Isnin, Januari 19, 2009


Header maker decided he will not let me stop blogging and made me a new header, just to prove his point.

Nice eh?

Love it!

p: haha, walaupun ade tembok seploh kaki kat depan keep on moving
p: there will always be a way through, hehe
f: hahaha

p: renung renungkan~~~~
f: either thru it, over it, or around it
p: kalo thru it, make sure airbag in working condition
p: hehe

f: or mati dulu
f: then dh jadi hantu
f: can go thru any walls
p: hehe, jd casper
f: hahaha...
f: in this case
f: since aku nk stop blogging
f: i shud just...go?
f: atau aku patut tgk, ada tembok di depan?
f: hahahaha
f: dan filosofi la plak
p: don know, kaki ko yg kat pedal tu
f: brake or accelerate
f: hmmm

p: brake or accelerate, mind the petrol amount ferst

Brake or accelerate?

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