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Neverending Asia

A friend who would be joining the rombongan ke Jogjakarta this coming April, asked me this:

"jogja ader tempt shoping cem kt bandung? explain fg...kt jogja ader aper untuk mak2 nih"

I was stumped. Where do I start?

And so I googled (which, she could have easily done. hahah...) and compiled this list.

Yogyakarta in Indonesia is rich in shopping attractions and the region around Malioboro is famous for numerous fantastic places where you can shop till you drop!

Pasar Beringharjo
Pasar Beringharjo is one such famous shopping destination which you must never miss out on, while visiting Yogyakarta. It is the largest traditional shopping place in Yogyakarta.
The famous shopping place Pasar Beringharjo is at Malioboro, north of Vredeburg Fort in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Walk along the famous Malioboro Street and almost at the end of the street, you'll see Pasar Beringharjo. It is right at the heart of Yogyakara and convenient to access from anywhere in the city.
Pasar Beringharjo, literally meaning "slanted land", has a reputation as an old, traditional market.This market is also night flea market. When you visit, you'll be charmed by the vibrant atmosphere of the bustling market complex.
The display of goods sold in the famous Pasar Beringharjo will amaze you by their astounding range and variety. From the most basic household items, fruits, meats and veggies and spices right down to beautiful, locally made handicrafts like batiks - you'll find it all at Pasar Beringharjo. If you are wondering what to take home as a souvenir of your trip to Yogyakarta, there's nothing better than something locally made. Head to Pasar Beringharjo and opt for cool souvenir items like an exotic sandal wood scented cushion cover.
Yogyakarta is a great place for a bargain lover, and Pasar Beringharjo is not an exception to this.Once you free the bargain-shopper in you, you can come up with some amazing bargains at Pasar Beringharjo. If you have less cash in hand, don't fret. The prices here won't create a dent in your pocket. Goods here don't usually cost more than US $ 5. The customer is king (or queen) at Pasar Beringharjo and you'll always walk out of this market with some real cool buys!

So, come and enjoy shopping at Pasar Beringharjo in Yogyakarta, Indonesia!

Mirota Batik
Imagine if you are visiting a shopping center and welcomed by servants who look alike 'abdi dalem' of Yogyakarta palace who is traditionally dressed up. As you are going inside, the aroma of incense can be smelled during your visit here. Traditional music will accompany you as you are trying to find batik in this place.

Strategically situated only a few minutes from the central area of Yogyakarta, Mirota Batik is in front of Pasar Beringharjo. Batik, handycraft, herbal medicine, accesories, skirt, and antique properties can be found at this place.

Not only offers you genuine products of Jogja, Mirota Batik also provides you several products from other place like handycraft of Jepara, batik of Pekalongan and etc. One thing that is interesting here is that there is a traditional batik maker that directly makes batik in this place.

Everyday at 08.00 - 21.00 pm

Lantai I : Batik
Lantai II : Kerajinan dan Pernik

If you are interested in the making of batik, you may see the process directly here.

Note: There's also another Mirota Batik outlet on Jalan Kaliurang

Malioboro Street
Jalan Malioboro (Malioboro Street) is a major shopping street in Yogyakarta, Indonesia; the name is also used more generally for the neighborhood around the street. It runs north from the Yogyakarta kraton (palace) towards the roads that lead to either Surakarta to the east, or Magelang to the north, as well as Mount Merapi. This is in itself is significant to many of the local population, the north south orientation between the palace and the volcano being of importance.

The street is the centre of Yogyakarta's largest tourist district; many hotels and restaurants are located nearby. Sidewalks on both sides of the street are crowded with small stalls selling a variety of goods. In the evening several open-air streetside restaurants, called lesehan, operate along the street.

Kota Gede

Kota Gede, which is often called Sargede is located about five kilometers southeast of Yogyakarta, Kotagede is a neat little town, which was once the seat of the mighty Mataram Empire. Since the 1930s, Kotagede has become famous for being the center of the Yogya silverwork industry. There are a number of workshops where visitors are welcome to watch silver being transformed into beautiful works of art known as "Yogya Silver". Kotagede is easily reached by "andong", the four-wheeled horse-drawn cart, by taxi, bus, or car.


If Bandung has Cibaduyut as their center for leather craftmenship, Jogja has Manding.
Manding is located on Parangtritis, approximately 3 (three) kilometers on the eastward of Bantul.

This place has so many leather craftsmen and shops selling leather products such as javkets, shoes, bag, belt aswell as varied accessories made of leather like piture frames and key hanger.

Manding, as one of the center for leather craft industry in Bantul, has more or less 40 (fourty) traditional leather industries that involving hundreds of workers.


Pottery Tourism Village "Kasongan"is located at Bangunjiwo Village, District of Kasihan, more or less 4(four) kilometers to the northward of Bantul, Yogyakarta - Indonesia. This village is famous for its artistic pottery and earthenware. Guidance from contemporary Indonesian artists has turned Kasongan earthenware into works of art which can be bought inexpensively at art shops all over Java.

This tourism village produces household products such as plates, bowl, gucci, etc which are made of clay.

Not only shopping, but also you can enjoy the process of making pottery directly from the craftsmen.

Factory Outlets
And if, factory outlets are more like your cup of tea, here are a couple worth mentioning:

Grand StockWell
For those who are crazy about fashion, they should come to this place. Its strategic location which only about fifteen minutes from the city center and from the airport will become one of benefits while visiting thing shopping center.
Grand Stockwell, that operates on April, 10 2008, is now located on an area that was used by the old Stock Well.
On the first floor, you can find your favorite one in a big stock provided by this shoping center. Giving you affordable prices and discount, it intends to fulfill you daily needs of fashion.
The second floor provides the various fashion for adults. Shoes, clothes, pants, jackets etc can be found on this floor with sum of stock and affordable prices.
Naming itself with Grand StockWell, this shopping center is trully intends to provide and fulfill the needs of fashion for Yogyakarta people. Its lots and well stock is the image of it to promote itself to the society in providing fashion product for people.

Omah Mode
For those who love shooping particularly fashion, Omah Mode can be your best choice to visit. Strategically situated on jalan Sabirin Yogyakarta, this factory outlet offers you various kinds of clothes, shoes, bags etc in high quality with affordable price.
officially opened on Oktober 2006, it concerns more in women that most of its products are women stuffs. However, men and kids products are also provided in this factory outlet.
Located in a building with classic architech design, it often give special service for the customers like discount and other services that advantageous for the customers.

Plaza Ambarukmo

Affectionately called Amplaz, this is the largest and most complete mall in Central Java and Jogjakarta.

Need I say more?

Yogyakarta has so, so much more to offer. Borobudur, Prambanan, Kraton, Merapi...there's just sooo much to see! It's a melting pot of history, culture, shopping experience, great scenery, and on top of that, Javanese people are so friendly, warm and good-looking, tapi nanti pasti ada yang GR!

And hey, it's also the hometown of these guys!

After all, it is crowned as the most favourite overseas spot for Malaysians. Read here for more info on that.

So, ready now to check out why Jogja is Neverending Asia?


Taken from Nekmah's maispes. (Maispes saya baru dijenguk semula setelah hampir setahun berlalu!)

Oh, I miss these old days!

I heart u ols, Sheilagank!

Tak sabar tunggu bulan April, rombongan adek-beradek dan rakan-rakan ke jogja. Bakal kalah rombongan cik kiah!

Pakcik Hussein

Didn't actually intend to write anything this morning, but a friend practically hold a knife to my throat and makes me write something. Ih, dasar suka maksa-maksa! ;p

Have this song stuck in my head whole morning, Lagu Untukmu, by Meet Uncle Hussein, of course. Hahaha...yeah, dah menang AJL baru nak kecoh-kecoh layan lagu tu. Frankly, I was not really a fan, until I saw them perform live masa AJL. The band rawks! (we discussed this already)

Watched them again masa Malam Puisi Untuk Gaza di Istana Budaya last week. Lan, the singer, baca 1 puisi yang sangat jujur, we think he wrote it himself. Then he sang the song. My, his emotion...tak larat lap air mata dah after he finished the song. Fantastic, ohkay!

Baru teringat, belum cerita about the Malam Puisi. Tu nanti lah, bila ada gambar. So u guys can see why I now really like Lan MUH, and why I think M.Nasir is the sexiest man alive. Cik Bai disamping saya sampai terketar-ketar tengok M.Nasir pakai baju nampak dada. Perghhhh!!

Meet Uncle Hussain - Lagu Untukmu

Tiada bintang
Dapat menerangkan hati yang telah dicela
Bagai ku lumpuh tak mampu berdiri
Aku tetap begini takkan berubah kerna
Aku tetap aku dan alur hidup mu bukanlah aku

Guna hati akal dan fikiranku
Berbeza engkau dan juga aku
Dua hati yang tak mungkin bersatu

Adakah aku
Hanya boneka yang sering engkau mainkan
Yang dikawal oleh jari jarimu
Ku punya hati dan perasaan
Pernahkah engkau fikirkan
Cukup-cukuplah oh cukuplah
Guna hati akal dan fikiranmu
Berbeza engkau dan juga aku
Dua hati yang tak mungkin bersatu

Tak tahan tak tahan
Sabarku tak tertahan
Melayan sikapmu perawan
Berbeza berbeza
Kau dan aku berbeza
Kita memang tak serupa
Ku ingin dilepaskan
Kita tidak sehaluan
Cukuplah sudahlah
Sampai disini sahaja
Hubungan kita berdua

Random No. 1:
Imran panggil saya 'Farina Gula'. Dalam handphone dia pun save nama saya macam tu jugak. Alasannya, sebab selain kerjaya saya sebagai tukang kira gula, saya telah terkantoi meloncat-loncat di konsert Andra & the Backbones and so he thinks saya perpetually sugar high sebab menghidu gula sepanjang masa. Mungkin ada benarnya? Berikut adalah foto-foto pekerja kilang gula sedang sugar rush:

Dem. Muka saya tak semenggah langsung!

Random no. 2:
Runny nose.

Random no. 3:
Baru perasan, beberapa foto anak ZHM in the earlier post, taken in Bandung. Hahaha...
Dan 1st nama anak dia, sama dgn 1st name Bidadara turun dari tangga. Nama orang-orang ganteng.

Khamis, Januari 29, 2009

I think...

I have fallen in love. Again. (yes, again)

This time...

With his oh so adorable pose

With his oh so cute face

With his oh so sweet smile

With his oh so fashionable style

Which is not surprising since, he's their child!
(check out his dad)

Sigh, sigh, sigh.

Thanks Nekmah for pointing this out!

Going Green

I promised you these, gambar uniform baru.

As you can see, some of us still pakai uniform lama yang macam pengawas sekolah tu, while saya bersusah payah posing supaya uniform tak berapa nampak. Haha..

Apapun, saya bersyukur saya masih berkerja and get paid.
10,000 jobless so far since Jan 1

KUALA LUMPUR: More than 10,000 Malaysians have lost their jobs since Jan 1, according to Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF) executive director Shamsuddin Bardan.

He said more were expected to lose their jobs in the days ahead as companies, particularly in the manufacturing sector, struggled to stay afloat.

In an urgent appeal to the Government yesterday, he said it was of utmost importance for the second economic stimulus package to be released fast so that companies could know clearly where they stood.

The Government released a RM7bil stimulus package last month and Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak promised a second one soon.

Shamsuddin said the economic downturn this time was much worse than the one in 1997 because it was more widespread globally.

The situation was more critical as almost 600,000 job seekers flooded the local market every year, he added.

Another factor that added to the woes of the jobless was the presence of 1.5 million to two million illegal foreigners vying for the same jobs.

He suggested that the Government, as a long-term measure, repatriate all illegal workers, replace legal foreign workers in stages with Malaysians, freeze foreign recruitment and give job priority to Malaysians.

In Seremban, Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan said employers in the manufacturing sector in the state had been told to reduce their dependence on foreign workers.

“Many foreign workers are untrained. They do not even know how to mix cement and they are paid RM50 per day. I am sure locals can do such jobs,” he said.
Source: The Star Online

CSR...CSR...kejayaanmu~~~ kejayaankuuuuuu~~~~~

Kuala Gandah

Stopped by Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary and Deerland, on our way back from Kuantan last weekend. (Trip to Kuantan untuk mengandam Azie yang dah selamat bernikah dengan cinta hatinya, which, deserves a special entry)

Initially, the plan was for me to take photos with the elephants, so that I could appear slim. Ya lor, ambil gambar dengan gajah, kan. But they only keep young elephants in the sanctuary, once they turn adult, they would be let loose in Taman Negara. So me and anak gajah, size-wise, kita serupaaa...hahahaha. But they are oh so cute!

And check these out!

Sunbear. And yes, I touched him!

Action je lebih, padahal so geli when the snake slithers in my hands!

Doe, a deer, a female deer...

"Hey there...do u know, your brain is smaller than your eye? Hello? Hello?"

My new bestfriends (sangat romantika d'amour, main suap-suap!

Entrance to the Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary is free, (you will have to pay if you want to bathe the elephants or ride it) while Deerland charges RM5 for adults and RM3 for kids. It's so worth it! You get to not only feed them (no extra charges for that) but touch them too! Imagine, petting a bear larger than you! It is surreal, I tell you.

Kuala Gandah is only 2 hours away from Kuala Lumpur. Take the Lanchang toll exit, and look for the signs to the place which is situated only 14km away from the exit. So the very senang one!

For more info, visit www.myelephants.org and www.tourism.gov.my

Cuti-cuti Malaysia!


Sheila On 7 - Yang Terlewatkan

dimana kau selama ini
bidadari yang ku nanti
kenapa baru sekarang
kita dipertemukan

sesal kan tiada arti
karna semua tlah terjadi
kini kau tlah menjalani, du du du du du
sisa hidup dengannya

mungkin salahku melewatkanmu
tak mencarimu sepenuh hati
maafkan aku

kesalahanku melewatkanmu
hingga kau kini dengan yang lain
maafkan aku

tak berulang kembali
kau tak akan terlewati
segenap hati ku cari, du du du du du
dimana kau berada

repeat reff

walau ku terlambat
kau tetap yang terhebat
melihatmu, mendengarmu
kau lah yang terhebat

Rabu, Januari 28, 2009


Salam Takziah buat Shamam and family atas kepulangan Ayahanda tercinta ke Rahmatullah. Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat.


p/s: Shamam, if you ever need anything, I am just a phone call away, k. Take care.

Jumaat, Januari 23, 2009


I think,

I need a new spectacles.

Or nak kena adjust my current one, sebab macam power dah naik dah tua so selalu sakit kepala.

Ke power dah turun? (Amin, Aminnn...)

Pun saya tak tahu nak beli specs macam mana, sebab setiap kali saya beli, design specs saya mesti begini

and so far, I think it suits me.

Until someone told me I look hideous in it. (grrrr!)

Contact lenses doesn't really work for me, since I suffer from Astigmatism (read here)and the best way to correct it is by wearing spectacles. Or surgery.

Tapi saya takut seyh nak opt for that! Biarpun mata saya tak seindah mata Shamam, tapi kalau apa-apa jadik, kena tolak lagi hantaran kahwin saya kang.

Kesimpulannyeh. Erm. Erm.

Tolongbelikansayaspecsbaru, tengs!!!

Maybe, something rimless, like this?

(permintaan takde makna yang saya yakin, akan diabaikan 100%. But wth, tak salah mencuba. hahahah)

But seriously. I would love to wear this

tapi gak pede!

Khamis, Januari 22, 2009

3 Doa 3 Cinta

Sigh sigh sigh. I wanna watch this!

Kata orang, if we really want something, sebut berkali-kali, kata-kata itu kan doa.

I want Nicolas Saputra, boleh?

Here's a review from rolledreel.blogspot.com

Written and directed by Nurman Hakim. Starring Dian Sastro, Nicholas Saputra, Yoga Pratama, Yoga Bagus Satatagama and cameos by Jajang C. Noer and Butet Kartaredjasa.

Set around 9/11, 3 Wishes 3 Loves told the stories of three friends who attended a pesantren, some sort of an Islamic boarding school. Huda wished to look for his mother, who took him to the pesantren six years before and then abandoned him. Rian wanted to run his own wedding video company and Syahid, affected by the teachings of an extremist, wanted to be a martyr. The film showed how three of them tried to realize their wishes and dreams.

First of all, the poster is misleading. Everyone is so excited about Dian and Nico's reunion and a poster featuring those two sure would sell. However, as the title suggests, the film is more about the three guys and not just about Huda (Nico) and Dona (Dian). I thought the film was quite okay, with good performances by Nicholas Saputra and Yoga Pratama, but probably not that great overall. It used a lot of still shots (which really worked for the Japanese film Nobody Knows, by the way) which could annoy some Indonesian viewers, but I personally was fine with it, I thought it suited the film's feel. I wouldn't say the film was great (I still don't buy Dian's acting), but the messages that it tried to pass on were quite honorable. Not bad.

The importance of being usefull

A friend suggested last nite, that the solution for most of my problems would be,

"nikahlah cepat!"

Right. Of course. Why didn't I think of that? *tepuk dahi*

Mungkinkah kerana saya tiada calon suami lagi? *duhhh!*

Important: Please note, that the problems I discussed with my friend has got nothing much to do with 'menikah'. Dia memang suka putar belit and relate everything back to that, for convenience sake, maybe? Dan dia memang annoying. Ho ho! (but I love you all the same, friend)

Which of course, lead to our discussion tentang ciri-ciri suami idaman, and we conclude, being usefull helps.

Seperti kata Yatt, ciri-ciri lelaki idaman nya 3, gemar bersukan, pandai panjat pokok, pandai bersilat. Ciri-ciri yang sangat usefull kan! Apalagi, it would be great to have a guy in the house to change the light bulb, tukar tayar kereta, cuci mobil, potong rumput, pay the bills...

Then we, my friend and I, discussed, what about, his usefullness in bed? Hahaha...sangatlah tidak membantu bila saya sering berkenalan dengan laki-laki yang lebih cenderung kepada kaum sejenis, which would render them completely and utterly useless in bed. Well, at least in mine. Kecuali sebagai tukang tukar cadar.

My friend then told me this story tentang sahabatnya, seorang gadis, yang berkahwin bukan atas dasar cinta, tapi kemudian jatuh cinta mati dengan suaminya selepas bulan madu yang indah. Wah. Being usefull in bed, totally helps. (ya iyalah!!!)

But I can't exactly advertise, ciri-ciri lelaki idaman saya, adalah seseorang yang usefull in bed, can I? Even if I can, how do I determine their usefullness? Do I go around with a bunch of juries and perform auditions, like American Idol? (Kebayang gak sih, audisi nya gimana?? Omg!) Do I get them to send in their CVs dan gambar berukuran passport? (Wah wah, demand! hahahah. Photo of what? *blur*)

Bang Senak, tolong! I'm confused! And Bang Senak, take ur time. Altho May is looming near, my problems tiada kena mengena dengan uncontrollable sexual urges yang meningkat selari dengan usia. hahaha...(aneh sunggoh bunyinya!)
Oh, kecuali bila saya tengok foto Nicolas Saputra dalam entry sebelum ini. Itu ada masalah sedikit kerana dia sangat Yum YUm!

Jadi teringat pesan orang-orang tua. Jadilah insan yang berguna. Berguna macam mana? Lu pikirlah sendiri!

p/s: bolehkah saya jadi isteri yang berguna? hmmmm...hahaha

Rabu, Januari 21, 2009

Aku NICO nak cerita...

Oh no, not that NICO, rapgroup seangkatan KRU itu!


Amat jarang sekali saya membeli majalah hanya kerana covernya. After all, just like the saying goes, don't judge a book by it's cover kan?

Kecuali jika.

He's on the cover. THIS NiCO.

Grrrrr....wheuuuwww! Hotness!

Dia dan Dian Sastrowardoyo are on the cover of GLAM February. The photo on the cover, gileb***infiniti sexy, wa cakap sama lu!

Dan ini adalah cover yang bertanggungjawab:

Tak ku peduli lagi apakah inti majalah itu. Haven't even flipped inside.

Aduh mak, aku nak kahwin! hahahhahaha...

To my friend who's always spreading Good news from Indonesia, I wonder, when will he grace your blog? After all, he is good news to us ladies (and some men as well) and he is from Indonesia! :-)

From Wikipedia: Nicholas Saputra, lahir di Jakarta, 24 Februari 1984; umur 24 tahun. Brondong lagi...


Harga gula dijangka naik selepas Tahun Baru Cina
Jan 20, 09 7:53pm

Harga gula mungkin dinaikkan selepas perayaan Tahun Baru Cina ini, kata Menteri Perdagangan Dalam Negeri dan Hal Ehwal Pengguna Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad.

Katanya, kerajaan sedang mengkaji kemungkinan menaikkan harga gula berikutan harga barangan itu telah naik di pasaran antarabangsa.

"Sebanyak 80 hingga 90 peratus bekalan gula kita adalah dari luar negara. Kontrak pembekalan gula dari negara pengeluar telah tamat tahun lepas. Tahun ini kita ada kontrak baru dan harganya (gula) lebih tinggi daripada kontrak lama," katanya, lapor Bernama.

Beliau berkata demikian kepada pemberita selepas melancarkan Kempen Kesihatan dan Bahaya Gula di Butterworth hari ini.

Shahrir berkata melalui kontrak baru itu, jika harga gula kekal pada RM1.45 sekilogram, kerajaan terpaksa memberi subsidi untuk barangan itu.

"Sebelum ini kita tidak perlu membayar subsidi gula tapi kalau kita nak kekalkan harga gula pada harga sekarang, kerajaan perlulah membayar subsidi," katanya sambil menjelaskan harga gula di negara ini ketika ini lebih rendah berbanding negara pengeluar gula.

Beliau berkata jika harga gula dinaikkan, kerajaan memberi jaminan akan melaksanakannya secara berperingakat.

"Jika naik (harga gula), kita akan lakukan secara berperingkat. Naik sedikit demi sedikit iaitu tiga atau empat bulan sekali," katanya.

Beliau berkata kali akhir harga gula dinaikkan ialah tiga tahun lepas.

Well, errmmm...ermmm...I know a lot of ppl would hate this news but for us working in the sugar industry, it's a huge relief!

And seriously, what he said is true.

Akhir kata, belilah gula CSR!

Selasa, Januari 20, 2009

Unimportantly Important

Perbincangan-perbincangan tidak penting yang sangat penting:

S: Rakan2 semua, seperti yang tertulis ditajuk..tiket m.nasir sudah dibeli..pada tarikh akhir persembahan yakni 1 march jam 8 malam.
harga tiket RM86.50 seorang..kepada yang sudah melunaskannya kepada saluran masing masing, terima kasih diucapkan..

kerana seat kita agak depan stage, serta posibeliti kita untuk hilang kawalan dengan berdansa pun agak tinggi, (sprt kejadian konsert so7 tempohari..so kalau masuk tv tak malu ok) saudari s.a telah mencadangkan agar kita memakai pakaian bertema..beliau telah mencadangkan baju putih, jean biru..tetapi dibangkang oleh yours truly kerana tidak mempunyai baju putih hehehe...
kerana ia berkonsepkan nusantara, aku mencadangkan tema etnik...ini pun aku takde tapi bolehla diusahakan dgn melawat brickfields yang mana perayaan deepavalinya all year long...

J: pakaian bertemakan nusantara ni mcam susah ler. apa kata kita bertemakan warna. so lepas tu tak kisah lah nak rock ke balada ke etnik kreatif ke. aku cadangkan BROWN colour. seluar jeans. brown tu kan ala2 nature skit.... cadangan masih dibuka....

S: etnik kreatif tu j sebenarnya agak sukati ko..ko imagine je stail mnasir tu...camtu aaa..

J: anyway mana cadangan tema pakaian kita berlapan org nanti??? baru gempak skit...

L: hmmm cane imej etnik kreatif or nusantara yek bg seorang pompuan...sebab selalu tgk m.nasir je...ada contoh tak....huhuhu

J: ituler aku kata. susah kan. lebih baik cari tema berwarna... i vote for BROWN...

S: kalau pompuan kan...linda jasmine, marlia musa, bienda, selalu kan beretnik kreatif nusantara..kira boho, arab, spanish, gypsy, indian..all mangled kan je together...kalau nak berkonsep kaler..aku nak pepel jeh hahaahhaha... nak senang HITAM...yaay..

J: aku ada idea, oleh kerana aku jangkakan IB akan sejuk giler, apa kata kita wajibkan baju berwarna HITAM berserta PASHMINA sorang satu. so sambil berfesyen, kita boleh memanaskan diri juga. APA KATA SURVEY???

F: hahaha...kalao kita dh menari, mana sejuknya.

aku baru nk agree je tadi dgn brown hanya kerana aku ada dress baru yg belum dipakai. hahaha...

but hitam is fine with me.

L: aku setuju kalo da menari takde sejuknya..silap2 tercampak pashmina tu..teruja lebih...hahaha...hmmm kalo ala2 gipsi ok la tu....takde baju cantik warna cekelat..hitam ok kot tapi tak cantik la baju itam aku...huhuhu

Perbincangan secara mendalam tentang tatacara pemakaian untuk menghadiri konsert M.Nasir on the 1st of March. Diulang, March! hahaha...

Dasar cam whores, I expect nothing less from you gals! :-D

Mari mawarku raikan cinta
Kerana cinta kita abadi
Mawar cinta mawar ku abadi
Cinta pemilik segala jadi


Boss: Young lady, lay off the mandarin oranges! You're going to get sore throat soon, at the rate you're going!

Tapi boss...

I can't stop! Tiap kali datang musim cny, dan limau datang berkotak-kotak, I get this mandarin oranges frenzy. Makannnnn limau tak henti-henti. Tiap tahun pun sakit tekak. Batuk-batuk.

Tapi cny datang setahun sekali so justify lah my need to eat as much mandarin oranges as possible now, kan? kan? kan?

mandarin oranges kan banyak vitamin C, tapi kenapa sakit tekak eh? Doctors, kindly explain?

Make me stop, make me stop!!!

And he said...

Quote from Hitler's Personal Diary

" I could have annihilated all the jews in the world, but i left some
of them so you will know why i was killing them."

signed Adolf Hitler

Isnin, Januari 19, 2009


1. Setelah diugut putus sahabat dan saudara, saya tak berani nak tutup blog ni lagi. Not yet, at least. Maybe, one sweet day, bila u ols semua dah malas nak baca blog ni dan beralih ke bahan bacaan lainnya seperti mangga, urtv dan kosmo (Peon, idea kamu la nih!)

2. AJL 23. I love. (Zeti, saya ambil balik komen di blog kamu sebab malas tulis panjang-panjang, tengs)

Tapi Etnik kreatif sangat tak kreatif.

why not just hapuskan the category all together, or change it something else yang lebih, menjana idea? fusion, maybe? entahlah. walaupun tahu kewujudan kategori itu supaya musik tradisi tidak dilupa, but it's getting absurd.

Dan kamu benar, Sou, saya terkedu terkesima macam tertelan batang jagung when they announced Fara Wahida won! Dah la kategori tu macam tak ada fight sangat, then suddenly opera cina with lagu mengecewakan itu menang, maunya tidak terkejut den! And I love our ongoing commentaries. Perhaps tahun2 hadapan, kita menonton bareng, mau? Hahaha...semoga hubby mu terus bertanding, then next year we get tickets to watch di sana, amacam? (Please, no posters tertulis, "****, shag me!" or something to that effect ya? Hahaha)

Tough fight between the 2 bands, altho by the time faizal won 3 awards, thot he would walk away with the coveted Juara Lagu award as well. Yatt, aku tau kamu shellshocked Faizal tak menang. Agak dissapointed tho with his rendition of Coba, sebab rasa pernah tengok dia nyanyi lagu tu live and better! Yesterday, macam he overdid it. Maybe it's just me. Maybe it was intentional. To let 'Sampai Syurga' shine. Ouh tapi lagu "Sampai Syurga"itu buat saya meremang-remang bulu roma! MUH and Estranged rawks, totally! Soraya, you soooo have to buy the topi gatai next time! Who cares andai ia tidak berfungsi apa2 selain gatai2 semata.

And faizal tahir hawt.

M.Nasir masih, in my book, makhluk Tuhan paling sexy.

Walaupun Aizat prolly wasn't the crowd favourite tapi saya rooting for him till the end! And kakak dia yg jadi back up vokal! Go sheilagank! (eh, tetibe. :p)

And oh, yes. Ally. (Anne, in case you read this, please send my love to him ya? Hahahaha)

3. Bidadara turun dari tangga. Walaupun, seksualitas dia banyak diragui teman-teman sekelilingku. Alkisah, ketika sedang membelek ria pakaian di sebuah toko baju di ibu kota. Seorang jejaka sedang memasang lampu di dinding, paid him no heed until I realize who he is, sewaktu dia menuruni tangga dengan screw driver ditangan dan lampu menyinari rambut cacak-cacaknya, dan senyuman...senyuman itu! And then he said, hi!

Aduh. (jantung jatuh golek-golek)

Identiti bidadara dirahsiakan.

After much consideration, I will not write about the things I want to do to bidadara turun dari tangga itu. In case, one day, seksualitas nya diketahui dan tidak memihak kepada jantina berlawanan. Then whatever I have in mind would be sangat tidak relevan.

Tapi, andai dia straight,

Wahai Kakak sepupu Bidadara turun dari tangga, (you know who you are and you already said you will pretend you don't read this but,) HAI!!!

4. Shout out to my best friend in singapore yang sudah berjumpa belahan jiwanya, make sure you tell him about me! hahaha...and so happy for you lah, girl. :-)


Header maker decided he will not let me stop blogging and made me a new header, just to prove his point.

Nice eh?

Love it!

p: haha, walaupun ade tembok seploh kaki kat depan keep on moving
p: there will always be a way through, hehe
f: hahaha

p: renung renungkan~~~~
f: either thru it, over it, or around it
p: kalo thru it, make sure airbag in working condition
p: hehe

f: or mati dulu
f: then dh jadi hantu
f: can go thru any walls
p: hehe, jd casper
f: hahaha...
f: in this case
f: since aku nk stop blogging
f: i shud just...go?
f: atau aku patut tgk, ada tembok di depan?
f: hahahaha
f: dan filosofi la plak
p: don know, kaki ko yg kat pedal tu
f: brake or accelerate
f: hmmm

p: brake or accelerate, mind the petrol amount ferst

Brake or accelerate?

May I?

Hi friends,

Saya ada 1 soalan nak tanya.

Would you mind if I ermmm...

stop blogging?


Fund for Gaza

Been working daily for the last 2 weeks, it's tiring but...
how can I complaint about that when saudara-mara kita sedang dibedil, diserang dan dibunuh tanpa henti for the last 3 weeks, setiap hari hidup dalam ketakutan, kesedihan dan kehancuran?


Now that you've saved some money from boycotting the American brands, why not help further by donating the moolah for our friends in Gaza?

To donate, the public and companies can do one of the following:

- Bank in/transfer funds to Maybank account number 514105-320501 under the name NSTP Fund for Gaza;

- Write cheques made out to NSTP Fund for Gaza and send to NSTP, 31 Jalan Riong, 59100 Kuala Lumpur; or,

- Make cash donations at the cashier, NSTP, 31 Jalan Riong, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur or at NSTP branches nationwide.

Every cents counts.

UPDATED 19.01.09
Gaza tenang ketika tentera Israel mula berundur

GAZA CITY: Gaza menikmati ketenangan untuk malam kedua ketika tentera Israel mula berundur selepas serangan ganas 22 hari dihentikan oleh gencatan senjata rapuh yang diisytihar semalam.

Ketika rakyat Palestin mula menilai kesan daripada serangan paling hebat Israel terhadap wilayah itu, pemimpin Hamas, Ismail Haniya, berkata mereka mencapai "kemenangan besar" dalam peperangan tiga minggu yang menyebabkan banyak kemusnahan.

Israel pula menegaskan ia mahu meninggalkan Gaza secepat yang mungkin dengan Hamas dan kumpulan pejuang lain berkata mereka tidak akan menembak selama seminggu bagi membenarkan askar Yahudi berundur.

"Tuhan sudah memberi kita kemenangan besar bukan hanya kepada kumpulan tertentu tetapi kepada semua rakyat.

"Kita sudah menghentikan keganasan dan musuh gagal mencapai sebarang matlmat mereka," kata Haniya dalam perutusan yang disiarkan menerusi televisyen. - AFP Source: Berita Harian Online


Reading The Signs

Nikmati dunia orang pekak
Oleh Mohd Azis Ngah

SOFIA Adilah bersama pelajar bahasa isyarat di
Wisma YMCA, sambil diperhatikan oleh guru bahasa, Anne Laura (dua dari

Dengan mempelajari bahasa isyarat Sofia lebih tahu kehidupan sebenar dan memahami masalah golongan cacat pendengaran

BERPENDIDIKAN tinggi, mempunyai pekerjaan yang menjamin pendapatan sudah pasti lebih daripada mencukupi bagi sebilangan anak muda, apatah lagi jika hidup di bandar besar.

Namun, bagi yang inginkan kelainan serta mempunyai sikap ingin maju dan mempunyai kelebihan berbanding orang lain, mereka sanggup berkorban demi mencapai cita-cita walaupun ia dilihat sekadar memenuhi keinginan hati.

Berkhidmat sebagai sukarelawan sudah dianggap memadai tetapi bagi Sofia Adilah Basar, 26, ia lebih daripada itu kerana beliau memenuhi cita-cita untuk menguasai banyak bahasa dunia termasuk mempelajari bahasa isyarat.

Pada mulanya, jurutera mekanikal ini sekadar berseronok mengisi masa lapang untuk mempelajari bahasa isyarat bersama beberapa sepupunya tetapi kini semakin serius selepas bergaul dengan golongan tidak bernasib baik yang cacat pendengaran.

Beliau kini lebih faham masalah yang dihadapi golongan itu sekali gus memudahkannya berurusan dan membantu setakat yang termampu. Sekurang-kurangnya golongan berkenaan berasa mereka dihargai dan langsung tidak tersisih kerana masih ada orang normal yang masuk ke dunia mereka.

“Dalam keadaan biasa, saya tak boleh masuk ke dalam dunia orang pekak, tetapi selepas mengikuti kelas bahasa isyarat, saya boleh nikmati hidup di dunia orang pekak, masuk ke alam mereka. Sekarang, saya lebih tahu bagaimana mereka hidup, boleh faham masalah mereka.

“Dunia mereka sangat menarik. Keputusan untuk mempelajari bahasa isyarat memang tepat dan berbaloi,” katanya yang turut menguasai bahasa Inggeris, Perancis dan Sepanyol.

Walaupun mempunyai kelayakan akademik yang baik dan menuntut di Imperial College London,(Kejuruteraan Mekanikal), Sofia menganggap dirinya masih kekurangan ilmu pengetahuan dan perlu sentiasa belajar.

Sudah pasti bidang bahasa yang menjadi pilihan dan ketika pulang ke tanah air pada 2006, beliau pada awalnya bercadang untuk mempelajari bahasa Mandarin sebelum menukar rancangan kepada mengikuti kelas bahasa isyarat.

“Saya bersama beberapa sepupu sekadar berseronok tetapi selepas tamat peringkat asas dan peringkat satu, kami lebih bersemangat kerana sebenarnya ada ‘sesuatu’ di sebalik ilmu ini,” katanya yang kini mengikuti kelas setiap minggu di Wisma YMCA, Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur.

Dua sepupunya, Wan Sarah Farina Wan Zaki, 27 dan Wan Puspa Melati Wan Abdul Halim, 26, pensyarah di Universiti Industri Selangor (Unisel) juga mengikuti kelas di tempat sama sejak Februari 2008.

Kelebihan itulah yang digunakan tiga anak gadis ini untuk memantapkan penguasaan mereka dengan mempraktikkan latihan sesama sendiri dan sering berkumpul di rumah Puspa di Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI). Pada masa sama turut berkongsi ilmu asas kepada ahli keluarga masing-masing.

“Sebagai orang normal yang dilahirkan sempurna, kami sangat bersyukur kerana dapat menikmati apa yang dihajati. Ia cukup berbeza dengan orang pekak. Contoh paling mudah ialah ketika menonton televisyen, mereka tidak faham apa yang disiarkan, cuma nampak gambar saja.

“Apa yang mereka buat ialah menonton filem atau rancangan yang mempunyai sari kata,
semata-mata untuk memahami perjalanan cerita berkenaan,” katanya.

Atas dasar simpati serta niat untuk memantapkan penguasaan bahasa isyarat, mereka kerap menyertai aktiviti luar membabitkan peserta pekak.

Antaranya ialah menyertai sambutan krismas yang diadakan khas untuk mereka di pusat beli belah One Utama, Damansara Utama. Di sana, mereka mempunyai tugasan membantu kumpulan berkenaan dan pada masa sama mempunyai tugasan mendapatkan maklumat latar
belakang peserta.

Ketika penulis mengunjungi Sofia di pusat pengajiannya di YMCA, beliau bersama enam rakan sekelas sedang menduduki peperiksaan membabitkan sesi dialog bersama orang pekak dikendalikan guru kelas Anne Laura.

Rasa kagum melihat sekumpulan enam wanita normal ini berkomunikasi dengan tenaga pengajar dan tiga lagi orang pekak sepanjang sesi berkenaan. Mereka mengikuti kursus Bahasa Isyarat Malaysia (BIM) yang dikatakan lebih mudah difahami berbanding beberapa lagi skop pengajian.

“Sebenarnya masih banyak yang perlu dipelajari. Kadang kala saya sendiri tidak berapa faham apa yang mereka bualkan kerana pergerakan tangan terlalu cepat. Menariknya, mereka sedia membantu ketika berbual dengan kami.

“Bahasa isyarat juga membabitkan emosi air muka. Sebelum ini kami sudah mempunyai asas termasuk isyarat mengenai huruf,” katanya.

SOFIA Adilah mahir memperkatakan sesuatu menggunakan bahasa


Sofia Adilah Basar
Ibu: Wan Fatimah Othman, 59
Bapa: Basar Juraimi, 60
dalam keluarga: Anak bongsu daripada dua beradik.
Kakak: Haslina basar, 29.
Pekerjaan: Jurutera Mekanikal, Scomi Group.
Kebangsaan Raja Muda, Shah Alam, Selangor (1994).
Sekolah Seri Puteri, Kuala
Lumpur (1995-1999).
Kolej Matrikulasi Yayasan Saad, Lembah Beringin,
Selangor (2000-2001)
Imperial College London, (Kejuruteraan Mekanikal)

Bahasa Isyarat Malaysia (BIM)
Kelas 2 jam sehari
setiap Sabtu di Wisma YMCA
Kursus peringkat asas selama tiga bulan.
Kursus level 1 selama tiga bulan.
Bahasa Isyarat Malaysia (BIM) berbeza
dengan bahasa isyarat Antarabangsa.

Source: Berita Harian Online

Hey, don't I know you from somewhere? :-D

Perhaps I should help her out and add 1 more thing to the profile.

Status: SINGLE.
"Tuhan maafkan diri ini, yang tak pernah bisa menjauh dari angan tentangnya
Namun apalah daya ini, bila ternyata sesungguhnya aku terlalu cinta dia…"

maafkan bila ku tak sempurna. cinta ini tak mungkin ku cegah...

Ahad, Januari 18, 2009

Sepanjang Jalan Kenangan

Farah put up a whole set of photos in facebook, gambar zaman ssp and I can't help laughing at ourselves!

Ini, gambar2 sesi fotografi kelas 5 usaha. Ada 2 theme, 1 kena pakai baju black and white, another one, sesi ayu2 pakai baju kurung hijau or biru, I think.
For the black and white session, I had on this cream trenchcoat, see? Masa tu terasa macam omggilecoolpakaitrenchcoat.
Check out the way everyone pose!

Saya posing KRU disini. Hahaha...Nasib baik tak 'aku berdiri depan band, aku pakai rayband'

This one. Is not in Farah's collection, Faatin's perhaps. Errr...ok. I have no explaination whatsoever mengapa saya dan Ijan berposing begitu. Blame it on musim kuch kuch hota hai. Macam kena dengan title entry nih...
"sepanjang jalan kenangan, kita selalu bergandingan tangan..."

Oh the sweet old days.

And these are like...10 years ago? WTH dah tua! no wonder malam tadi saya mimpi saya bertunang. Gasp!

Sabtu, Januari 17, 2009


Lovely Lady

You are lovely and caring. You help others and spread out a lot of sympathy. Your life aim maybe is to serve the people. But your weakness is that you forget about yourself, your own needs. All your time is hold back for your friends and family. You are always there for people in trouble. Ready for any emergency. You make a lot of sacrifices just to be a good human. But every woman has her needs, her longings and a destiny. Don't loose yourself in work or curing other people's souls. You will have your own problems in your life. Another problem is that you don't say your opinion when it's right and important to say it. People trample onto your soul if you are always so kind and lovely and helpful. They will play on you. Though you should try to relax more and enjoy your life, you should not loose the gift that was given to you to help others . Not everyone is created this way...
You are unique and rare!

I can imagine someone reading this, chuckling to himself and say, "I told her so, so many times". Haha...to that someone, thanks for the un-dying faith in me, altho I always shut you up in mid sentence whenever you attempt to tell me this.

But I wonder.

Lovely = lonely?

cs: ahahaha
cs: ko la biras terbaik
cs: akakakaka
cs: penyelamat rumah tangga
cs: ye la
cs: kalo tetiba dah kawen nnt jumpe gambar cam gitu
cs: gambar yg boleh membikin hati panas dan mencetuskan peperangan
cs: dgn komen2 ko ni maka aman la dunia

Hahaha...salah satu sisi caring saya, penyelamat rumah tangga? Mudah-mudahan kata-katamu sentiasa benar, birasku. Amin, aminn, aminnn...

Khamis, Januari 15, 2009

Wanita Jelita Sering Curang?

Wanita curang kerana hormon

HOUSTON - Golongan wanita yang curang dengan lelaki lain boleh menyalahkan hormon berhubung tindakan mereka itu, lapor sebuah akhbar semalam.

Menurut satu kajian, wanita yang mempunyai paras hormon seks estrogen yang tinggi didapati tidak berpuas hati dengan pasangan mereka sekali gus mudah berlaku curang.

Kajian yang dijalankan oleh seorang saintis, Dr. Kristina Durante dari University of Texas di Amerika Syarikat (AS) juga mendapati wanita seperti itu biasanya mempunyai bentuk fizikal yang menawan.

Dr. Durante berkata, dalam kajiannya dia mendapati wanita jelita lebih cenderung menggunakan kelebihan mereka itu untuk mencari pasangan terbaik.

"Wanita jelita bukan sahaja mempunyai banyak pilihan untuk memilih pasangan tetapi mereka juga mempunyai standard tinggi yang sukar dipenuhi lelaki," katanya.

Menurutnya, dalam kajian itu, dia mengukur paras oestradiol yang merupakan satu bentuk hormon estrogen terhadap 52 pelajar wanita sebelum melakukan satu soal selidik.

Penemuan itu mungkin menjelaskan kenapa beberapa aktres jelita kerap menjalin hubungan sulit seperti Meg Ryan dan Tori Spelling.

Spelling yang sudah berkahwin pernah tidur dengan aktor Dean McDermott manakala Meg menjalin hubungan dengan pelakon Russell Crowe ketika dia masih menjadi isteri Dennis Quaid. - Agensi

Source: Kosmo Online


I am torn between these 2 lines...

"Saya gembira saya jelita, so that now I can always blame my hormones bila saya tak tetap hati"


"Saya gembira saya kurang jelita, kerna ku setia"

Either way,

bad mood? salahkan hormon.

gelak kuat? salahkan hormon.

gak pede? salahkan hormon.

gedik? salahkan hormon.

huge boobs? salahkan hormon.

flabby thighs? salahkan hormon.

tayar pancit tak reti nk tukar? salahkan hormon.

curang? pun salahkan hormon.

Thank God for raging hormones!

Rabu, Januari 14, 2009

Aku mencintaimu dengan sederhana...

Aku mencintaimu dengan sederhana
Seperti sungai pada hujan
Seperti bunga pada kupu-kupu
Seperti laut pada daratan

Aku mencintaimu dengan sederhana
Seperti Srikandi pada Arjuna
Seperti Shinta pada Rama

Aku mencintaimu dengan sederhana
Bukan dengan bujuk rayu
Bukan dengan penyaluran hasrat
Bukan dengan pelampiasan nafsu
Walau aku tak menampik semua itu

Aku mencintaimu dengan sederhana
Dengan sentuhan
Dengan belaian
Dengan kecupan
Bukan dengan bercumbuan
Bukan dengan ciuman penuh gairah
Namun dengan kasih
Tulus dan suci
Lebih indah dari yang pernah kau bayangkan

Aku mencintaimu dengan sederhana
Tidak meletup laksana api
Namun mengalir seperti air

Aku mencintaimu dengan sederhana
Walau harus kuterjang badai
Kuhadang gelombang
Hingga tiba di tepian tak bertuan

Aku mencintaimu dengan sederhana
Entah kau sadari atau tidak.


Happiness Is The Truth

Been a while since I felt so deliriously happy to the point that I fell like telling the whole world how I feel, and why. But, having been...