Khamis, Julai 16, 2009

Malaysia and Australia

Source: Good News From Indonesia
By : Yudha Satya

This is a story of foreigner who loves Indonesia very much, just like the one from Malaysia. How to relate Malaysia with Australia, or especifically Ms. Farina Jamal (a Malaysian-loves-indonesia-very-much person), with this person?

He is Australia’s answer for Malaysia's Farina Jamal, he claimed himself as ''Bule Ngehe" (awful white man). He loves jogja so very much, he was so amazed by how well-cultured, kind people, and a peaceful place the Jogjanese and Jogja is – and of course Jogja is the hometown of his favorite band: Sheila On 7 (beside Soneta Band)

He began to learn Bahasa Indonesia in 4th grade, but started to love Bahasa Indonesia in Senior High School (12th grade) after watching an Indonesia Movie named Ada Apa Dengan Cinta. And it brought him to take Indonesian Language for his Bachelor.

He has a lot of Indonesian friend who taught him Indonesian slang language (such as ''loe gue ngehe''), one of them is Raditya Dika. He helps Radit in making Kambing Jantan the movie.

You may find his jokes and stories about Indonesia in his blog

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