Isnin, November 03, 2008


"Imp4k M4ksima: The Musical"
Things looking good for Zul Huz4imy-led "Imp4k M4ksima: The Musical", RM20 tickets already sold out within five days.
"Impak Maksima: The Musical"
26 Oct – The cast line-up for "Imp4k M4ksima: The Musical" was finally revealed when the media were presented with a special sneak peek at Lambang Sari, Istana Budaya, Kuala Lumpur recently.
As rumoured after Aw4l Asha4ri's sensational pullout, Zul Huz4imy takes centre stage as both lead actor and art director. When asked however, Zul rejects the idea that the lights are going to be on him. "The good thing about this show is that all main characters are given an equal share of the limelight. The plot is written in a way that each character will have his or her own moment."
Boasting versatile talents that include new faces like AF2 alum Z4rina Zain0ordin, songstress Din4 of Malaysian Idol fame, dancer cum the show's official choreographer Mohd Zulfarqar (a.k.a. Bel4lang), Dyn4s Mokhtar, Z3d Zaidi and Ade3p from The Fabul0us C4tz, the project also sees the involvement of brother-of-sound C4t Farish as the show's composer.
On another note, the show's tickets are already on sale, ranging from RM20, RM30, RM50 to RM150. According to director Ahmad Idh4m however, the RM20 tickets are already sold out in the course of five days!
Idham was also delighted that "Imp4k M4ksima: The Music4l" succeeded in getting lots of sponsorship. "If this show's a hit, I'm thinking of turning it into a musical film. It's already there - the cast, the music, the routines, everything. All I have to do is shoot it!" Idh4m joked.
More pictures from the event are available in the Gallery section linked below.
"Imp4k M4ksima: The Musical" will be held in Ist4na Bud4ya from 11 to 22 November 2008. Tickets are available at the box office.

I just realized Encik ZHM is now the lead in this musical. Okeh, makin membara lah rasa nak pergi!
He just called (iya, Encik ZHM called!) and invited me to the press preview (read: free!) on the 6th, and he said to datang ramai-ramai, so anyone interested to go, gimme a buzz!

p/s: Bak kata Peon, "Remp-it lah kak long!"

3 ulasan:

awesome blossom berkata...

hahha.. nampaknya mmg lagi bersemangat la ko nak pergi ni... let me know how they do all those car-tricks later, very curious to know!

Lynn berkata...

babe, insya Allah, I'm going too. A friend is in the ensemble. Hope to see yaaaa!

azleen berkata...

ZHM call U!!??
camne u kenal dia... i pun nk kenal dia.... email me pls.. i minat gila dgn dia...

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