Selasa, Disember 16, 2008

Terbang Tinggi

A friend showed me these photos of Malaysia Airlines planes and I was like,
"wah lauuu! hau liauu! how come lah I've never seen these?!"

Maybe sebab dah lama tak melepak sakan kat klia kot? Hahaha...cantiks oke! I want to naik these kapal torobang!

Boeing 747-400

Boeing 777-200

He's been trying to teach me about Boeing, Focker, Airbus and what not...and being me, I still cannot get them straight. For as long as I get to fly and arrive safely, saya bahagia. Hehehe, but these, I like. Thanks for sharing, friend!

2 ulasan:

shamamia berkata...

serius, tak pernah tau langsung. takpe, dia ajar kamu, kamu posting kt blog. jadi, saya dan org2 lain tahu haha

ull berkata...

wah. sesungguhnya sy pon tak pernah tau. paling yg saya tau flight air asia yg ada katun Lat. dh lama ke bende ni eh?

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