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The Global Spotlight Is On...Laskar Pelangi

Indonesian Cinema Slipping into the Global Spotlight
Berlin. Sometimes it seems that nations emerge from nowhere on the global filmmaking stage. So is the case with Indonesia as a new wave of movie directors emerges across Southeast Asia.

Once overshadowed by the giants of the Asian movie game ­— China, South Korea, India and Japan — Indonesia has gone over the last few years from being a barely recognizable dot on the world cinema map to gaining the increasing attention of the international film business.

“We have building the industry ourselves,” said Mira Lesmana, the producer of “Laskar Pelangi,” or the Rainbow Troops, which on Friday became the first Indonesian film to be shown in the Berlin Film Festival’s main sections in about five years.

For most the 1990s, the Indonesian film business “was in a coma” Lesmana said, as the industry struggled against the tough rules and censorship of the authoritarian Suharto regime.

But all of that changed in 1998 with the ousting of Suharto and the arrival of a new government.

A decade ago the Indonesian movie business managed to produce just two films per year. Last year, 85 movies were made, funded entirely from private sources.

“It’s growing slowly,” Lesmana said.

Still, there are only about 250 cinema screens in a country of 250 million people, which means moviegoing is really only for those living in Indonesia's cities and major towns.

In the last two years, Indonesian-made films have outstripped foreign movies in popularity with Indonesian movie audiences.

But then, Asia suddenly seems to be quite a happening place for film, with the digital revolution helping to lower production costs and powering filmmaking in the Philippines and Thailand.

More to the point, the new generation of directors appear to have grown more self-assured and have something to say about their region’s cultural diversity and its recent changes.

However, the real achievement of Southeast Asia’s new band of directors is that they are making their films against some fairly tough odds.

With scant official financial support, their movies are made on shoestring budgets. A director for one film might be the producer for another movie, while a script writer might double as a sound engineer.

“We have a long history of cinema,” said John Badalu of Indonesia Cinema, which represents a group of Indonesian film companies which set up shop in the Berlinale’s business side, the European Film Market, for the first time to promote their nation’s films.

“The changes in digital technology over the last five or ten years means that a lot more people can now afford to make films,” Badalu said.

This has also led to Indonesia joining the global rush to promote itself as a location for international film productions with plans for a studio set near Jakarta, the hub of the country’s new movie business.

To be sure, the Indonesian movie business appears to be enjoying something of a boom, with the country’s filmmakers for the first time arranging co-production deals around the world.

“Everyone is trying to make a film at the moment,” Badalu said.

But despite the changes that have taken place in Indonesia over the last decade, the government still has a big say in what movies are screened in the country, with its censorship board appearing to take a dim view of subjects like nudity and jokes about the Suharto dictatorship.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur
Source: The Jakarta Globe

Sang Pemimpi - The Movie

Local Movie to Open Jakarta Film Festival
For the first time, an Indonesian film will kick off the Jakarta International Film Festival in December.

“Sang Pemimpi” (“The Dreamers”) is a sequel to Indonesia’s highest grossing movie of all time, “Laskar Pelangi” (“Rainbow Warriors”), and is currently in production.

Jakarta’s oldest international film festival has been ongoing for a decade now, but previously, foreign films always took opening credits.

Last year, “Burn After Reading,” a US film directed by the Cohen brothers, Joel and Ethan, opened the festival.

In 2007, the Indonesian feature “Perempuan Punya Cerita” (“Lotus Chant”), a compilation of four short films about marginalized women in the country, closed the festival.

“We think now is a good time to have an Indonesian feature to open the festival,” said festival manager Nauval Yazid.

He added that it was difficult to previously count on Indonesian films because information about the content of the movies and release dates were unreliable. It is only now that the standards of local films have become comparable to their foreign counterparts, Nauval added.

“Sang Pemimpi” is being made by the popular filmmaking duo of director Riri Riza and producer Mira Lesmana, who together have brought highly acclaimed features like “Gie,” “3 Hari Untuk Selamanya” (“3 Days to Forever”) and “Laskar Pelangi” to the screen.

Riri and Mira worked on the screenplay for the new movie, with scriptwriter Salman Aristo, who also wrote the screenplay for “Laskar Pelangi.”

“Sang Pemimpi” is adapted from the second novel in a series of four by Andrea Hirata based on the author’s childhood in Bangka-Belitung, a province off the east coast of Sumatra Island.

“Laskar Pelangi,” a best seller, was the first novel in the series. The movie version of the book, released in September 2008, has been seen by five million people locally and has had numerous screenings at international film festivals.

This year, the film was screened at the Berlinale, a film festival in Germany, the Hong Kong International Film Festival, the Singapore International Film Festival, Udine Far East Film Festival in Italy, the Barcelona Asian Film Festival and the Los Angeles Asia Pacific Film Festival. The movie also did an independent tour in Australia.

Lukman Sardi as the adult Ikal

“Sang Pemimpi” is a continuation of “Laskar Pelangi,” and tells the story of an older Ikal, the central character of “Laskar,” who is now in high school.

Organizers say it is an achievement that the 11th Jakarta International Film Festival will finally open with an local feature.

The film festival, which screens both features and documentaries, has been attracting the biggest numbers for an international film festival in Southeast Asia since 2006. As many as 50,000 attend the event, which has become a favorite introduction for many directors.

In addition to film screenings, the festival also has master classes, workshops and exhibitions.

And...check this out! Nazril Irham as Arai dewasa! The one and only, Ariel Peterpan!
(saya yakin, Cu sedang hyperventilating now! hahahaha)

I think most of you know, how much I love the tetralogy by Andrea Hirata, and how much it has changed my life. And so...I am soooo looking forward to this 2nd installation! My fave in the whole series! Yeayyy!!

But Arai (one of my fave characters in the series) ain't supposed to be good looking! Hahaha...ini tidak adil! Kok Ariel sihh?? Guantengggg buangetttt!!! (ayat macam tak redha padahal suka dapat usha duren. hahahaha)

Cu, mari kita beli tiket pesawat to watch this movie over a weekend? Jom Jom? :p (Syu, jangan marah aku mempengaruhi makcik kamu ya?)

The F Word

London: (AFP) British tourists have left the residents of one charming Austrian village effing and blinding by constantly stealing the signs for their oddly named village.

While British visitors are finding it hilarious, the residents of Fucking are failing to see the funny side.

Only one kind of criminal ever stalks the sleepy 32-house village near Salzburg on the German border - cheeky British tourists armed with a sense of humour and a screwdriver.

But the local authorities are hitting back and with the signs now set in concrete, police chief Kommandant Schmidtberger is on the lookout.

"We will not stand for the Fucking signs being removed", the officer said.

"It may be very amusing for you British, but Fucking is simply Fucking to us. What is this big Fucking joke? It is puerile."

Local tourist guide Andreas Rehmueller said it was only the British that has a fixation with Fucking.

"The Germans all want to see the Mozart house in Salzburg," he explained. "Every American seems to care only about The Sound Of Music (The 1955 film shot around Salzburg). The occasional Japanese wants to see Hitler's birthplace in Braunan. But for the British, it's all about Fucking."

Guesthouse manager Augustina Lindlbauer described the village's breathtaking lakes, forests and vistas.

"Yet, still there is this obsession with Fucking," she said.

"Just this morning I had to tell an English lady who stopped by that there were no Fucking postcards."

Opps...mind my language!

Ice Age

brad said...
quite surprising that i found this kinda info from this female (owned) blog. Few species of dinosaur-era animal only had male species, no female. What a boring world.
i wanna end this comment by saying :
--cepetan nikaaaaahh--

f a r i n a said...
nikah sm siapa? sm monyet??

brad said...
sama dinosaur

Disuruh nikah sama dinosaur? Sahih-sahih la sudah extinct! Kapan nikahnyaaaaaaa gueee kalooooo giniiiiiiii???!!!


Balik lagi ke ice cream dan chocolate.

Chocolate has erotic stimulus
By Sam Stavis
Daily Staff Reporter

Chocolate has historically been linked with romance, but the connection has never been confirmed. University nutrition experts are now saying the two are almost certainly related, making chocolate an even more appropriate Valentine's Day treat.

Chocolate is more than just a sweet confection, said Paula Herzog, a nutrition specialist for University Housing. It triggers the release of several hormones that produce some interesting effects on the human body.

"There are a lot of reasons people like chocolate, other than the fact that it's a delight on the tongue," Herzog said. "There are things going on that are making people feel good."

Eating chocolate stimulates the release of three hormones in the human brain: serotonin, theobromin and phenylethalamine. Serotonin produces a relaxed feeling, while the other two hormones are mild stimulants.

Chocolate also triggers the release of endorphins. Classified as opiate peptides, these endorphins are responsible for the "high" produced by opiates, heroin and strenuous exercise.

This is also the same mixture of chemicals that naturally produces the sensation of sexual arousal in the human body.

"The combination of these chemicals makes you feel like you've fallen in love," Herzog said.

These hormonal effects are accompanied by an energy rush from the caffeine, sugar and fat in chocolate. Chocolate lovers say this combination of effects brings an irresistible sensation.

LSA sophomore Carolyn Coquillette said she cannot control her chocolate addiction.

"I feel like there's this inherent drive inside me that I can't control that keeps bringing me back to chocolate again and again," Coquillette said.

While the specific biological effects of chocolate may not be widely understood, its effect on the human sex drive seems to be well-known.

"Chocolate is an aphrodisiac," said LSA junior Dan Kocevski. "It's the way to a woman's heart."

There are other equally erotic reasons why people are obsessed with chocolate, Herzog said. Cocoa butter, the main ingredient of quality chocolate, is craved not only for its sweet, creamy flavor, but for its rich texture.

"Cocoa butter melts at the exact human body temperature," Herzog said. "It's a very sensuous experience to have it melt in your mouth."

The amount of cocoa butter in chocolate ranges from a low content in cheap candy bars to a high proportion in expensive truffles. Higher quality chocolates contain up to 70 percent cocoa butter.

Less expensive chocolate products often substitute cocoa butter with vegetable oil and wax. While these chocolates may still be pleasing to the palette, they will not have the same effect.

"The better the chocolate is, the more cocoa butter it has," said Adam Drewnowski, a professor of public health, psychology, and psychiatry. "People who really crave chocolate will not be eating Hershey Kisses."

Drewnowski has conducted studies relating endorphins to chocolate consumption. When test subjects were administered an endorphin blocker, their desire to eat chocolate diminished.

But some chocolate lovers said they don't pay attention to endorphins and cocoa butter content.

"Some chocolates are really bad, like Hershey's, and some chocolates are really good, like Cadbury's," said RC sophomore Jessica Harrison. "White chocolate is the best."

Semangat waja!

Sekadar gambar hiasan

My lil brother got back from PLKN yesterday. (Jangan tertipu, dia tiada dalam gambar diatas.)

Balik je terus kena buli dengan abang dan kakak. He exclaimed, "apa nih?? Balik2 je kena buli??"

Yeah monyet, we missed you.

Last nite, dia sibuk mengajak semua orang jogging pagi ini.

"Pagi?? Orang nak gi kerja lah woii!"

"Pagiii!!! Sebelum Subuh!!!"

Me thinks: Yikesss! You kidding me??

Apparently not. Not wanting to dampen his spirit yang berkobar-kobar semenjak balik PLKN ni, saya semangat set alarm clock at 5.30. Tidur siap dengan pakaian jogging, senang bangun je terus cargas. Hahaha...semangattttt!

So we (my mom, sis, bro and yours truly *wink wink*) jogged sepagi buta sebelum azan Subuh berkumandang. I can almost hear my ex-trainer kacak iras Johnny Depp berkata, "morning cardio, Farina...morning cardio is the key!"

Now, my body is thanking me for it, my legs...definitely cursing. Sakit loncat-loncat di konsert pun belum pulih, dah tambah sakit berjogging. Oh, dah tua rupanya.

And so, let the Biggest Loser challenge begins! :p

nota: jeles mendengar kabar, Fatma sudah kurus. Kata Ayah Nora, dah setengah jek! Oh jeles jeles. Go Farina, go go go!

On a different topic:
Ismail: weh, entry x tahan
farina: hahahahha
Ismail: sungguh x bole blah
farina: masa aku tulis
farina: aku mmg terbayang ko akan kata sesuatu
farina: hahahaha

Ismail: hahha, u know aku ade baca
Ismail: when u really hope for something very hard, the universe will find a way for u to get it

farina: hahaha
farina: are u saying
farina: i really hope to see monkeys fornicating?

Ismail: i think this is the universe way of saying "farina, segeralah get married, ye?"
farina: hahahahha
farina: okay, that, i can take

Ismail: dlm buku the alchemist x silap aku
Ismail: n yeah, u have to get away from animal planet

farina: ahahahaha
farina: that, you cant make it me!
farina: it's wayyyy to interesting

Ismail (bukan nama sebenar), I have a feeling, you'll soon be an animal planet lover too.

By the way,

Adik saya bilang, di kem PLKN nya, tiap pagi lagu Anugerah Terindah Yang Pernah Kumiliki dipasang, untuk mendidik anak-anak belajar nilai moral iaitu menghargai dan bersyukur.

Setiap pagi tuh!


Isnin, Jun 29, 2009

Animal Behavior (Warning: Things You Really Don't Want To Know!)

Semenjak kejadian TERlihat monyet melakukan hubungan intim, saya akui, peristiwa itu agak menghantui diri ini.

Saw a documentary a few days ago that really caught my attention. It's about...well, monkeys. Having sex. Right. So basically, pembawa acaranya bilang, sometimes male monkeys do it as a form of greeting. Like, saying, Hello! (wth??)

They showed this video where this male just grabbed a female from behind, and it (wah, Nike sangat!). Tak kira la awek tu tengah makan, with a baby clinging on her back, he just grind it into her. And, she continued eating, macam tak ada apa-apa berlaku!

Gila...imagine you're just sitting, minding your own business, makan...when suddenly a stranger grabs you from behind and ermmmm...okay. You know how the story goes. Tak marah ke???!

Tak puas hati nih.

I end up googling for facts on this, but I found out startling facts about animal sexual behaviors that made me laugh like mad woman!

Check these out!
  • Prostitution
    In some penguin species, the females, even when in a committed relationship, will exchange sexual favours with strange males for the pebbles they need to build their nests

  • Bi-Sexual
    The Bonobo, which has a peaceful, egalitarian and matriarchal society, is a fully bisexual species — both males and females engage in sexual behaviour with the same and the opposite sex, with females being particularly noted for engaging in sexual behaviour with each other and at up to 75% of sexual activity being bisexual. Bonobos often use sexual activity to prevent violence and conflict

  • Masturbation
    The female porcupine has been observed to use a stick as a vibrator, holding one end of a stick and walking around, straddling it as it bumped against the ground and vibrated against her genitalia

  • Gang Rape
    Sex in a forceful or apparently coercive context has also been documented in a variety of species. A notable example is bottlenose dolphins, where at times, a herd of bachelor males will 'corner' a female. Furthermore, in a zoo where it is common practice to put newly captured dolphins in with dolphins who are established in their enclosures, other species of dolphin are never put in together with bottlenoses because they frequently torment and rape them.

And much, much more!


It's amazing huh, things you can find in Wikipedia?

Swimwear? Checked!

Remember in this post, I spoke of getting a pair of bikini to wear in beautiful Pulau Perhentian?

And when some friends commented, not only the sight of me in bikini would cause environmental pollution, not to forget global warming (akibat dr maraknye bahang aljahannam. Nauzubillah), it has prompted Cah Ayu and I to search for swimwears that will not only help us swim elegantly like a fish (more like a whale, but anyway...) in the clear waters of Perhentian, but would also conceal our aurat (and, unsightly bulges, of course).

Found several websites promoting Muslimah Swimwear, and this is our fave!

SAMIRA Muslimah Swimwear

Muslimah swimwear S.A.M.I.R.A is a full coverage swimsuit specially designed for muslimah to swim safely and elegantly.

  • Fabrics are made from Licra, which are commonly used for swimsuit, soft and elastics

  • Hood cover up from head to the neck

  • High raise collar

  • Double layer fabrics at body part to reduce wet looked body shaped

  • Long skirt to the thigh

  • The suit come in one piece (knit up form top to pants) to prevent upskirt looked

  • The suit size are loose, not thight to the body

And check out some of the designs! Don't you think they look more like kebaya than swimwear? I feel like walking around in shopping malls wearing these!

If you want to get your own Samira Muslimah Swimwear, or need more details about it, or want to check out the other designs they have, click here

Samira Muslimah Swimwear has been worn by more than 5000 people in Indonesia and all over the globe, Amerika, Jerman, Spanyol, Canada, name a few countries. When is your turn? :-)

Ours? Well...we're just waiting for our parcel to arrive from Jakarta. Pulau Perhentian, here we come!!!

Tetaplah Menjadi Bintang Di Langit

Mula-mula Encik GNFI nyanyi 'Kasih Tak Sampai'. Saya memilih untuk tidak terlalu menjiwai lirik lagu kumpulan Padi yang indah namun menggigit itu.

Then Kak Raina, yang rupanya telah terbawa jiwang semenjak membaca blog entry saya itu, telah membuat posting lirik lagu itu di Facebook.


Saya mengalami mild depression (halllahhhh, hallllahhhhhh)

Kok bisa jadi sedih gini yahh??

Lambat sudah...
Kini semua harus berakhir
Mungkin inilah jalan yang terbaik
Dan kita mesti relakan kenyataan ini

Menjadi saksi kita berdua...

nota 1: barangkali kerana telat bangun pagi?

nota 2: thanks Mr Header Maker for the lovely new header!

Ahad, Jun 28, 2009

Kasih Tak Sampai!

Check this out:

Weeehuuuu!!! GNFI goes on stage!

:-D :-D :-D

p.s: I can't believe you dared to laugh at my karaoke pics!

Black or white? Who cares!

It actually took me a few days until the truth really dawned...

Michael Jackson passed away.

The king of pop??!

I was deeply saddened, and I didn't even realize I was a huge fan. I found it so hard to believe. Hmmm...

One thing that I was happy for, is there are news that he died a Muslim. I do hope, it is true.

This is my favourite song from the late MJ

Black Or White
I Took My Baby
On A Saturday Bang
Boy Is That Girl With You
Yes We're One And The Same

Now I Believe In Miracles
And A Miracle
Has Happened Tonight

But, If
You're Thinkin'
About My Baby
It Don't Matter If You're
Black Or White

They Print My Message
In The Saturday Sun
I Had To Tell Them
I Ain't Second To None

And I Told About Equality
An It's True
Either You're Wrong
Or You're Right

But, If
You're Thinkin'
About My Baby
It Don't Matter If You're
Black Or White

I Am Tired Of This Devil
I Am Tired Of This Stuff
I Am Tired Of This Business
Sew When The
Going Gets Rough
I Ain't Scared Of
Your Brother
I Ain't Scared Of No Sheets
I Ain't Scare Of Nobody
Girl When The
Goin' Gets Mean

For Gangs, Clubs
And Nations
Causing Grief In
Human Relations
It's A Turf War
On A Global Scale
I'd Rather Hear Both Sides
Of The Tale
See, It's Not About Races
Just Places
Where Your Blood
Comes From
Is Where Your Space Is
I've Seen The Bright
Get Duller
I'm Not Going To Spend
My Life Being A Color

Don't Tell Me You Agree With Me
When I Saw You Kicking Dirt In My Eye

But, If
You're Thinkin' About My Baby
It Don't Matter If You're Black Or White

I Said If
You're Thinkin' Of
Being My Baby
It Don't Matter If You're Black Or White

I Said If
You're Thinkin' Of
Being My Brother
It Don't Matter If You're
Black Or White

Ooh, Ooh
Yea, Yea, Yea Now
Ooh, Ooh
Yea, Yea, Yea Now

It's Black, It's White
It's Tough For You
To Get By
It's Black , It's White, Whoo

It's Black, It's White
It's Tough For You
To Get By
It's Black , It's White, Whoo

If you wanna be my baby, it really doesn't matter if you're black or white :-) (tinggal masuk meminang je)

Rest in peace, Michael Jackson. Al-fatihah...

Sabtu, Jun 27, 2009

Sesi Karaoke Bersama Rossa

The mini concert was great. The crowd was booooooooringggg!!!

Overall, I had fun.

And the duren, memang tambah keren! Whooooot!

Posted by ShoZu

Jumaat, Jun 26, 2009

Hey Ladies!

Sudah kubilang jangan terlalu yakin
Mulut lelaki banyak juga tak jujur
Bila sakit hati wanita bisanya nangis

Sudah ku bilang jangan terlalu cinta
Kalau patah hati siapa mau nolong
Seperti langit dan matahari tak bersatu lagi

Hey ladies jangan mau di bilang lemah
Kita juga bisa menipu dan menduakan
Bila wanita sudah beraksi dunia hancur

Hey ladies sekarang cinta pakai otak
Jangan mau rugi hati dan juga rugi waktu
Bila dia merayumu ingat semuanya bohong

Memanglah tak semua lelaki busuk
Namun ladies tetaplah harus waspada
Semogalah kita semua akhirnya
Mendapatkan cinta yang tulus

Sudah kubilang jangan terlalu yakin
Mulut lelaki banyak juga tak jujur
Bila sakit hati wanita bisanya nangis

nota 1: bersiap siaga menyanyikan this anthem bersama Soraya tomorrow. Weeeeheeeee!!! Thanks Anne!

nota 2: naemah, itu DUREN (DUda keREN ya...bukan durian, tuan tuan dan puan puan) buat aku aja yah? makasihhhhh...

Khamis, Jun 25, 2009

Buah Hati

The custard-apple, also called bullock's heart or bull's heart, is the fruit of the tree Annona reticulata. This tree is a small deciduous or semi-evergreen tree sometimes reaching 10 metres (33 ft) tall and a native of the tropical New World that prefers low elevations, and a warm, humid climate. It also occurs as feral populations in many parts of the world including Southeast Asia, Taiwan, India, Australia, and Africa.

The fruits are variable in shape, heart shaped, oblong or irregular. The size ranges from 7 centimetres (2.8 in) to 12 centimetres (4.7 in). When ripe, the fruit is brown or yellowish, with red highlights and a varying degree of reticulation, depending on variety. The flavor is sweet and pleasant.

In some regions of the world, "custard-apple" is another name for sugar-apple or sweetsop (Annona squamosa), a different plant in the same genus. In Britain, "custard-apple" refers to cherimoya, the fruit of Annona cherimola, a third plant in the same genus.

Also known as 'Buah Nona' in Malay, this, is my favourite fruit, ever! Durian comes a close second. Hehehe...but I think so far, only my mom knows how much I love this fruit. It can be rather hard to find, and also quite pricey (for a fruit) but she'll definitely get it for me if she manage to find this being sold.

Have you guys tasted this fruit? Many of my friends claim to have never even heard of it, so I feel it's my social responsibility (whaaa???) to this oh-so-delectable-fruit! *drooling*

nota: saya mengidam macam wanita hamil...mengapa??


I wanted to write this in the comment box of her blog, tapi alih2 dah panjang macam karangan budak Tingkatan 3 la pulak. So I thought, eh ada blog sendiri, silalah gunakan!

In response to this:
saya mempunyai masalah untuk komunikasi yang sangat teruk.... teruk sangat ker?? entah lah saya sangat jeles dengan orang yang mampu untuk bercampur gaul dgn orang dgn senang skali.
contoh nya cik cantik.
bukan nya kenal sgt dgn dia. kenal pun dari cik ayu.
selalu mendengar nama dia je.
skali dapat peluang berjumpa.
rasanya time mula2 jumpa bila dia datang ke konsert kat u dulu.
then menyibuk kan diri ikut cik ayu pegi ke open house ke rumah dia.
di sebabkan terpengaruh dgn kata2 cik ayu yang rugi kalu dia tak gi open house umah cik cantik sbb lasagna sedap...
dia layan semua yang datang.
mmg tuan rumah yang bagus.
tetamu rasa di hargai...
teringat lasagna dia tue.
lepas tue bila dia buat open house lagi mmg ikut cik ayu gak lah...
hhehe.... ABC yang dila buat pun sedap.
see... dia boleh bercampur gaul dgn mudah.
tak mcm aku.

aku menghadapi masalah untuk berkomunikasi
aku tak reti camna nak bercampur gaul atau menambahkan kawan.
lingkungan kawan aku agak terhad.
lepas habes belajar dan bekerja dunia aku hanya di rumah dan di ofis saja dan kadang-kadang berjumpa dgn geng sate minang.
nasik baik lah ader cik ayu yang sudi mengajak untuk ke acara2 keramaian.
kalau tak ... ape yang terjadi kat dunia luar pun aku tatau.

camna lah agaknya aku dapat memperbaiki diri supaya lebih yakin pada diri sendiri ...
confident utk memulakan perbualan.... sampai bila nak macam nie kan.kang tak kawen plak aku.....
hilangkan perasaan malu tak bertempat...
camna nak buat mulut aku nie tak berat sgt bila berjumpa dgn orang...
senyap jer....

urghh.... mood closing melanda.sorang mau tukar department ... sorang lagi mau berhenti... haru biru lah nnt.bila lah nak tukar keje nie!!!

MasyaAllah! Sungguh saya terharu dengan entry kamu, cik!

Tapi ini kisah benar ya...(soundtrack lagu sedih drama slot akasia)

saya dulu kes susah nak bergaul juga, tahap sampai nak pergi mall pun segan, rasa macam orang dok perhati je, dok pandang hina. lama2 pergi mall pun tak nak. sangat2 tak percaya diri! seriyes!

Then bila dah start buat kerja stalker nih (truth is, bermula dari zaman stalk KRU dulu. Heh, heh...jangan gelak! babab kang!!), baru lah muka jadi tebal sikit, belajar make new friends, belajar beramah tamah sikit, belajar yang kawan kepada kawan saya, adalah kawan saya juga. hahaha...(saje je kes nak bagi nampak banyak friends on facebook) and really, being a sheilagank banyak membuat saya bertambah kawan...sahabat sejati, darah abadi :-)

dan eventually I learn to realize semua orang sama je, tak kisah la dia boss ke dia artis ke ataupun pakcik guard. Kan semuanya sama disisi Allah? Eceh. So kalau orang pandang serong, ada aku kesahh?? :p

but really, even to this day I still struggle with self-esteem and confidence issues (saya tau, tu kang mesti ada yang buat muka tak percaya). Kadang act je lebih padahal hati tu Tuhan saja yang tahu.

I'm on the journey of self-discovery and betterment, and I believe you are too.

Btw Cik Yan yang manis, trust me on this, you're easy to befriend with. You're sweet and honest and fun, what's not to like??

p.s: saya sedar entry kamu ada unsur-unsur meminta lasagna. hahahaha...saya ngidam sate minang! peaceeee!


Sometimes, I feel the fear of uncertainty stinging clear
And I can't help but ask myself how much I let the fear
Take the wheel and steer
It's driven me before
And it seems to have a vague, haunting mass appeal
But lately I'm beginning to find that I
Should be the one behind the wheel

Whatever tomorrow brings, I'll be there
With open arms and open eyes yeah

Whatever tomorrow brings, I'll be there
I'll be there

So if I decide to waiver my chance to be one of the hive
Will I choose water over wine and hold my own and drive?
It's driven me before
And it seems to be the way that everyone else gets around
But lately I'm beginning to find that
When I drive myself my light is found

Whatever tomorrow brings, I'll be there
With open arms and open eyes yeah

Whatever tomorrow brings, I'll be there
I'll be there

Would you choose water over wine
Hold the wheel and drive

Whatever tomorrow brings, I'll be there
With open arms and open eyes yeah

Whatever tomorrow brings, I'll be there
I'll be there

me: why sad?
a: long process
me: mana lebih bagus...jalan mati atau jalan macet?
a: jalan lancar
me: selalunya keinginan dan kenyataan tak sejalan, lagipun...
me: how to deal with jalan macet and jalan what makes a person a good driver
me: not jalan lancar
a: mending jalan hidup, dan lancar
me: mending jalan terus, dekat rumah eross. km bisa lgsg pinangkan dia utk saya

Tora datang lagiiiii!!!

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I'm backkkk!!!

(kalau kena cabut dengan monyet lagi, tak tau lah...sebulan tak ada plet kereta nih!)

Rabu, Jun 24, 2009

Hari-hari ku indah... (part 1.5)

Hehehe... saya terlupa nak mengucapkan,, malah...jutaan! terima kasih...kepada Fat Boys, the event organizer for PMI3, atas kerjasama 1st class dengan Sheilagank Malaysia.

Zahid, Jason, Hamka, Boy... yang lain2 juga, dengan penuh kerendahan hati, saya ucapkan...


Thumbs up, guys!

Hari-hari ku indah (Part 1)

Warning: Entry ini akan jadi sedetail yg mungkin, sebab saya malas nak menjawab terlalu banyak persoalan. Thus, it'll be superlong. You may just skim and look at the photos, of course. Oh, pics courtesy of friends. Saya cilok di Facebook. hehehe...

Khamis, 18 Jun 2009

Abang-abang kesayangan dijangka tiba jam 8 pagi, and since Cah Ayu was coming back same day at 7.30, saya dengan sukarela menjemput Cah Ayu dan sekalian, menjemput abang-abang, of coz. Heheh...setelah menunggu hampir sejam diluar, mulailah rombongan dari Jakarta itu keluar...turned out all 5 bands came together in the same flight! Pergh, macam pesta cuci mata. Gigi came out first, then Padi (gilakkk...Piyu gantenggggg pakai baju matching dengan baju sayaaaa), then when Sheilaon7 came out, who cares about Dewa and Backbone (or so I thought). Bri and Dut came straight to Cah Ayu and me, trus bercerita tentang transaksi ibu-ibu. Haha...poor guys have to be the couriers of stuffs antara Jakarta-Malaysia. Makasih ya bapak-bapak udah mau direpotin!

Mas Eross yang menurut Aie mirip preman dengan kumis dan jenggotnya itu. Foto saat-saat terakhir dia berpenampilan begini. Sob!

Then we saw Tepie. Gitaris The Backbone. Tekaan saya bahawa saya tak akan berminat pada anggota The Backbone ternyata salah. Hampir saya membutuhkan bantuan bomba untuk memadamkan kebakaran dalam jiwa saya (whaaa...) Hotness!

Dhani bawak semua anak-beranak nya, ibunya...and, nanny anak2 itu yang bernama Mulan Jameela. Lagi nak mengaku tak ada apa2 ke?

Then we went back home for a while, met up Cah Ayu's cousin, Zeti, there. Dan meluncur laju lah kami ke The Saujana, hotel mereka menginap, to attend the press conference. Thanks to Fat Boys for the invitation!

Only Padi, Gigi and Sheilaon7 attended the PC tho. Guess the 2 other bands were delayed cause they stayed in a different hotel (They have it in their rider, kalau perform di KL, hotel mesti di area Bukit Bintang) maka terlepas peluang saya nak skodeng Tepie lebih lanjut. I was informed Dewa and The Backbone came, but much much later.

No photos of the bands, tapi wajiblah kami camwhored, kan?

Went out for lunch, came back to hotel to get some stuffs from Bri (wheee...happiness mendapat sekepuk hentak barang-barang dari jakarta!) then we all melepak di lobi menunggu waktu keberangkatan to a Meet&Greet Session in Kl Sentral. Hamka from Fatboys kindly offered us a lift with them, to which I quickly said, yes! It's after office hours, and I really don't feel like driving from Subang to KL Sentral!

Off we went with the boys, terfeeling artis seketika bila dikelilingi sebegitu ramai bodyguard, dan disorot kelipan flash, hahaha! We were there for like an hour. All 5 bands were there to sign autographs, take photos with the fans. Again, no photos here. Then we went back to the hotel, while the car that drove the boys went to Sg Wang for dinner. Balik hotel, balik rumah to drop Zeti to pick up her car, sent Ayu back to her place, balik rumah tidur tergolek.

Jumaat, 19 Jun 2009

Unlike the day before yang saya bercuti, Jumaat saya kerja. Apa lagi bila tengok jadual, mereka hari ini ada soundcheck dan meet & greet je. Petangnya sekitar jam 5, got a call from Brian.

Br: Eh Farina! Dimanaaaaa kamu?? Seharian gak nampak?

Ahahaha. *cuak, cuak*

Thank God I got my gears all ready in the car, memang dah plan after work terus meet up with the boys, since saya dipertanggungjawabkan juga memastikan mereka sampai ke KFC for lepak session with Sheilagank Malaysia members. Sesampai di hotel at around 6.30, turned out the boys were still at the venue, soundcheck. Thank God there was a tennis tournament going on at the hotel, maka mencuci mata dengan jayanya. Oh-Emmm-Geeee! Ganteng buangetttt~~

The boys sampai hotel around 7.30, not long before Cah Ayu, Nekmah, Zeti dan Dila sampai. Maka melepak lah kami sambil menonton tv sementara menunggu waktu take off. Hehehe...

Foto sewaktu menunggu di lobi. Usaha Cah Ayu nak ambil gambar kandid saya gagal

Kecewa bila Eross turun ke lobi...misai dan kumis tiadaaaa!! Katanya niat di hati nak trim je, tapi terpendek sebelah, maka dia cukur terus. Oh, nasib! I think I might be the only one who likes his scruffy look.

Nota: yes, I love scruffy guys.

Sementara menunggu...ada Armand!!!

*lihatlah wajar girang ku!! wheeeee*

Left the hotel at 9, thanks to Ull sebab sudi pinjamkan mobil dan supir, serta Shamam kerna sudi jadi backup car (dan ternyata, mmg dibutuhkan). On the way to KFC, sempat dengar Anne mentioned about the event on Hot FM. Hehehe...makasih mbakk, walaupun jasad mu gak ikut bersama, tapi ternyata hati mu udah bareng kita2. Hehehehe...

The event, in my own opinion, was a success. It was laid back, very cozy, everyone seems to be having fun, darah abadi juga turun beramai-ramai in what Ull dubbed as, "dating berjemaah". Hahaha...Sheilagank Malaysia committee members, job well done, ladies! (yeah, of course la I have to say that, kan? Haha...) Picture dibawah adalah incomplete!

The boys sang 4 songs for the crowd, Ibu Linda, Pria Kesepian, Temani Aku dan Mudah Saja.

Group Pic

Cik Cantik layan blues. Jangan tertipu, I can't play guitar. Ini illusi semata-mata.

Afterwards, before sending the boys back to their hotel, my car made a detour to DE Sec 11 (Peon, bagitau Zeff tau!). Terserempak dengan warga kantor yang telah mengakibatkan tersebarnya gossip, Farina jalan tengah2 malam dengan sekumpulan lelaki orang Indonesia. Haha...pasrah!

Got back home at almost 3. Cuapekkk tapi hari ku indahhh~~

to be continued...

Baru 6!

me: Eh, pak...bentar lagi ada yg anniversary ya? hihihi...
D: hehe...iya *ngengir* 2003, ini tahun berapa sekarang? 2009 bukan? Berarti udah 6 tahun...
me: iya Alhamdulillah
D: eh salah. Bukan 'udah' 6 tahun, baruuuuuu 6 tahun! Baru 6 tahun...

Perkahwinan mereka baru mencecah 6 tahun semalam. Saya doakan, sentiada dalam limpahan rahmat dan keberkatan Allah, serta menjadi keluarga yg sakinah, mawaddah dan warohmah.


nota: She's 26, and has been happily married for 6 years! Saya...? :-)

Isnin, Jun 22, 2009


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Soulmate is a term sometimes used to designate someone with whom one has a feeling of deep and natural affinity, love, intimacy, sexuality, spirituality, and/or compatibility. A related concept is that of the twin flame or twin soul – which is thought to be the ultimate soulmate, the one and only other half of one's soul, for which all souls are driven to find and join. However, not everyone who uses these terms intends them to carry such mystical connotations.

One theory of soulmates, presented by Aristophanes in Plato's Symposium, is that humans originally consisted of four arms, four legs, and a single head made of two faces, but Zeus feared their power and split them all in half, condemning them to spend their lives searching for the other half to complete them:

[Primeval man] could walk upright as men now do, backwards or forwards as hepleased, and he could also roll over and over at a great pace, turning on hisfour hands and four feet, eight in all, like tumblers going over and over with their legs in the air; this was when he wanted to run fast …Terrible was their might and strength, and the thoughts of their hearts were great, and they made an attack upon the gods ... Doubt reigned in the celestial councils. Should they kill them and annihilate the race with thunderbolts, as they had done the giants, then there would be an end of the sacrifices and worship which men offered to them; but, on the other hand, the gods could not suffer their insolence to be unrestrained. At last, after a good deal of reflection, Zeus discovered a way. He said: 'Me thinks I have a plan which will humble their pride and improve their manners; men shall continue to exist, but I will cut them in two and then they will be diminished in strength and increased in numbers; this will have the advantage of making them more profitable to us. They shall walk upright on two legs, and if they continue insolent and will not be quiet, I will split them again and they shall hop about on a single leg.'

—Aristophanes, Plato’s Symposium

me: like u believe, soulmates bisa more than 1?
A: macam classmates, bisa 30
me: soulmates bisa 30? seriously?
A: well, maksimum 4

me: hmmmm...

Can a person have more than 1 soulmate? I wonder...

Pemberian Nafkah

Biarkan gambar bicara, shall we?


*mode: kangen*

A friendly gesture

Pesta Malam Indonesia 3 baru melabuhkan tirainya Sabtu lepas. My verdict? Fantastically awesome!!! The best part for me, would be dancing and singing and hugging my best buddies, darah abadi ku. And of course, watching my brothers, Sheila on 7 rocking the stage. Superb!!! Dan Gigi, what more can I say. Bak kata Brian, "band idola itu masih tetaplah Gigi".

I promise, I will write more on that later, with photos! But for now, I'd like to share an interesting article from GNFI

The crowd and enthusiasm (photo courtesy of Ihsan Harry's facebook)

I just finished browsing photos of my Malaysian friend's Facebook photos regarding last nite's most-awaited show, the PMI 3 (Pesta Malam Indonesia 3). I was really touched by the enthusiasm of Kuala Lumpur youngsters attending the show, it gives me a clear picture on the friendship those youths offer to us, Indonesian young people. The huge crowd only gives me a strong message from their end to ours, LET's MAKE FRIENDS. GNFI lends its hands to grab this beautiful offer.

Malaysian youths, have never been so in love with Indonesian, this is actually a good sign of more serious integration, serious and beneficial relationship, mutual respect, and improving ties. Seriously, they love our novels, our movies, and even our slangs, many of them start to learn bahasa indonesia more seriously. This is their offer.

Allow me to share you more facts :
  • Total trade between two countries reached nearly $12 billion in 2008. This is far higher than Cambodia's GDP last years which was only $9 billion.

  • Total Malaysian tourist flooding Indonesia last year was 673,000 tourists, while Indonesia 'sent' 1,887,000 last year. Multiply those figures with at least $500 spending. That's huge, $1.28 billion

  • Total investment of Malaysian companies in Indonesia reaches $1.8 billion, while indonesian investment in Malaysia tops $1.2 billion. That's $ 3 billion

  • There'll be a bridge connecting Malaysia Peninsula and Indonesian Sumatra Island. We'll be much more integrated. Be prepared, and be happy.

There are disputes, disagreement, quarrel, anger, disappointment, and anything you'd like to mention, this is truly a matter of neighbor. A taxi driver took me to Kuala Lumpur Airport said something really touching me, he said "Encik, negeri kita sering bertengkar, takpe laa...macam lidah pun kadang tergigit gigi kita sendiri. itu biasa lah", which means "sir, our countries quarreling a lot these days, that's perfectly OK. Just like sometimes we accidentally bite our own tongue, that's completely normal".

I am true lover of Indonesia, i am a nationalist, patriot, I'd die for my country. I've been to Malaysia more than 10 times, and i certainly believe, that their people are really friendly. I am told by malaysian tourists, that indonesian people are also very friendly. so, keep it up !


It reminded me of an incident happened that night at Pesta Malam Indonesia 3. We were dancing and singing plus jingkrak-jingkrakan gak jelas while Sheilaon7 was doing what they do best on stage (which is of course, main musik...bukan striptease) and there was this young, good looking Indonesian guy beside me, enjoying the music almost as much as we do. Then when a guy selling cold drinks passed by, he bought a few bottles of mineral water, and passed it to us. A complete stranger, and he bought drinks for us, knowing fully well our throats must be parched already with all the singing and shouting! I was soooooo touched by his kind gesture!

Wahai pengeran air mineralku, walau namamu tidak ku kenal, tetapi kebaikan kamu akan saya kenang seumur hidup ku. May Allah bless you always.

Ahad, Jun 21, 2009

Siap siaga

Woke up groggily to the sound of sms alert on my handphone.

"Hahaha...siapp...thanks farina..."

Itu sahaja.

Itu sahaja telah membuat bunga-bunga kegembiraan memekar indah, secantik warna pelangi di pagi hari yang bebas dari jerebu.

(see? It is soooo easy to make me happy!)

Nota: i had a great weekend. No surprise there. :-D

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Jumaat, Jun 19, 2009

Just say yes!

Akulah sempurna, akulah idaman
Aku yang kau cari, aku yang penuhi
Kau tahu semua itu
Kau pun tak merasakannya
Kau pun tak mengakuinya
Terima saja terima

Menunggu itu bosan
Bosan yang mengusikkanku
Coba saja kau merasakan
Terima saja terima

Apa sih yang kau tunggu
Apa sih yang kau mau
Langsung saja

Coba katakan ya, ya
Coba katakan kau setuju

Kau pikir aku santai
Kau pikir aku sabar
Langsung saja

Coba katakan ya, ya, ya

nota: am so loving Gigi's latest album! Armand Maulana is such a hottie!!! And Gusti Hendy the drummer too! *drooling*

Apa Adanya

Phone conversation with a friend in Jakarta;

Mrs. B: Gimana sayyy??
Me: Manis, bu (sambil memandang Kang Mas Jenggot)
Mrs. B: yang benerrr?? Maniss?? gak kagetan?
Me: Gak, beneran sayy...manis
Mrs. B: ihhhh...asal dia tau yaa, jelek tau gak dia gituan! kayak preman! kayak maling! hahahaha...
Me: Hehehe...biarlah say, biar lebih aman kann...
Mrs. B: hahahaa...lho??!
Me: Iya, hati ku tenang...hihihihihi
(saling cekikikan)
Mrs. B: dasarrrrrr kamu Farinaaaa~~!!

Biar kata mirip preman, bagiku kau Superman...ow ow, I love you Bibeh~~!!

nota: Saya dah berani telefon-telefon si dia. Dah takde perasaan takut tahap nak terkencing dalam seluar lagi. *tepuk2 bahu mengucap tahniah kepada diri sendiri*

Khamis, Jun 18, 2009


D: emang km tidur di sini? (menunjuk ke arah sofa)
Me: km tanya aku apa tanya Br?
D: kamu lah...emang aku perhatian bgt sm Br??
Me: cieee...jadi km perhatian ya sm aku?
D: well...tapi aku tau km mau org lain yang bilang gitu...hahahaha
Me: *gubrakkks!!*

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Press conference PMI 3

Rumah Peranakan, The Saujana KL

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Happiness Is The Truth

Been a while since I felt so deliriously happy to the point that I fell like telling the whole world how I feel, and why. But, having been...