Selasa, Mac 10, 2009


I was craving for Wedang Ronde, a hot Javanese dessert containing glutinous rice balls stuffed with peanut paste, floating in a hot ginger and sugar soup.

Having no idea where to get it here in KL, I turn to my trusted friend, Encik Google, for recipe.

I end up here. Try click!

Enak bukan, kawan-kawan?

So kapan kita nak buat makan-makan/arisan lagi nih?

p.s: to whoever's counting, this is my 3rd entry for today. *flexing muscles*

1 ulasan:

Nurul berkata...

owh. dessert ituw sering dibikin bunda waktu aku kecil2 dulu..tapi tanpa kacang. untuk membuang angin dlm badan. :)

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