Selasa, Julai 07, 2009

Farrah Finally Graduates!

Here's a little shout out to Miss Farrah Abdullah, who finally graduates! Hahahaha...

Congratulations sis! Am proud of you! *hug hug*

Here's a picture of her looking pretty on her graduation day.

Come back soon, we'll run amok in KL, JB and some says Batam too? Hahaha...and bring me back sorang mat salleh!

Once again, Congratulations!

Picture Credits: Her Facebook :-D (sorry!)

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Farrah Abdullah berkata...


Oh my, I didn't know you wrote a entry for me! Serious! I'm so sorry I didn't have time to check blogs nowadays becus my laptop isn't working and then tadaaaaa .. an entry for me!

Thank you sooo much! Hugs hugs. Yes, we'll run amok soon, soon!

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