Jumaat, Disember 19, 2008

Anak ikan dari adidas call. Shamam, you know who.

Setelah berbasa-basi dengan mengatakan lama tidak mendengar suara ku, dia langsung straight to the point.

"ada promotion ni. 40% off all apparels."

Damn, damn dan damn lagi sekali. You just know what turns me on, kan anak ikan? Hahaha.

And he ended the call with, "hope to see you soon."

So if you guys are looking for Adidas apparel, head to Summit USJ. The sale's on until this Sunday.

Will I be there? *thinking hard* We'll see :-D

1 ulasan:

shamamia berkata...

alamak adik, akak x dpt pegi la kali ni..

tp akak tetap 'hope to see you soon'


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