Jumaat, Julai 03, 2009

52 weeks to find a husband is too long

Uhm, Okaaaay

Here’s a little afternoon fun:

I came across this website weeks ago about a Black woman committed to finding her husband in 52 weeks by creating an all out campaign. She’s been in the news and even on Craigslist. She had a story of how she posted an ad there asking for a date to a corporate function. She got the date and things went well that night.

It may not be how I would do it, but I applaud her commitment and efforts. She is 42. I understand. But. Fifty weeks is entirely too long to find a husband. I can get married and pregnant (and have the baby!) in 52 weeks. It happens all the time.

Anybody can get married when they want to if they are ready to do something about it. I believe everything happens inside first, before it manifests on the outside. And when it happens, everything happens! Unfortunately, too many Black women have given up on the dream. This lady is a testament that if you want to change your circumstances, you must shake your life up a bit. But I don’t necessarily agree with all the tips:

Spend 7 days practicing your smile on men, whether you’re interested or not.

Remember those wretched single bars? Go to one with a tape recorder and pretend you are a reporter.

Have a friend take a really sexy (not pornographic) photo of you and add to your online profile photos.

Didn’t you do this (not sure about #2 atall) already? Just saying. I really wish her success and would love to see what happens. I’m all for controlling your destiny one way or another. In the meantime, I want to talk to the woman who did it in 6 months ;) All things are possible.

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