Isnin, Jun 29, 2009

Animal Behavior (Warning: Things You Really Don't Want To Know!)

Semenjak kejadian TERlihat monyet melakukan hubungan intim, saya akui, peristiwa itu agak menghantui diri ini.

Saw a documentary a few days ago that really caught my attention. It's about...well, monkeys. Having sex. Right. So basically, pembawa acaranya bilang, sometimes male monkeys do it as a form of greeting. Like, saying, Hello! (wth??)

They showed this video where this male just grabbed a female from behind, and it (wah, Nike sangat!). Tak kira la awek tu tengah makan, with a baby clinging on her back, he just grind it into her. And, she continued eating, macam tak ada apa-apa berlaku!

Gila...imagine you're just sitting, minding your own business, makan...when suddenly a stranger grabs you from behind and ermmmm...okay. You know how the story goes. Tak marah ke???!

Tak puas hati nih.

I end up googling for facts on this, but I found out startling facts about animal sexual behaviors that made me laugh like mad woman!

Check these out!
  • Prostitution
    In some penguin species, the females, even when in a committed relationship, will exchange sexual favours with strange males for the pebbles they need to build their nests

  • Bi-Sexual
    The Bonobo, which has a peaceful, egalitarian and matriarchal society, is a fully bisexual species — both males and females engage in sexual behaviour with the same and the opposite sex, with females being particularly noted for engaging in sexual behaviour with each other and at up to 75% of sexual activity being bisexual. Bonobos often use sexual activity to prevent violence and conflict

  • Masturbation
    The female porcupine has been observed to use a stick as a vibrator, holding one end of a stick and walking around, straddling it as it bumped against the ground and vibrated against her genitalia

  • Gang Rape
    Sex in a forceful or apparently coercive context has also been documented in a variety of species. A notable example is bottlenose dolphins, where at times, a herd of bachelor males will 'corner' a female. Furthermore, in a zoo where it is common practice to put newly captured dolphins in with dolphins who are established in their enclosures, other species of dolphin are never put in together with bottlenoses because they frequently torment and rape them.

And much, much more!


It's amazing huh, things you can find in Wikipedia?

9 ulasan:

along berkata...

nak gi sedekah pebbles to the penguins ah.

mesti terdesak sangat nak pakai pebbles tuh kan?


brad berkata...

quite surprising that i found this kinda info from this female(owned) blog. Few species of dinosaur-era animal only had male species, no female. What a boring world.
i wanna end this comment by saying :
--cepetan nikaaaaahh--

f a r i n a berkata...

along: kesian kan??

brad: nikah sm siapa? sm monyet??

brad berkata...

sama dinosaur

Lissa berkata...

along, n sedekah juga vibrator ada battery pada porcupine

f a r i n a berkata...

hahaha...lissa, simpati eh sama porcupine? tapi dia creative seh!

ull berkata...

adakah penciptaan vibrator itu berdasarkan pemerhatian penciptanye terhadap porcupine? erm....
maka fg, maybe u can invent something berdasarkan pemerhatian km terhadap monyet2 di rumah km itu? kan?? hheehehehheeh

brad berkata...

and i am very much amused by the monkey picture. Mereka sedang main mainin sometg, i guess.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

perlu memeriksa:)

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