Selasa, April 14, 2009

Ada Apa Dengan Perth - Part 3

Mandurah Bay. Disini ada kenangan yang tak dapat dilupakan: kena saman di Perth!

It's true to say that Mandurah is one of the most thriving regional cities in Western Australia.
Approximately 74kms south of Perth, Mandurah is blessed with a unique blend of coast, bushland, industry and inner-city living. A tourist's paradise, Mandurah is also the capital of the Peel region and considered the gateway to the South West.
Mandurah is abuzz with large numbers of residents and visitors daily, although history reminds us this is nothing new. In fact, the name Mandurah was actually derived from the Aboriginal word, "mandjar", meaning the "meeting place".

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nota: kes malas nak menulis panjang lebar. hehehe.

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ull berkata...

ostroli penuh kebiruan kan kan kan. sy maksudkan langit & laut nya :)

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