Isnin, Mac 30, 2009

Ada Apa Dengan Perth - The Sights

View from our apartment

Mandurrah Bay

Caversham Wildlife Park


Perth Mosque

A reader requested to see the sceneries of Perth. Not only that, he specifically dictate that he does not want to see my face in any of those photos. So I obliged. Happy now? :-)

Permandangan di Perth, memang cantik.

Tapi ini...

Permandangan Terindah!

Mirip McSteamy from Grey's Anatomy kan? Yummm...yum....

4 ulasan:

syu_hidayah berkata...

sekali pandang aku terus terdetik .. eh mcsteamy kat perth ke? tgh buat humanitarian work ke?

f a r i n a berkata... sentiments exactly!

bakal tulis lagi tentang dia. :-D

Bapak angkat angkat berkata...

Terima kasih for the perth picture. Now i know perth, without goin there. Perth, sorry, i sud give u a pass

along berkata...

even when he's not looking directly to the camera, tapi yeah lense camera itu jadi steamy terus!

eh, my eyes yang steamy tetibe pehal?

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