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How to Stop Crying?

How to Stop Crying when You Are Very Upset
Source: WikiHow

1. Lie down in a comfortable position in your bed. Turn off the overhead lights, and turn on a soothing, soft nightlight.

2. Turn on some nice music. Turn this on quietly in the background. Talk to yourself in your head. Say stuff like (Everything is going to be ok) or ( Its over, and i don't have to go through this ever again)

3. Take a deep breath in, extending your diaphragm (this may hurt if you've been crying for prolonged periods of time, because your muscles are tense, but the purpose of this is to completely relax) and slowly breathe out, even if it's shaky. Repeat.

4. Once your breathing is fairly normal, try to find where most of the tension is in your body (stomach? back? etc.) Make a conscious effort to relax this part of your body. Try this to get them to relax. Tense up the muscles in this area, hold for the count of 5, and relax. This should leave this area with no tension.

5. Realize that life has its ups and downs, and that crying isn't a bad thing to do, but that after a while, crying can actually hurt your body, so it's important to try to relax.

6. Comfort yourself with the thought that eventually, all this will be a memory, and it won't be as painful for you to think of,so try not to think about it.

7. Don't feel bad about talking to a family member or a close friend about your problem.

8. When you are crying you should just look on the bright side of things. If there is no bright side to things just lay down and go to sleep you will feel so much better after.

• Let yourself have a good cry. It's okay. The purpose of this is to relax after you've cried enough, and now this is just hurting you.

• Realize that it may take a while to relax however don't worry too much.

• If you're still crying (as in, tears are still leaking out of your eyes) but you aren't sobbing (your body isn't wracked by heaving sobs, you don't have shaky breathing, and can talk without stuttering too much) then you're all right and do not need to relax any further.

• Try to go to sleep. Everything will look a little brighter in the morning.

• Crying can be good for you. Scientist have suggested that crying when you're upset rids the body of excess hormones (this is why they have a different make up to "fake" tears), making you feel better.

• If trying to relax doesn't stop you crying, go cuddle with your mom, sister, or dog. Just hold them close to you. Feeling the heartbeat of another living thing is soothing.

• Watch out for prolonged, heaving sobs. They will hurt your body, and you may have a stomach ache for a few days after. You may also feel sick to your stomach. All this is characteristic of stress.
• Remember that strangers don't know what you're going through, so strange looks will be present. Ignore them.

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