Ahad, Jun 14, 2009

Boogie Woogie

I owe to entry to my friends! Sorry I took so long!

These photos were from 29th May, when a bunch of schoolmates and their significant other celebrated my birthday at Red Box, The Curve. They even bought me a yummy Baskin Robbins cake (saya sukaaaa ice cream cake!) written, "Happy Birthday, Farina. Semoga Kekal Cantik"


Thank you all so very much!

Then a couple of days later, Lyna threw a combined birthday party for her husband and I. It was actually the first time in my life, to have my birthday be celebrated with balloons and banners and the works...hahaha. Memetik kata Zeff, walau sudah terlanjur usia.

Tak boleh blah, my top matches the banner!

They will soon be parents!

Thank you korang, for coming and keeping me company while layan Jangan Lupa Lirik. Hehehe...

The birthday boy and girl. Thanks to Lyna! Muachhh!

Then a week later, I boogied with these 3 babes, Red box Sogo.

2 words. Naik sheikh!!!

All I can say is...
Thank God for friends. :-)

Certainly looking forward to boogie with sahabat sejati this weekend, atau memetik kata-kata Naem, berkaraoke secara berjemaah? Yipppeeeee!!!

3 ulasan:

hajar kasri berkata...

wey..red box sogo berantu ok. x tau citer eh?

f a r i n a berkata...

patut lah suara aku lebih sedap kat red box sogo!

shera berkata...

ehhh..xtau pon u love karaoke..


happy belated bday sis!

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