue, meaning, it is not banned. I believe that Muslims are not easily swayed into polytheism," he said yesterday.

Abdullah was asked to comment on the yoga fatwa issue following the opposing views expressed by various quarters and the confusion that arose after the National Fatwa Council ruled last Saturday that systematic yoga was haram (forbidden in Islam) for Muslims, as it involved chanting of mantra and acts of worship which are against Islamic teachings.

At the same time, the prime minister said, non-Muslims should not feel hurt or slighted by the announcement of the yoga fatwa as it was only applicable to Muslims.

"What I understand from the decision of the National Fatwa Council is that it was aimed at explaining to Muslims the implications of yoga practice."

Abdullah said he was also aware that the yoga fatwa would only be implemented after getting the consent of the Rulers' Conference.

Meanwhile, the Regent of Negri Sembilan has joined the Sultan of Selangor in suggesting that the National Fatwa Council consult the Rulers' Conference before issuing significant edicts.

The Regent Tunku Naquiyuddin Tuanku Jaafar said since the rulers were in charge of Islam in their states, they should have been involved in the council's deliberations.

Meanwhile, Selangor will only gazette the fatwa on yoga after obtaining advice from the state Fatwa Council and approval from the Sultan of Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah.

Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, after the weekly executive council meeting, said the sultan regretted Jakim's action in ordering Selangor's Fatwa Committee to issue the same fatwa and asking him to approve it.

I am not an avid practioner of Yoga, well...not at all, actually. Unless the one time I tried to follow a cd tapi terasa macam nak tidur. much for being tenang and oh-so-Zen.
Cuma saya rasa masih banyak isu yang harus diperbincangkan dan diperjelaskan kepada umum oleh pihak Jakim dan Majlis Fatwa. Even if the Council decide to ban yoga, explain in detail, why. Jangan jadi macam cikgu taska yang garang dengan hanya berkata, "Kalau saya kata tak boleh, tak boleh lah!".
'Cancelled', 'cancelled', 'cancelled' - the chaos at Bangkok airport
Source: Times Online

Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi international airport was today a scene of abandoned chaos. Check-in counters were closed. Shutters were pulled down. Stranded passengers lay akimbo on the floor, asleep on baggage trays, slumped on check-in counters, leaning bewildered in front of the electronic flights board which showed a list of “cancelled”, “cancelled”, “cancelled”.

Outside, the sweeping approach roads to the airport were blocked with coiled razor wire and miles of parked firetrucks and cars. A thousands-strong crowd of anti-government militants thronged the airport forecourt, shouting, clapping and generally expressing their determination to hold the terminal until the Thai government resigns.

It’s a bold gamble. With six per cent of Thailand’s gross domestic product directly dependent on tourism the government cannot afford a long-term paralysis of the nation’s most important hub - an airport which processes 40 million passengers a year. Many experts predict a violent counter-invasion is on the cards.

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A friend called all the way from Indonesia yesterday, twice, to remind me not to go to Bangkok. Mind you, I do not have any plans to do so in the near future. But thank you for the kind thoughts. My younger brother was in Thailand for almost a month for his 'perjalanan mencari jati diri'. (Well, that's what Mak and I secretly calls it, hehe) Am so glad he came back just a few days ago, before this chaos.

MUMBAI TERROR ATTACKS: A ‘Planned’ Operation Designed to Create Chaos
By Walid Phares
Source: FOX Forum

As we write this first assessment of the Terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India, events are still ongoing inside the financial center of the Indian subcontinent. Here are the main points gathered so far:

Type of Operation

According to sources in Mumbai, armed groups and individuals have attacked at least eight (if not more) targets inside the city including the Taj Hotel, Oberoi Hotel (with most foreign tourists or guests, a railway Station, the Leopold Café and other locations. More shooting incidents are also being reported at the Trident hotel, a hospital and a highway leading to the airport and Assembly Hall. The terrorists fired indiscriminately against civilians and security elements, and lobbed grenades. At this writing sources are reporting between 40 to 80 to 100 deaths, more than 100 wounded and possible hostage taking. According to the same sources AK-47s, small arms, grenade were used. At least three foreigners are dead according to reports.

Design of the operations

In our estimate, this attack is a “complex” type, where small operations are aimed at creating chaos and triggering security deployment in many areas, while more precise operations could target higher targets such as hostage taking or similar situation.

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Dear Friend, I am surprised you haven't called yet and scream, "Don't go to India!!!" on top of ur voice. Hahaha. Nevertheless, don't worry, I'm staying in Malaysia.

Sigh. Apa nak jadi nih? Yoga bukankah berasal dari India? Patutnya kan kalau buat Yoga, katanya, hati jadi tenang? Betul ke? Kalau tenang, takde lah chaos? So daripada duduk ramai2 di airport Bangkok dan pergi tembak2 orang di India, baik berkumpul ramai-ramai buat yoga?

So many questions.

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