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Rhythm Of Unity!

Rhythm of Unity Concert
Posted on 04 May 2009 by suling

We've had a number of international acts coming to play in Malaysia in recent months, but full-fledged local concerts featuring local and regional bands have been few and far between... up until now that is! So keep yourselves free on 23 May because the Rhythm of Unity concert will be happening in Bukit Jalil National Sports Complex.

Featuring hugely popular Indonesian acts Slank and Letto, as well as local favourites Estranged, Hujan, Bunkface and One Buck Short, this concert aims to promote harmony and unity between Malaysia and Indonesia through music.

"Music is the most universal language to promote the spirit of togetherness. That is why we can't wait to collaborate with Malaysian artistes on this concert. Just like the idiom that we have been spreading around the world: PLUR, which stands for peace, love, unity and respect," says Slank.

Also, fans of Hujan, take note! The band will be performing never-before-played songs from their upcoming album at this concert. You don't want to miss out!

The concert will start from 5pm until 12 midnight. Tickets are priced at RM55 and are available at all AXCESS authorized outlets. Log on to for ticketing details, or call 03-77115000.


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