Isnin, Disember 22, 2008

Sheila on 7 and The Rock Live!

Catch rock legends Sheila on 7 and The Rock battle it out on stage on a night dubbed as the ‘Clash of the Titans’.
Are you game?

Bar Savanh Too, Mont Kiara
27th December 2008
9pm onwards

Be the first 100 online registrants at the event to get a free pass and stand a chance to win a signed guitar*!

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Speedzone Entertainment

*Terms & Conditions Apply.

Untuk Sofia Adilah Basar,
ini, Sheilaon7.

The Rock tu tak penting nak ambil tahu.

2 ulasan:

ull berkata...

hanya dengar dari jauh akibat lokasi yg kurang berkenan di hati. hik. btw, if there's any 'plan to meet up' ... hint2 k..kalo tiada aral di saat ikotan. haha.

Freddie berkata...

keren bgt doank..duta!

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