Rabu, Julai 22, 2009

Om-Om Seksi

a: jap. y u like m nasir? dia kan dah om om
me: seksi banget! i can think of hundreds of reasons why sy suka dia
a: gimme 5
me: his songs...have u listen to his music?
a: not much
me: i love his voice
very manly...leaves that tingling feel when i hear it...
and his songs are different
the words used
itu udah 2
3, his feelings, when he sings, very deep and...terasa
4,gak banyak cingcong, just produce good music. good musicians are like that.
me: last, but not least...
5. his sex appeal.
a: hahah..dari tadi nungguin yang nomor 5

Om-om pun, om-om lahhhh~~~

Foto dibawah, om sexy disamping jiran rumah sebelah. Berdoa semoga raya nanti jiran buat open house dan jemput om sexy. Boleh saya pura-pura cuci kereta dihalaman rumah. Hahahahaha!

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