Khamis, Mei 28, 2009

Must Watch: Merantau

In Minangkabau, West Sumatera, Yuda a skilled practitioner of Silat Harimau is in the final preparations to begin his "Merantau" a century's old rites-of-passage to be carried out by the community's young men that will see him leave the comforts of his idyllic farming village and make a name for himself in the bustling city of Jakarta. After a series of setbacks leave Yuda homeless and uncertain about his new future, a chance encounter results in him defending the orphaned Astri from becoming the latest victim of a European human trafficking ring led by the wildly psychotic, Ratger and his right-hand man Lars. With Ratger injured in the mêlée and seeking both his "merchandise" and bloody retribution, Yuda's introduction to this bustling city is a baptism of fire as he is forced to go on the run with Astri and her younger brother Adit as all the pimps and gangsters that inhabit the night hound the streets chasing their every step. With escape seemingly beyond their grasp, Yuda has no choice but to face his attackers in an adrenaline charged, jaw-dropping finale. Written by PT. Merantau Films

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Review from

Who doesn't love a good martial arts movie? Over the last few years, it was Thai martial artist Tony Jaa who was the most popular here in the US, then JeeJa made her debut last year in Chocolate. Now it's my pleasure to introduce you to Iko Uwais in a Indonesian martial arts film called Merantau. I don't want to say much more besides that you just need to drop what you're doing and check this out, because it kicks some serious ass. What I love about this more than most other martial arts movies is that it seems incredibly realistic, like I could just be watching this in person, and I love that style. So check this out right now!

And it doesn't hurt even just one bit that the lead actor is oh-so-yummy.

p.s: he's on facebook.

7 ulasan:

shamamia berkata...


gegulegetahku :P

Plenoz berkata...

Mbak, salam kenal yah :)

just fyi, iko adalah atlet pencak silat, sebelum jadi aktor dia bkerja sebagai driver pada salah satu perusahaan operator telco di indonesia.

he is nice person, no wonder now he is an actor.

go iko :) , i hope the film will hit box office

f a r i n a berkata...

Mas plenoz, salam kenal juga :) makasih udah mo mampir ke blog saya.

and thank you for the info! i hope the film will hit box office too, i've read nothing but great reviews on this movie.

go iko, go merantau, go indonesian movie scene! :-)

fajar berkata...

Kira-kira film ini tayang di malaysia ngak ya?hmm

f a r i n a berkata...

kmrn saya tanyakan ke pemeran utamanya, katanya insyaAllah di tayang, tp belum tau juga ni...di malaysia belum ada promosinya.

mas fajar kuliah accounting di mesir ya?

Tanpa Nama berkata...

hua hua hua .....

fans berat iko ni

coz mengingatkan gw pada peLatih gw ..

pasti susah ya kaLo mau ketemu sama ikonya ...

pingin bisa latian bareng ni sama dia ...

Melissa berkata...

*sigh* What a cutie :D

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