Ahad, Februari 01, 2009



Okeh, stop.

Taken at the Berita Harian's ABPBH untuk Gaza thingy last Saturday.

Bought an evening bag worn by Diana D. for RM30 (not a fan of hers, but the bag sgt shiznit. Merah lagi! I heart!) and a beaded bracelet made by her for RM15:

That's the bracelet on my wrist. Pink and black, i like.
(sorry for the picture quality!)

Frust dapat tau Fafau auctioned off a Fendi sunnies, baru pakai sekali jek, which fetched only RM120. Damn, I missed that!

Met this babe who was with her brothers selling cupcakes. Ili Zuhair, affectionately known among Sheilagank as Ili Kechik, (sebab ada 2 Ili, padahal 2-2 ili pun kecik!).

Adiknya yang memang dah sangat super kecik sekarang. And he's my fave AF student, ever!

They were selling Rockstar Inspired cupcakes, 6 for RM15! Seriously sedap! (oh ye Aizat, you're my Rockstar! Hahhaha)

And the event managed to raise RM64k to help our friends in Gaza. Alhamdulillah.


Wieza rekues nak tgk handbag diana d., so here it is:

Pandangan depan

Pandangan belakang

2 ulasan:

belle berkata...

Hai Kak Farina, it's me belle ur kembar mude stahun. hehe been ur silent reader all the while

uwahhh jelesnye amik gambar ngan ally. tp nape die lg tgg then u? belle ingat die cam rendah cket...

nway luv ur blog..daa...lol

farahlily berkata...

farina.... adakah keterlaluan untuk aku mengatakan bahawa i'm drooling over ally's pic ittew??? OMG sooooo cute lar ini orangggggggg!!!!!

damn i should go out more often :p hahahaha....

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