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Ice Age

brad said...
quite surprising that i found this kinda info from this female (owned) blog. Few species of dinosaur-era animal only had male species, no female. What a boring world.
i wanna end this comment by saying :
--cepetan nikaaaaahh--

f a r i n a said...
nikah sm siapa? sm monyet??

brad said...
sama dinosaur

Disuruh nikah sama dinosaur? Sahih-sahih la sudah extinct! Kapan nikahnyaaaaaaa gueee kalooooo giniiiiiiii???!!!


Balik lagi ke ice cream dan chocolate.

Chocolate has erotic stimulus
By Sam Stavis
Daily Staff Reporter

Chocolate has historically been linked with romance, but the connection has never been confirmed. University nutrition experts are now saying the two are almost certainly related, making chocolate an even more appropriate Valentine's Day treat.

Chocolate is more than just a sweet confection, said Paula Herzog, a nutrition specialist for University Housing. It triggers the release of several hormones that produce some interesting effects on the human body.

"There are a lot of reasons people like chocolate, other than the fact that it's a delight on the tongue," Herzog said. "There are things going on that are making people feel good."

Eating chocolate stimulates the release of three hormones in the human brain: serotonin, theobromin and phenylethalamine. Serotonin produces a relaxed feeling, while the other two hormones are mild stimulants.

Chocolate also triggers the release of endorphins. Classified as opiate peptides, these endorphins are responsible for the "high" produced by opiates, heroin and strenuous exercise.

This is also the same mixture of chemicals that naturally produces the sensation of sexual arousal in the human body.

"The combination of these chemicals makes you feel like you've fallen in love," Herzog said.

These hormonal effects are accompanied by an energy rush from the caffeine, sugar and fat in chocolate. Chocolate lovers say this combination of effects brings an irresistible sensation.

LSA sophomore Carolyn Coquillette said she cannot control her chocolate addiction.

"I feel like there's this inherent drive inside me that I can't control that keeps bringing me back to chocolate again and again," Coquillette said.

While the specific biological effects of chocolate may not be widely understood, its effect on the human sex drive seems to be well-known.

"Chocolate is an aphrodisiac," said LSA junior Dan Kocevski. "It's the way to a woman's heart."

There are other equally erotic reasons why people are obsessed with chocolate, Herzog said. Cocoa butter, the main ingredient of quality chocolate, is craved not only for its sweet, creamy flavor, but for its rich texture.

"Cocoa butter melts at the exact human body temperature," Herzog said. "It's a very sensuous experience to have it melt in your mouth."

The amount of cocoa butter in chocolate ranges from a low content in cheap candy bars to a high proportion in expensive truffles. Higher quality chocolates contain up to 70 percent cocoa butter.

Less expensive chocolate products often substitute cocoa butter with vegetable oil and wax. While these chocolates may still be pleasing to the palette, they will not have the same effect.

"The better the chocolate is, the more cocoa butter it has," said Adam Drewnowski, a professor of public health, psychology, and psychiatry. "People who really crave chocolate will not be eating Hershey Kisses."

Drewnowski has conducted studies relating endorphins to chocolate consumption. When test subjects were administered an endorphin blocker, their desire to eat chocolate diminished.

But some chocolate lovers said they don't pay attention to endorphins and cocoa butter content.

"Some chocolates are really bad, like Hershey's, and some chocolates are really good, like Cadbury's," said RC sophomore Jessica Harrison. "White chocolate is the best."

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ull berkata...

sy teringin nak bikin sendiri cokelat sprt dalam foto itu.

jom..kita g kelas membuat cokelat jom....

**td post di entry yg salah. hahaha*

f a r i n a berkata...


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