Khamis, Disember 18, 2008

Muah muah

Lesbian kiss sets tongues wagging
By : Meor Shariman
KUALA LUMPUR: The first-ever kiss by two Malaysian actresses will be shown on screens today, at nearly 50 cinemas nationwide.

Locking lips on screen are Nurliana Samsuddin and Sharifah Norazean, better known as Scha, in the horror flick Histeria.

In the intimate scene, Nurliana, who plays a lesbian schoolgirl, is supposed to express her interest for the character played by Scha.

"Scha plays a girl who is confused about her sexual orientation," Nurliana said, adding that the kissing scene was not in the original script.

"Scha and I were only supposed to hold hands to show our affection, but on the set, (director James) Lee told us to kiss."

She admitted that she was shocked by the request and did not want to do it at first. "My first instinct was to say no because I was not comfortable."

She then sat down with Lee and Scha to discuss the scene, with the intention of declining to do it.

"During the discussion, we thought it would be impossible for the scene to be approved by the National Censorship Board.

Lee also explained why he wanted the kissing scene.
"He said he wanted to show the reality of life in an all-girls boarding school.

Source: NST Online.

A friend showed me this article to me with a flourish. Reality of life in an all-girls boarding school? Hahaha. Hamboi seronok kamu eh?

Being a product of all-girls boarding school, of course I will deny, he said.
Well, I can't exactly deny. I can only say, I have never seen any steamy lesbian acts anywhere in school or anywhere else, nor have I kissed a girl. Not that I intend to, never. Aku stret, hokeh!

Reality or not, 'Histeria' is set to open in cinemas today. The trailer macam sangat promising, tapi saya takut ditakut-takutkan so prolly saya tak akan tengok. Haha...

But if you guys do, tell me how it is, oke?

7 ulasan:

shamamia berkata...

takap cium pipi kanan-kiri tu ada.. comolot... aku xpernah lah ahahah yang laen2 gua surrender. tak terlibat ;)

anis-chan berkata...

kalo nak deny or mengaku betul pun, xpenah plk teropong atau mengantoikan sesapa yg terlibat dgn kes2 cmtu, maka xtau la apa aktiviti sebenar yg dilakukan.

yg penting, saya xbuat semua tu cikgu!

azheazam berkata...

bukan saya ustazah..
saya nampak je...
(apa yang aku nampak?? hanya aku dan zura saje yang tau..)


minn berkata...

aku rasa aku pernah nampak 2 bodies bergerak2 under one blanket..siapa mereka?itu kita tak tauuuu (tone dalam los dan faun)hehe

wieza berkata...

issue2 begini..saye no comment
pape poon kompem saye stret :D

cek^sou! berkata...

aku dah tgk dah citer ni.. kalo ikut aku citer ni agak ntah ape2 la.. and bab kiss tu, tak ade tunjuk nye.. dia tunjuk nak dekat2 tapi lepas tu tak ado ape pun.. berhenti berharap la.. ekekekekekeke...

awesome blossom berkata...

hahahaha.. mamat pengarah tu mcm dia duduk all girls boarding school je dulu. pandai je dia.

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