Khamis, Disember 04, 2008


Here's an update for my excited friends. Just got back from the Lewre sales. I feel that the choices wasn't as interesting as their May sales. I remember in May, they had more selections of evening shoes, especially those embellished with Swarovskry crystals. This time around, not so much of those, which is a dissapointment to me since I was looking for shoes to wear to Peon's wedding. True to their word (as advertised), they have rather plenty of leather shoes to choose from.

Still. I didn't go home empty handed. Left with 2 pairs of evening shoes, 1 black, 1 silver. For RM50 each, from their normal price of RM300plus a pair, it was definitely worth buying!

Heard that they will replenish their stock tomorrow. I might go again tomorrow, I still haven't got the shoes I wanted! Hahaha...

For more info and reviews, read here

p/s: apparently, based on comments in SnS, the sales manager there is super hawt. Why oh why didn't I notice this perfect male speciment that everyone's lusting over???! Now I just HAVE to go again. I MUST.

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Zeti Zainal berkata...

Nak pergi tapi takut. Takut terbeli kasut berlebihan. Ini sgt membahayakan..

Setakat nie masih ada lagi 2 pasang kasut Lewre yg belum dipakai.


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