Khamis, Mac 12, 2009


Big bosses are swarming the office today.

Nak update blog pun macam nak mencuri, pandang kiri pandang kanan pastu type laju-laju takut kantoi.

Tapi semenjak kelmarin, saya baru tahu cerita, someone would open my blog early in the morning and leave it open all day in case I update it coz he doesn't want to miss a thing and and that is so freaking sweet macam boleh kena diabetik and I didn't even know that he even read my blog at all!

So for him, who cares so much about all my stupid ramblings, thank you! This entry is for you.

To my brother in Kuantan, who told me he showed my blog to his roommates and it inspired them to have their own blog too and it spread a blogging virus down there in his college, thank you too! Awak bila nak tulis blog, monyet?

Okeh, big boss dah keluar meeting room. Cabooot!

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