Isnin, Jun 29, 2009

Swimwear? Checked!

Remember in this post, I spoke of getting a pair of bikini to wear in beautiful Pulau Perhentian?

And when some friends commented, not only the sight of me in bikini would cause environmental pollution, not to forget global warming (akibat dr maraknye bahang aljahannam. Nauzubillah), it has prompted Cah Ayu and I to search for swimwears that will not only help us swim elegantly like a fish (more like a whale, but anyway...) in the clear waters of Perhentian, but would also conceal our aurat (and, unsightly bulges, of course).

Found several websites promoting Muslimah Swimwear, and this is our fave!

SAMIRA Muslimah Swimwear

Muslimah swimwear S.A.M.I.R.A is a full coverage swimsuit specially designed for muslimah to swim safely and elegantly.

  • Fabrics are made from Licra, which are commonly used for swimsuit, soft and elastics

  • Hood cover up from head to the neck

  • High raise collar

  • Double layer fabrics at body part to reduce wet looked body shaped

  • Long skirt to the thigh

  • The suit come in one piece (knit up form top to pants) to prevent upskirt looked

  • The suit size are loose, not thight to the body

And check out some of the designs! Don't you think they look more like kebaya than swimwear? I feel like walking around in shopping malls wearing these!

If you want to get your own Samira Muslimah Swimwear, or need more details about it, or want to check out the other designs they have, click here

Samira Muslimah Swimwear has been worn by more than 5000 people in Indonesia and all over the globe, Amerika, Jerman, Spanyol, Canada, name a few countries. When is your turn? :-)

Ours? Well...we're just waiting for our parcel to arrive from Jakarta. Pulau Perhentian, here we come!!!

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