Jumaat, Mei 29, 2009


A blogreader and a friend, a Malaysian studying in Paris, sent me this email:

hi farina!
here's a little something for you. i was really terujaa and teros amik. amik apa? go figure :)

hahaha...Roddy, thank you! That's so sweet of you! Happy belated birthday, babe!
Pininfarina S.p.A. (BIT: PINF) (short for Carozzeria Pininfarina) is an Italian car design firm and coachbuilder in Cambiano, Italy.

Founded as Società anonima Carrozzeria Pinin Farina in 1930 by automobile designer and builder Battista "Pinin" Farina, Pininfarina has been employed by a wide variety of high-end automobile manufacturers, including Ferrari, Maserati, Rolls-Royce, Cadillac, Jaguar, Volvo, Alfa Romeo, and Lancia. It also has designed trams in France, high-speed trains in Holland, and trolleys in the USA. Since the 1980s Pininfarina has consulted on industrial and interior design.

Pininfarina was run by Battista's grandson Andrea Pininfarina until his death in 2008. Andrea's younger brother Paolo Pininfarina was appointed as successor.[1]

The Pininfarina Group employs more than 3,000 people in subsidiary company offices throughout Europe, as well as in Morocco and China. Pininfarina is registered and publicly traded on the Borsa Italiana (Milan Stock Exchange).


Oh, and thank you too to GNFI for this. I'm truly humbled!!

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