Khamis, Februari 05, 2009

Picture Perfect

Alah kena tag lagi. By Yuhanis. But this I like sebab tak payah tulis-tulis. Hehehe...

Rules: The rules are simple. Use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of the results, and post it as your answer. After that tag 6 people.

I am...

I really want to go to

My favourite place

My favourite thing

My favourite drink

My favourite food

My favourite color

I live in

I was born in

I attended

My favourite story

My hobby

I wish for

aminn, aminn, aminn...

Nak tag:
1. Shamam (kamu asik kena marah sebab tak update, kesian aku tengok. Ni aku bagi idea, pi lah update)
2. Zeti
3. Peon
4. Farrah
5. Syu
6. Along

2 ulasan:

Zeti Zainal berkata...

Seperti membalas dendam. Heheheh

shamamia berkata...

haha terimakaseh sis.. akan ku update lagi dengan segera. tag lah 5 kali sehari.

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