Jumaat, Mei 08, 2009


Header Maker was really mad because I refused to update my blog.

So here, an entry. No wait, I'll make it 2, just to make you happy.

Bro Akhyari, sorry I have to steal from you again. Hope you won't mind.

Indonesian New Ammunition

Did you know that Indonesia is 15th largest
car producer in the world in 2008? I bet you do, coz i have posted one article
about that. But hey, this is different. The new comer is VOLKSWAGEN, one of the
most respected car brand on this planet, the creators of these legendary

Volkswagen AG plans to open a new assembly plant in Indonesia
, a sign that the Southeast Asian nation's still-robust consumer spending is
keeping it attractive to foreign companies. Right?

Although total Indonesian vehicle sales are forecast by
Toyota's local affiliate to fall 30 per cent this year, from a record 600,000
units in 2008, the company expects the market to recover in 2010, and overall
consumer spending has held up better in Indonesia than many other Asian

Economists predict Indonesia's economy will grow around 4.5
per cent this year, down from 6.2 % in 2008, but still a top performer in the
region. Indonesia relies on domestic spending for two-thirds of its gross
domestic product, helping cushion it more from the global economic slowdown than
export-dependent Asian nations.

Consumer confidence in April – following
peaceful legislative elections earlier that month – reached its highest level
since December 2007, according to a central bank survey released this week.

Currently, Volkswagen cars are imported into Indonesia, meaning they are
hit by tariffs of more than 200 per cent. By assembling locally, Volkswagen's
cars will be significantly cheaper for consumers than current prices.
Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: (looking at DT's VW) I've always wanted a VW
DT: Then get one!!!

Hmmm...DT, you know what, I might :-)

Header maker, happy now?

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Lissa berkata...

aku ade VW van kuning tu, tapi kecik la.. hehe.

Lissa berkata...

tengah tunggu, bila la nak trasform jadi besat...

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