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Neverending Asia

A friend who would be joining the rombongan ke Jogjakarta this coming April, asked me this:

"jogja ader tempt shoping cem kt bandung? explain fg...kt jogja ader aper untuk mak2 nih"

I was stumped. Where do I start?

And so I googled (which, she could have easily done. hahah...) and compiled this list.

Yogyakarta in Indonesia is rich in shopping attractions and the region around Malioboro is famous for numerous fantastic places where you can shop till you drop!

Pasar Beringharjo
Pasar Beringharjo is one such famous shopping destination which you must never miss out on, while visiting Yogyakarta. It is the largest traditional shopping place in Yogyakarta.
The famous shopping place Pasar Beringharjo is at Malioboro, north of Vredeburg Fort in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Walk along the famous Malioboro Street and almost at the end of the street, you'll see Pasar Beringharjo. It is right at the heart of Yogyakara and convenient to access from anywhere in the city.
Pasar Beringharjo, literally meaning "slanted land", has a reputation as an old, traditional market.This market is also night flea market. When you visit, you'll be charmed by the vibrant atmosphere of the bustling market complex.
The display of goods sold in the famous Pasar Beringharjo will amaze you by their astounding range and variety. From the most basic household items, fruits, meats and veggies and spices right down to beautiful, locally made handicrafts like batiks - you'll find it all at Pasar Beringharjo. If you are wondering what to take home as a souvenir of your trip to Yogyakarta, there's nothing better than something locally made. Head to Pasar Beringharjo and opt for cool souvenir items like an exotic sandal wood scented cushion cover.
Yogyakarta is a great place for a bargain lover, and Pasar Beringharjo is not an exception to this.Once you free the bargain-shopper in you, you can come up with some amazing bargains at Pasar Beringharjo. If you have less cash in hand, don't fret. The prices here won't create a dent in your pocket. Goods here don't usually cost more than US $ 5. The customer is king (or queen) at Pasar Beringharjo and you'll always walk out of this market with some real cool buys!

So, come and enjoy shopping at Pasar Beringharjo in Yogyakarta, Indonesia!

Mirota Batik
Imagine if you are visiting a shopping center and welcomed by servants who look alike 'abdi dalem' of Yogyakarta palace who is traditionally dressed up. As you are going inside, the aroma of incense can be smelled during your visit here. Traditional music will accompany you as you are trying to find batik in this place.

Strategically situated only a few minutes from the central area of Yogyakarta, Mirota Batik is in front of Pasar Beringharjo. Batik, handycraft, herbal medicine, accesories, skirt, and antique properties can be found at this place.

Not only offers you genuine products of Jogja, Mirota Batik also provides you several products from other place like handycraft of Jepara, batik of Pekalongan and etc. One thing that is interesting here is that there is a traditional batik maker that directly makes batik in this place.

Everyday at 08.00 - 21.00 pm

Lantai I : Batik
Lantai II : Kerajinan dan Pernik

If you are interested in the making of batik, you may see the process directly here.

Note: There's also another Mirota Batik outlet on Jalan Kaliurang

Malioboro Street
Jalan Malioboro (Malioboro Street) is a major shopping street in Yogyakarta, Indonesia; the name is also used more generally for the neighborhood around the street. It runs north from the Yogyakarta kraton (palace) towards the roads that lead to either Surakarta to the east, or Magelang to the north, as well as Mount Merapi. This is in itself is significant to many of the local population, the north south orientation between the palace and the volcano being of importance.

The street is the centre of Yogyakarta's largest tourist district; many hotels and restaurants are located nearby. Sidewalks on both sides of the street are crowded with small stalls selling a variety of goods. In the evening several open-air streetside restaurants, called lesehan, operate along the street.

Kota Gede

Kota Gede, which is often called Sargede is located about five kilometers southeast of Yogyakarta, Kotagede is a neat little town, which was once the seat of the mighty Mataram Empire. Since the 1930s, Kotagede has become famous for being the center of the Yogya silverwork industry. There are a number of workshops where visitors are welcome to watch silver being transformed into beautiful works of art known as "Yogya Silver". Kotagede is easily reached by "andong", the four-wheeled horse-drawn cart, by taxi, bus, or car.


If Bandung has Cibaduyut as their center for leather craftmenship, Jogja has Manding.
Manding is located on Parangtritis, approximately 3 (three) kilometers on the eastward of Bantul.

This place has so many leather craftsmen and shops selling leather products such as javkets, shoes, bag, belt aswell as varied accessories made of leather like piture frames and key hanger.

Manding, as one of the center for leather craft industry in Bantul, has more or less 40 (fourty) traditional leather industries that involving hundreds of workers.


Pottery Tourism Village "Kasongan"is located at Bangunjiwo Village, District of Kasihan, more or less 4(four) kilometers to the northward of Bantul, Yogyakarta - Indonesia. This village is famous for its artistic pottery and earthenware. Guidance from contemporary Indonesian artists has turned Kasongan earthenware into works of art which can be bought inexpensively at art shops all over Java.

This tourism village produces household products such as plates, bowl, gucci, etc which are made of clay.

Not only shopping, but also you can enjoy the process of making pottery directly from the craftsmen.

Factory Outlets
And if, factory outlets are more like your cup of tea, here are a couple worth mentioning:

Grand StockWell
For those who are crazy about fashion, they should come to this place. Its strategic location which only about fifteen minutes from the city center and from the airport will become one of benefits while visiting thing shopping center.
Grand Stockwell, that operates on April, 10 2008, is now located on an area that was used by the old Stock Well.
On the first floor, you can find your favorite one in a big stock provided by this shoping center. Giving you affordable prices and discount, it intends to fulfill you daily needs of fashion.
The second floor provides the various fashion for adults. Shoes, clothes, pants, jackets etc can be found on this floor with sum of stock and affordable prices.
Naming itself with Grand StockWell, this shopping center is trully intends to provide and fulfill the needs of fashion for Yogyakarta people. Its lots and well stock is the image of it to promote itself to the society in providing fashion product for people.

Omah Mode
For those who love shooping particularly fashion, Omah Mode can be your best choice to visit. Strategically situated on jalan Sabirin Yogyakarta, this factory outlet offers you various kinds of clothes, shoes, bags etc in high quality with affordable price.
officially opened on Oktober 2006, it concerns more in women that most of its products are women stuffs. However, men and kids products are also provided in this factory outlet.
Located in a building with classic architech design, it often give special service for the customers like discount and other services that advantageous for the customers.

Plaza Ambarukmo

Affectionately called Amplaz, this is the largest and most complete mall in Central Java and Jogjakarta.

Need I say more?

Yogyakarta has so, so much more to offer. Borobudur, Prambanan, Kraton, Merapi...there's just sooo much to see! It's a melting pot of history, culture, shopping experience, great scenery, and on top of that, Javanese people are so friendly, warm and good-looking, tapi nanti pasti ada yang GR!

And hey, it's also the hometown of these guys!

After all, it is crowned as the most favourite overseas spot for Malaysians. Read here for more info on that.

So, ready now to check out why Jogja is Neverending Asia?

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Zeti Zainal berkata...

Wow, reading this feels like a travelogue.

Harus eh bukan harus, sudah hukumnya wajib utk saya ke Jogja.

Harus kumpul duit untuk ke sana hujung tahun nie.

VUC berkata...

waduh far,
berapa banyak yang kamu ajak ke jogja?
mampus deh si hendra...

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makanya, aku bilang...

kamu sama ama ke jogja aja, bantuin hendra. hahaha...

20 org, kurang lebih :-D

along berkata...

sangat helpful entry neh.

buat makin tak sabar mahu jejakin kaki di sana!

awesome blossom berkata...

the last pic is a strong enough reason to go there... weeeeeeeee!

trexcic berkata...

K.Farina!! After visiting there..I'm in love with Jogja!! huhuhuhu...

A very calm place to stay.. Bersih juga...Beda sungguh dengan Kota Jakarta yang hingar bingar itu..

hmm...nak pegi sana balik please!

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