Khamis, Ogos 13, 2009

Good Morning News

Started my day with a heavenly cup of steaming hot kopi hang tuah. Yummilicious.

Then I switched on my pc, baca-baca blog yang saban hari menjadi sarapan...

And my heart swelled with pride reading this.

Good News From Indonesia gets featured in!


When I first read the blog, the number of hits barely reached 10,000. Now, merely a year and half later, the number has multiplied by 20! And it receives 4,000 visitors daily!

Astaga *mulut berbusa*

Jalan Terus dapat 5 reader sehari pun dah bangga sampai sakit perut.

And know it's getting the attention they righly deserve. Famous dari London sampai Timbuktu.

And I am so proud of you!

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Ari GNFI berkata...

Thank you sooooooo much for posting this. And thank you soo much for supporting me (and pushing me) all these while to write write write, kasian pembaca kamu etc. GNFI would never be like this if you were not around to huzz and fuzz me. You are the ''true creator'' of GNFI.
And please be very proud of what GNFI achieves today, and what will be achieved anytime ahead. We will build GNFI library for unprivileged children in rural java,and supporting their study. Please be part of this noble effort .. again. This is not only about Indonesia...this is a borderless effort, for humanity, for dignity./

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