Rabu, September 30, 2009

I Had A Dream

Dreamt of meeting Ili in London last nite.

She drove this kick-ass vintage car, bawak macam pelesit, then we got chased by cops in the streets of London.

Very Hollywood-ish.

Then we discussed about which coffee is the best (Ehem, Kopi Hang Tuah, terbayek)

And when back to her hostel where they were half naked guys running around in batik boxers.

And I turned and looked at her and said,

"Will either of us remember this dream when we wake up?"

Haha. Siap acknowledge that it is indeed, a dream.

And then I woke up to the familiar alarm sound of 'Sang Pemimpi' by Padi.

Maybe I just miss having her around. Darah Abadi feels incomplete. Sigh.

To Cik Ili,

Cepat pulangggg~~ cepat kembali, jangannn pergi lagi~~~

Hahaha. Emo.

nota: just writing this down in an attempt to memorize this dream.

Selasa, September 29, 2009

Blog for Fedetal Territories

Blog for FT is a campaign to encourage bloggers to blog positively about the Federal Territories (KL, Labuan and Putrajaya).The objectives of the campaign include:-

  • To create positive Internet buzz about the Federal Territories (FT).

  • To promote the spirit of 1Malaysia.

  • To highlight positive stories about FT.

The campaign will take the form of a blogging contest. Unlike regular Blogging Contest, Blog for FT contest will not be conducted just through the Contest Website. In Blog for FT, a participant need only post the entry in his/her own blog; voting too will be done from their blogs. With regular blogging contest, the Organizer need to attract readers to its Contest Blog. With Blog for FT, the Contest is spread out throughout the Internet in participating blogs.

Participants' blog entries can take any form - text, photoblog, artblog or videoblog.

The contest will run for 3 months. The website carrying the campaign will be live for at least a year to continue linking and promoting the positive entries on FT.

The contest will be divided into 4 categories:

  • Malaysian Public

  • International

  • Junior (under-18)

  • Malaysian Media

Further details of the campaign will be unveiled here in the website after the official launch of the campaign on the 5th of October 2009.

For more info, please visit www.blog4ft.com

Open sesame!

Since everyone is asking,

1. Open house saya jadi. (kalau saya tak kata cancel, jadi lah maksudnya)
2. Sabtu ini, 3 Oktober 2009
3. Ye, ada lasagna. Mungkin juga mie sup utara, risoles, bakwan, apple crumble, creme caramel. Tergantung kepada bahan dan masa dan kederat.
4. Lepas zuhur onwards.
5. Siapa tak tau kat mana rumah saya, sila tinggal comment. Nanti saya bagi alamat.


nota: kembang kuncup hidung bila pergi beraya ke rumah saudara dan ada yang menyangka saya masih belajar. Bila diberitahu saya dah kerja, mereka menyangka saya kerja operator pengeluaran lepasan SPM terus masuk kerja. Hahaha. *hinst hinst*

As Long As You Love Me

LynnZ, the lucky bi...err, girl, (kontrol jeles, kontrol jeles) were sent by Mix FM to interview Nick and Brian from Backstreet Boys last week in Singapore.

All together now...

"Arrrrghhhhhhh!!! Nick Carter!! Brian Littrell!!!"

Suddenly I feel like I am 15 again.

Tak perlulah saya bercerita tentang betapa saya meminati mereka sewaktu saya berusia 15 tahun.

Tak perlulah saya bercerita bagaimana kami akan berebut-rebut membeli majalah semata-mata untuk mengumpul pin-up dan poster mereka.

Tak perlulah saya bercerita tentang kawan saya yang pernah menolak tawaran untuk menjadi seorang pengawas sekolah kerana, in case BSB datang ke Malaysia untuk konsert, she definitely will escape dari sekolah untuk itu and that wouldn't be nice if she's a prefect, would it? (seriously, it wasn't me)

Tak perlulah saya bercerita tentang sahabat saya yang menangis saat mendengar khabar angin perkahwinan Brian, atau yang menangis sebab kena prank kononnya Nick Carter kahwin. Saya plak tu yang jadi mastermind kena kan dia. Hahaha. Ampuni aku, Zila!! (bukan nama sebenar)

Tak perlulah bercerita tentang betapa semua pun nak pakai surname Littrell, Carter, Dorough, Richardson, or McLean.

Tak perlulah bagi tahu orang tentang bagaimana kami histeria di bilik TV blok A&B tiap kali videoklip mereka ditayangkan, atau bagaimana kami terlalu banyak menonton videoklip itu sampai hafal step lepas tu menari-nari di dorm.

Tak perlulah juga nak cerita when Backstreet Boys were in KL last year for a concert, saya dan rakan-rakan ikut berjingkrak-jingkrakan tak sedar diri bahawa kami sudah tua matang.

Tak perlulah, kan?

Baik korang tengok je lah video ini. I personally think, Nick Carter looks much better now, more refined and suave and like Lynn said, Thank God he got over the rambut belah tengah phase!

Layannnnnkan aje! :p

nota: Kitt, I know you hate BSB, but this song's for you! Hahaha...please please, don't puke.

Although loneliness has always been a friend of mine
Im leaving my life in your hands
People say Im crazy and that I am blind
Risking it all in a glance

How you got me blind is still a mystery
I cant get you out of my head
Dont care what is written in your history
As long as youre here with me

I dont care who you are
Where youre from
What you did
As long as you love me

Thanks Lynn for sharing the vid!

Isnin, September 28, 2009



Entry Cik Videl yang ini membuat saya rasa tertumbuk sampai patah tulang rusuk.

its been a while. kan.


how does it feel when u feel 'betrayed' and u dun have the guts to move?

i wish i can fly. like rite now.

Ditto, ditto.

Kantoi ai pembaca rahasia. Hai Kak Hasifah! hehe.

Hey Kitt. I wish I could fly. To you.

Jumaat, September 25, 2009

"Negaraku, Tanah tumpahnya darahku..."

Malaysia Anthem Furor Hits Wrong Note, Says Indonesian Expert
The Jakarta Globe

Solo- Oops! We did it again. Moral indignation over Malaysia’s alleged use of an Indonesian song for its national anthem appears — rather embarrassingly — to have been misplaced, according to a leading Indonesian musician and artist, Remy Sylado.

The episode follows a recent outpouring of anger — including a heated protest outside the Malaysian Embassy in Jakarta on Tuesday — over Malaysia’s supposed theft of the Balinese pendet dance to promote itself in a television advertisement.

The Singapore office of cable television station, Discovery Channel, however, quickly acknowledged that it was responsible for mistakenly featuring the dance in a promotion for its documentary program, “Enigmatic Malaysia.”

Sylado, speaking in Jakarta on Wednesday, said the so-called Indonesian song “ Terang Bulan ” (“Moonlight”) was actually an adaptation of “La Rosalie,” which was composed in the 19th century by Pierre-Jean de Beranger of Francey.

Citing a Dutch historical text on national anthems, Sylado said the song became popular in the former French colony of the Seychelles and arrived in the Malay archipelago at the turn of the 20th century, where it was eventually used as the basis for Malaysia’s anthem, “ Negaraku ” (“My Country”).

“It is written clearly that ‘Negaraku,’ the Malaysian anthem, is adapted from Pierre-Jean de Beranger’s song. Not from ‘Terang Bulan,’ ” Sylado said.

He said the adaptation of “La Rosalie” to “Negaraku” had a long evolution. In 1888, during British rule of the Federated Malay States, the lyrics were rewritten and localized to “God Save the Sultan” by Raja Mansur, the eldest son of Sultan Abdullah Muhammad Shah II Habibullah of Perak.

The song was first performed formally during the sultan’s royal visit to England, where the song was presented as the Perak state anthem.

Sylado said this version of history had long been recognized by the Malaysian authorities and was used in the nation’s history books. He said that before declaring independence in 1957, Malaysia’s first prime minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman, decided to use a revised version of Perak’s state anthem as the national anthem.

“If the Indonesian government wants to sue Malaysia for copying ‘Terang Bulan,’ it would be a bad move,” Sylado said. “I’m concerned there will be a countersuit for using bahasa Indonesia , which is adapted from Malay and is indeed a part of Malaysia.”

In the wake of growing anger toward Malaysia over the pendet furor and other cross-straits issues, such as abuse of Indonesian migrant workers and simmering territorial disputes, Ruktiningsih, an executive from Solo-based state recording company Lokananta, had recently claimed “Negaraku” was suspiciously similar to “Terang Bulan.”

He claimed that “Terang Bulan” was written by the Bandung Ensemble and recorded by Lokananta in March 1956 — a year before Malaysia announced its anthem.

Ruktiningsih said the song was one of 49 recorded by national radio station RRI on the orders of then-President Sukarno. The songs were later made into a recording by Lokananta.

note: Good info. I believe many Malaysians too, have no idea where our national song originated from.

Lirik pun kadang tak ingat kot, tapi kalau masuk 'Jangan Lupa Lirik', amboi amboi amboi... (Azwan Ali mode: ON) bukan main hebat lagi dia!


Tanah tumpahnya darahku,
Rakyat hidup
bersatu dan maju,

Rahmat bahagia
Tuhan kurniakan,
Raja kita
selamat bertakhta,

Rahmat bahagia
Tuhan kurniakan.
Raja kita
selamat bertakhta

Khamis, September 24, 2009

How to Make Someone Miss Me

Source: http://www.ehow.com/how_4442226_make-someone-miss-me.html

Sometimes, you just want to make sure someone's thinking of you when you're not around. But making somebody miss you is difficult--push too hard and you risk coming off as needy or desperate. Here are some tips for staying on someone's mind, in a good way.


Step 1
The first step might seem counterintuitive at first, but it works: Stay away for awhile! As the old saying goes, "I can't miss you if you won't go away." If you're always around, you can't be missed. So, even if it's difficult, make sure you give the person you want to miss you (we'll call them Person X) enough time and space to wish you were there.

Step 2
Stay busy. The next time you talk to Person X and they ask what you've been up to, the last thing you want to say is "Nothing." Instead, you want to be able to tell them all the fun things you've been doing with your time. You want to show that you're an interesting person with lots going on in your life, so Person X thinks, "Hmm, this person knows how to have fun, we should get together," rather than "This person is boring, and there's no need to make plans -- they'll always be around if I want them."

Step 3
When you are together, ask about memories. "Remember that time we went to the grocery store and you juggled the kiwis?" or "Remember when we went to the beach and had that cookout?" Obviously, you don't want to bludgeon the person with do-you-remembers, but do bring them up from time to time. Doing this reminds the person of how much fun you have together, and it gives them something to think about when you're not there.

Step 4
Finally, just plain be good company. It's easy to miss someone who's funny, thoughtful, and enjoyable to be around. If you and Person X consistently have a wonderful time together, they'll miss you no matter what.

Anthem for A Broken Heart

Buat kamu, yang telah menjadi miliknya hari ini...

menjelang hari bahagiamu
kau tak pernah tahu aku bersedih
kau lupakan semua kenangan lalu
lalu kau campakkan begitu saja

aku tahu dirimu kini
telah ada yang memiliki
tapi bagaimanakah dengan diriku
tak mungkin ku sanggup untuk kehilangan dirimu

aku tahu bukan saatnya
tuk mengharap cintamu lagi
tapi bagaimanakah dengan hatiku
tak mungkin ku sanggup hidup begini
tanpa cintamu

tak ingatkah kau dulu pernah berjanji
bahagiakan diriku selamanya
tak berartikah cinta kita yang lalu
hingga kau bersama dengan dirinya

aku tahu bukan saatnya
tuk mengharap cintamu lagi
tapi bagaimanakah dengan hatiku
tak mungkin ku sanggup hidup begini
tanpa cinta darimu

aku tahu dirimu kini
ada yang lain
tapi bagaimanakah dengan aku
tak mungkin sanggup kehilangan

tanpa cintamu

Selamat menempuh hidup baru S4rah Di0rita ♥ Er0ss C4ndra

Semoga kau temukan bahagia.

nota: hahahahahhaha. Parah Farina, parah.

Jumaat, September 18, 2009

Marriage Plans

Tadi pagi saya ditanyain sama si boss.

Gimana rencana saya untuk segera menikah.


Ini nih gara-gara teman kantor yang tiba2 resign. Ajigile, sumpah kaget. Kirain dia tipe yang bakal menghiasi kantor gula sehingga ke akhir usia. Udah dikasi jawatan bagus, gaji gede, jadi harapan nusa bangsa...he quit.

Jadinya Mr Boss kuatir klo tiba2 saya ngelakuin hal yg sama. Nikah trus berhenti jadi ibu rumah tangga, without ample notice. Nah ini semua gara2 ada teman kantor yg bohongin boss klo saya tuh pacaran sama orang Indonesia (read: Eross) karna saya mau lebih lama libur in Indo april kmrn.

That, combined with the 1 week holiday to Jakarta coming up next month, cemented his belief that I am marrying a foreigner.


The best part is, he said, should I need to take leave to go to Indonesia, I have his blessings. Just be sure to inform them so people could cover my work here.

Adakah ini satu sign klo saya tuh emang harus menikah sama orang Indonesia? *wink wink*

Wanna win an IPhone?


This year is Malaysia's 52nd Independence Day! Yay!

Stand a flag in front of the house,.. check.
Stick a flag on the car rooftop,.. check.

Put an iLoveMalaysia logo on website to win iPhone 3GS,.. REALLY?

YES! This is a chance for you to win yourself one fancy, must-have smartphone - iPhone 3GS worth RM 2500 each! That's not all. The best part is, you can also refer someone to join this campaign, and if they are selected as winner, you as the referer will win the exact same prize! - all while expressing your love to the country!

How to win:

1. Click here
2. Fill in the form, make me your referrer (email: farinajamal@gmail.com )
3. You will receive an email from Exabytes with the title "Thank You For Participating In 'iLove Malaysia' Campaign"!
4. Click on the link in the email to get the generated Java script coding.
5. Follow the instructions on the page to upload the coding.
6. You are done! congratulations!

They will pick the winners randomly! So, good luck to all of you!

easy peasy teeny weeny.

p.s: Lissa, I made you my referrer! Good luck to both of us!

Khamis, September 17, 2009

Dam dam dum...

Bergema takbir di pagi raya
Menyambut menyambut Syawal bulan mulia
Uh! Bersyukur insan pada Yang Esa
Berhari raya kita semua

Pohon kemaafan doa restu dari mu ayah ibu
Dipagi hari raya ikhlas kasih anakmu
Keinsafan kesabaran bermaafan
Menjanji kita semua insan yang mulia

1 Syawal hari raya
Aidilfitri yang mulia

Yang yatim yang miskin pun gembira
Walaupun hiba di pagi hari raya
Yang kecil pun turut bergembira
Menyambut hari raya oh, oh mulia

Sebulan berpuasa mengajar kita
Erti kesabaran dan keinsafan
Menghormati yang tua muda dan pada ibu
bapa keluarga tercinta
Ampun dan maaf dihari yang mulia dari anakmu
Dan ucapan
Selamat Hari Raya AidilFitri kepada semua

When a fragile paranoid girl gives in...

by Stephany Josephine

This is exactly the reason why I said to myself better not to fall in love.

'cause when I do, I love them bad.
So bad that the fear of losing is slowly eating me alive.
Only this time, I'll stay and take whatever that may come.

Because I chose you.

I love you, sweets. I hope happiness is on our side this time.

Snippets from Stephany's poem "Racauan Tengah Malam" that striked a cord deep within myself...

Betapa kamu begitu menyeramkan dan susah dicari ketika kamu marah.

Betapa kamu dulu begitu baik dan perhatian sama aku.

Betapa kamu itu selalu bikin aku kagum dengan kepintaran kamu.

Betapa kamu, dengan caramu yang sederhana, bisa membuat aku merasa begitu dicintai.

Betapa kamu tampak begitu sempurna di mataku dengan segala kelebihan dan kekurangan kamu.

Betapa kamu bisa membuat aku gila karena terlalu kangen sama kamu.

Betapa kamu bisa membuat aku jadi puitis seperti ini – walaupun mungkin kedengarannya gombal.

Betapa kamu adalah doaku.

Betapa kamu membuat aku berpikir bahwa aku tidak bisa mencintai orang lain selain kamu.

Betapa ketika aku sedih apalagi senang, cuma kamu yang ingin aku beritahu.

Betapa aku ingin menyampaikan ini semua kepada kamu.

Aku sayang sekali sama kamu.


"Kalau akak nak marah saya sebab saya menjaga amanah, marah lah kak. Saya tak kisah."

These are the words that got me in trouble this morning at work.

And really kak, saya tak kisah.

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin

Rabu, September 16, 2009

Shopaholic goes to Mydin!

It's a shopaholic's dream. To spend a whole day shopping with someone else's money!

But this time, it's for a good cause.

My beautiful friends, Cah Ayu, Along and Wani as well as myself were lucky to be invited to join program Infaq Ramadan PTS Bersama Rumah Titian Kaseh as volunteers! What we had to do, was to help the unfortunate kids from Rumah Titian Kaseh to choose their baju raya.

How cool is that??

We went to Mydin Jalan Masjid India where they not only open their doors to us half an hour earlier than for the normal crowd, they even gave us special discounted price and a special counter to make payment.

Terpaksa para shopaholics pun rembat sehelai dua baju untuk diri sendiri. Hehe.

Meet Ida. Anak ketiga dari 5 beradik, berumur 16 tahun. Berasal dari Sarawak. Ayah dan ibu sudah bercerai, ibu jaga 2 adik beradiknya, lagi 2 dengan atuk dan nenek. Ayah? Lari merentas desa entah kemana.

Ida sangat stylo nak berkebaya nyonya di hari raya.

"Baju ni pakai kat dalam kebaya tu...kalau tak pakai kang pengsan pulak semua orang kat Titian Kaseh tu..."

Sambil shopping sambil posing. Memang dasar narsis.

Lepas shopping, back to Rumah Titian Kasih. A group of UiTM students sedang mengadakan aktiviti Mesra Titian Kasih mereka pulak. Sangat banyak brondong-brondong manis untuk dinikmati. Hahaha...pakkal lah akak berpuasa!

Snap gambar sebelum pulang sebagai alasan nak bertegur sapa dengan seorang brondong manis.
"****, tolong ambilkan gambar?"(kat baju diorang ada nama. hehehe)

Shopaholics Unite!

Thanks Kak Raina for sharing with us the informations about this program. We had much fun.

To quote the email sent to us by Encik Nazrul, the event organizer from PTS,
Semoga amal bakti kita semua bagi membantu pihak yang kurang bernasib baik terutamanya anak yatim ini diberkati Allah dan mendapat ganjaran yang sewajarnya.

Aminn, aminn, aminn.

note: pics courtesy of Along and Wani.


Yeah. I am THAT bored.

Cepat lah cuti raya! Nak pakai baju baru!

Selamat Hari Malaysia yang ke 46!

Malaysia Day is held on September 16 every year to commemorate the establishment of the Malaysian federation on the same date in 1963. It marked the joining together of Malaya, North Borneo, Sarawak, and Singapore to form Malaysia.

The formation of the new federation was planned to occur on June 1, 1963, but was later postponed to August 31, 1963, in order to coincide with the sixth Hari Merdeka. Several issues related to the Indonesian and the Filipino objection to the formation of Malaysia delayed the declaration to September 16 of the same year.

The postponement was also done to allow the United Nations team time to conduct referendums in North Borneo (now Sabah) and Sarawak regarding the two states participation in a new federation.

The formation of Malaysia was made possible through the introduction of the Malaysia Bill to the Malayan Parliament on July 9, 1963, and consent from the Yang di-Pertuan Agong on August 29, 1963.

Prior to the formation of Malaysia, Singapore and North Borneo unilaterally declared independence from the United Kingdom on August 31, 1963, thus coinciding with the sixth anniversary of the Malayan independence.

Malaysia Day is not a public holiday. However, it is coincidental with the birthday of the Yang di-Pertua of Sabah, making the day a public holiday in Sabah.

Selamat Hari Malaysia!

Nak Cari Orang Baru

Looking for a new colleague.

To work in Accounts Dept di Kilang Gula.

Anyone interested, kindly email your CV to farinajamal@gmail.com

Mencari Calon Menantu

Entry di blog Mama Indah ini sungguh, sungguh mengeletek hati saya.

Oh wow.

*speechless* (sambil sambil dial number telefon)



SSPians lovelies!

I've created a blog for the updates on our 10th years anniversary. Check it out here

Would appreciate it if you gals could spread the words around about the existence of this blog. Thanks u ols!

Muah muah.

Selasa, September 15, 2009


Hampir saya terlupa menulis tentang event buka puasa di Rumah Nur Salam on 30th August 2009.

Hendak menulis, saya takut tersalah kata, apa kata u ols tengok saja? hehehe

I think the most touching thing about the kids here, is that they are mostly street kids. Ada yang tidak bisa kesekolah kerana tidak ada proper documents, ada yang tidak tahu asal usul keturunan, ada yang masih tinggal dijalanan dan datang kesini for a hot meal. When you look at the older ones, you can tell that they've seen a lot, and they are unfazed by things.

And yet they were so polite to us, dan sangat menghargai kedatangan kami. In the video, check out their 'thank you song'!

Truth be told, it is I who should thank them, not the other way around.

Saya paling tidak bisa melupakan sikecil berusia 3 tahun ini. His name is Boboy. Kitorang datang-datang je, dia terus minta digendong. Dan enggan pula melepaskan pelukan di leher saya. Manja sangat!

Saya sedang membungkus goodie bags untuk anak-anak bila dia datang dan merebahkan diri dipangkuan saya.

Bila saya tanya, "Boboy puasa ke tidak?"

Dia langsung menendang-nendang kaki ke udara, menggeleng-geleng penuh semangat dan berteriak, "TIDAKKKK!!!"

Haish. Drama sunggoh.

To everyone who contributed towards the event, I can't thank you enough. May Allah repay all your kindness, thank you very much.

Isnin, September 14, 2009

Nama Inggeris bagi Putu Mayam??


Tidak sia-sia seminggu yang lalu saya membeli simpack Digi untuk murah menelefon chenta hati.

Kerana tadi saya menerima satu panggilan telefon dari Radio Era untuk pertandingan Seribu Sejam di Era!! Yabbbedaaabedoooo!

Hanya dengan menjawab satu panggilan mudah mengenai Malaysia, pengguna Digi akan memenangi RM1000! Dan seterusnya kalau berjaya menjawab soalan bonus, akan berpeluang ke grand finale dimana pengguna Digi berpeluang memenangi sehingga RM500ribu!

Terujaaa! Terujaaa!!

Dan soalan yang Burn kemukakan kepada saya tadi adalah...

"Dinegeri manakah Pulau Redang terletak?"

*tik tok tik tok*

Bak kata Azie, kalau saya tak dapat jawab soalan itu, dia pijak-pijak saya. And I am not so keen untuk dipijak-pijak oleh seorang mak buyung yang sedang sarat mengandung, mind you.

And yes, jawapannya...

Terengganu Darul Iman!!!

Makcik kayooooo dapat RM1000 duit rayoooooo!!!

Soalan bonusnya pulak,

"Apakah nama Inggeris bagi putu mayam?"

*krik krik krik...*


Serius sumpah terkelendet tak tahu okeh!

Maka gagal ke pusingan bonus.

So bagi u ols yang senasib dengan I tatau apa nama Mat Salleh bagi putu mayam, it is

String Hoppers.

Hamik. Macam spesis grasshoppers.

Oh well, saya tetap bersyukur atas kemenangan ini. Eceh. Hehehe...Allah duga saya hari tu, sekarang Allah balas balik dengan kesenangan.

Alhamdulillah, besar sungguh kuasa Allah.

Yellow man, you may follow me anywhere you want!

DiGi: RM1.75j jadi rebutan pelanggan
SHAH ALAM 1 Sept. -
DiGi Telecommunications Sdn. Bhd. (DiGi) menawarkan hadiah tunai bernilai RM1.75 juta untuk peraduan Seribu Sejam yang diadakan sempena sambutan Hari Kebangsaan ke-52.

Dengan menjawab soalan-soalan mengenai Malaysia dengan betul, para peserta akan menerima wang tunai RM1,000 yang akan diagihkan setiap jam.

Syarat peraduan yang berlangsung mulai 1 September hingga 22 Oktober 2009 mudah, orang ramai yang berminat untuk menyertainya hanya perlu melanggan perkhidmatan pasca bayar atau menambah nilai sekurang-kurangnya RM30 bagi kad pra bayar sepanjang tempoh tersebut.

Peraduan Seribu Sejam itu diadakan di tiga stesen radio iaitu Era, My FM dan hitz.fm akan memilih 24 pemenang setiap hari dan daripada jumlah pemenang itu seramai 52 orang bakal dipilih sebagai peserta akhir untuk pusingan kedua.

Peserta akhir itu akan terlibat dalam acara kemuncak untuk merebut hadiah bernilai RM500,000 pada 2 November nanti.

Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif DiGi, Johan Dennelind dalam kenyataannya di sini berkata, peraduan itu adalah sebahagian usaha syarikat telekomunikasi itu menarik perhatian rakyat negara ini tentang Malaysia.

"Peraduan ini menjanjikan keseronokan dan insentif, saya percaya DiGi akan menyemarakkan warisan 1Malaysia dengan lebih efektif kepada para pelanggan kami,'' kata beliau.

Terima Kasih Digi! Terima Kasih Era!

p.s: oh, encik chenta hati, I still get the duit raya you promised, right? right? hehe.

107 tahun, 23 kali.

I must admit.

I have a fondness for this lady. Nek Wook. 107, and want to get marry again for the 27th time?? That's totally wicked!

Me, 27 years old, sekali pun belum! (mudah-mudahan cuma sekali sahaja seumur hidup, aminn aminn aminn)

She intrigues me, this lady. All I wish for her, is lots of happiness, and if she may, share lah your secrets with us, granny! Hehehe. Sure very juicy one.

107-year-old wants 23rd hubby

KUALA BERANG: Afraid that her current husband might leave her after completing his drug rehabilitation programme, centenarian Mek Wok Kundor is looking to marry again - for the 23rd time.

The 107-year-old, who married Mohd Noor Che Musa, 37, in 2005, said they lived blissfully until he volunteered to treat his drug habit in Kuala Lumpur in July.

Tok Wook, as she is fondly known, now believes her husband might leave her after his programme ends and settle down in Kuala Lumpur besides marrying a woman younger than her.

“Lately, there is this kind of insecurity in me,” she said.

Tok Wook, who lives in Kampung Bukit TokBat here, said she planned to visit Mohd Noor on the second day of Hari Raya if her neighbours were willing to drive her to Kuala Lumpur.

“I want to express my feelings and tell him that I am lonely without him and if he reciprocates, I will wait for him without thinking of another marriage,” she added

She said she felt lonely without a companion during Ramadan.

“I am not searching for a man as handsome as our Prime Minister (Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak), but someone to accompany me in my twilight years,” she said.

“I realise that I am an aged woman. I don’t have the body nor am I a young woman who can attract anyone.

“My intention to remarry is to fill my forlornness and nothing more than that.”

She, however, declined to talk about her past marriages and the number of children she has.

All she said about her kids was that they were old and dependent on their children.

While she spent her last Hari Raya with Mohd Noor’s family in Bachok Kelantan, Tok Wook will celebrate it this year with her neighbours.

“I will wear a baju kurung that was given as gift by my husband in January,” she said.

She's really something, isn't she?

Oh btw, I do realize I haven't been really updating. Been posting articles and such, not actually writing anything.

Been lazy.

Ampun ya. Will write more!

Jumaat, September 11, 2009

Susilo condemns ‘sweeping’ of Malaysians

Susilo condemns ‘sweeping’ of Malaysians

JAKARTA: President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has reminded Indonesians that the “sweeping” of Malaysians will not resolve problems but only create new ones.

He said the 1.8 million Indo-nesians working and studying in Malaysia were worried by the excessive reaction from a small number of Indonesians.

“I have received SMSes from our people in Malaysia which among others said: Please find an amicable solution to the problem with Malaysia,” he was quoted on a newspaper website yesterday.

Speaking after chairing the Cabinet meeting yesterday, Susilo said the “sweeping” was an act of force and against the law, particularly when Muslims in both countries were observing fasting. — Bernama

Thanks Pak SBY!

But seriously, if anyone really need to do any 'sweeping', agak-agak sudi tak come to my house and sweep the floor, boleh? Nak nak lagi dah dekat nak raya ni, seswai sangat.

Asal jangan sweep barang-barang bagi licin lesap, sudahlah.

Peace Love Unity and Respect!

Khamis, September 10, 2009

Making Love, Not War

Being someone who loves Indonesia (and, ehem...its people), I can't help feeling concern, and a bit disturbed, with what's happening to the relationship between Malaysia and Indonesia. Bak kata pepatah Melayu, kerana nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga. Kerana sesetengah pihak, akan rosakkah hubungan baik 2 negara? Mudah2an tidak, aminn, aminn, aminnn.


Make love, not war.
(just, don't make love siang2 di waktu Ramadhan. Batal puasa nanti)

Just wanna share this article nicely written by my bro, Akhyari. You can also check out his blog here for more Good News From Indonesia.

Keep us Dangerously Beautiful

I was driving with my friends from Leicester to London when i found the coldness could no longer be tolerated, and we decided to stop by local coffee shop, A Tower1 coffee. A-GBP-6-cup of coffee finally helped us ease the extreme coldness, before i realized that there was a small yellow sticker sticked to the cash machine, something i really recognized,"TRAVEL WARNING - INDONESIA : Dangerously Beautiful"

My boss, an English national, once told me like this :
"Arry, i have been travelling to over 60 countries worldwide, and I find that Indonesians are the friendliest people on earth". When i tried to ask further about that, he continued " I wanna spend my remaining years in Indonesia, would you mind find me a good place in Yogyakarta, or west java, or Bali?" I then realized that it was no need to argue him. I have been living among indonesians for over 30 years, and i find that he was right. We are used to help people, tolerate others' stand, respective, and passionate.

These days, Indonesia sees a heighten tension with its neighbor Malaysia over several issues. GNFI agrees that some remaining issues should not be left unsolved, both countries should really sit together with the spirit of equality, understanding, and for the sake of long-term friendship. Both sides then should really adopt and follow what is decided during the talk, with no reserve.

GNFI would like to use this opportunity to ask you Indonesians to uphold the spirit of friendship and mutual need during any rally or demonstration. We should adopt a friendlier demonstration, instead of burning flag, blocking road, and sealing the embassy's gate with our flag. Those kinda things will not resolve anything, instead, it damages our reputation as a "civilized" society.

I met some angry students of Indonesians visiting Phnom Penh few months back, over the repeated physical abuse of indonesian migrant worker in Malaysia, which that time happened to take Siti Hajar as the victim. In time like this, Indonesians have been continuosly taught to let the heart heated, but keep the head cool. Some javanese provebs also told us to Fight fire with water, not with fire.

Please please I request you to stop any harsh action towards Malaysia, its people, and its interest anywhere, cause believe me, with a peaceful demonstration, your message will be more easier to be delivered and heard. I am so sure, the messages to the malaysian government have been clearly read and thought. We have seen some good progress as part of the result of good effort to ease the tension. We have seen some malaysian programs aired in our TVs, our drama actors and actress spends days to learn to speak Malay, and there have been a clear standing from our government over the tension.

I love Indonesia more that some Indonesian do, I'd gladly sacrifice my life for the sake of Indonesia and its people, but I'd die in honor and dignity.

In that coffee shop, i encouraged myself to talk with the cashier and ask her where did they get the sticker. Amanda, her name, replied "oh, i just returned from Indonesia 2 weeks ago, and someone gave me the sticker for free". I bombarded her with more question "You agree with the remark?". She replied "Oh, absolutely. The people were really nice".

"Hey, i think you must remove the sticker, else your boss will do" i continued. She said and asked me "Thank you, I am the boss. Hey, are you Indonesian?"

I surely am, Amanda!

Thanks, Bro.

As for me, it's not just about, being nice to your neighbours (btw jiran saya baik, tiap2 tahun bagi kurma sekilo. Boleh brag about dapat kurma Papa Rock. Eh ok lari topik) or about showing who loves their country more by burning down other country's flags, nor about claiming things unrightfully theirs,

It's about being a good human being. To not underestimate people, to be respectful, to be humble, to be kind, to be honest, to be what God created you to be.

Dah dah jangan gaduh, mari kita makan kacang.

Rabu, September 09, 2009

Satu Hari Di Hari Raya

"Satu hari di Hari Raya
Ku dengar irama yang sungguh indah
Ku coba mendekati padanya
Kira irama itu adalah
Suara pujian pada yang Esa"

Syawal datang lagi!

Yeah okay fine, seminggu lebih lagi tapi salahkah saya untuk excited??

Tahun ini persiapan menyambut lebaran amat sederhana. Tapi cukup bermakna.


Eniwei. The purpose of this entry is.

Dengan ini saya mengisytiharkan, tarikh rumah terbuka di rumah saya adalah pada 3 Oktober 2009 bersamaan dengan hari Sabtu (sila sila tulis dalam diari)

Bersempena dengan hari baik bulan baik ini, saya ingin menjemput saudari-saudari, tuan puan untuk memberi cadangan juadah yang akan disajikan kelak.

Pendek kata, apa yang terlintas di hati untuk anda mentekedarah, sila kemukakan. Segala cadangan akan dikemukakan kepada badan berkanun (read: Emak) untuk pertimbangan.

Silalah tinggalkan komen. Owh, para pemenang akan penerima...erm, satu jemputan ke rumah saya? haha.

Gila cheapskate.


April tahun lalu, ada seseorang telah berkata sesuatu kepada saya.

Menurut firasatnya, saya bakal menikah di bulan September.

Sudah 2 kali September berlalu.

Belum ada ura-ura mau menikah pun?

Mungkin tahun depan ya?

Eh eh kenapa gambar Mawi plak tetibe neh. Tsk.

sebuah kisah sisipan: beberapa hari lalu seorang teman bertanya,
"Farina, are you with someone right now? Facebook kau macam orang dilamun cinta!"

I think it's suffice to say, hati saya sedang terisi. Eceh eceh eceh.

Not prepared to share more, saya masih trauma untuk berkongsi kisah cinta bersama rakan taulan.

Doakan saja. Aminn.

note: oh. that special someone? he's smart, handsome, understanding, funny...what's not to like?



Kangen mode is ON.

Selasa, September 08, 2009

Koir Jalanan Kebangsaan

The day my friends and I had too much sugar and sang patriotic songs di Jalan TAR.

No, we were not on drugs nor alcohol.

Pure sugar, darling. Hahaha...

omg. farina. apa kau dah buat nehhhh!!

Jumaat, September 04, 2009

Cinta Ada

Andai aku butakan mata
Dapatkah kau mendengar jujurnya
Andai kau tutup telinga
Dapatkah kau melihat keikhlasannya

Aku cinta bukan dibayang mata
Jauh dari bahasa dekatkan ertinya
Aku cinta bukannya disengaja
Jauh dari wasangka dekatkan hatinya

Memang cinta ada dalam jiwa kita

Andainya cinta itu buta
Dapatkah kau mengubah pesonanya
Andai mengalir air mata
Dapatkah kau membeza jernihnya

Aku cinta bukan dibayang mata
Jauh dari bahasa
Dekatkan ertinya
Aku cinta bukannya disengaja
Jauh dari wasangka dekatkan hatinya

Memang cinta ada dalam jiwa kita

Oh mengapa ada saksi yang tak memahami
Oh oh oh mengapa ada saksi yang disalah erti
Aku cinta...
Jauh dari bahasa

Aku cinta bukan dibayang mata
Jauh dari bahasa
Dekatkan ertinya

Aku cinta bukannya disengaja
Jauh dari wasangka
Dekatkan hatinya

Memang cinta ada dalam jiwa kita
Memang cinta ada dalam jiwa kita

Khamis, September 03, 2009


Got into password change frenzy after a friend shared this article with me. Yikes!
Robber Mocks Victim on Facebook
'TV was rubbish so I left it ... regards your nighttime burglar'

A robber who swiped a family's laptop and iPhone in England this week has returned to haunt them—on Facebook, the Telegraph reports. "I have the laptop, phones OK but a bit scratched itll do," the thief wrote after hacking into the Facebook page of Victoria Richardson, whose West Sussex home was robbed on Thursday. "TV was rubbish so I left it ... regards your nighttime burglar."

"It felt like they were rubbing my nose in it," Richardson said. "They have been in your physical space, and then they are in your online space." Her purse, cash, credit cards, and Nintendo console were also stolen, but the thief seemed to like her laptop best: "now to the porn shop I gooo, thank you Toshiba is my favourite make."

That was a huge scare.

Earthquake in West Java

My heart goes out to our friends in West Java. Turut berduka cita...

Death toll from West Java earthquake rises to 40.

A man prays beside
his injured wife in a tent set up by medical teams after an earthquake in
Pangalengan, West Java.


Thousands of homes were destroyed, more than 40 people have been confirmed dead and rescue teams have been deployed across a wide area of West Java after a 7.3 intensity undersea earthquake shook the Indonesian province yesterday. The death toll could rise sharply today, as villages assess the damage.

Aftershocks continued as residents in the majority Muslim population shared their pre-dawn sahur meal this morning, traditionally the last food they will take for the day before breaking their fast at sunset in the holy month of Ramadan.

"People were on the soccer pitch and suddenly the quake came," said Suhara, a resident in the village of Marga Mulia, near the major hill city of Bandung. "The earth shook and there was a thundering noise. People panicked."

He said hundreds of people in his village had spent the night on the soccer pitch rather than return to their homes, many of which were destroyed or seriously damaged.

Across West Java, which is home to tens of millions of people, reports were coming in of dozens of people unaccounted for, even as families quickly buried their loved ones after yesterday's shock.

Java, Indonesia's most populous island, has about 140 million people in total and the quake at 2.55pm local time yesterday afternoon (5.55 AEST) was felt throughout the island and as far away as Bali.

The US Geological Survey put the quake at 7.0 on the Richter scale, though Indonesia's Geological and Meteorological Bureau said it was 7.3.

<A tsunami alert was briefly issued, with the epicenter being off the southern coast of the region and about 30km deep. However that was quickly retracted.

In the capital, Jakarta, and other major cities in the area high-rise buildings swayed violently and suffered structural damage.

The Indonesian Stock Exchange did not cease trading during the 35-second episode, although a staffer admitted there had been an unusual amount of "panic" on the floor.

In the population centre closest to the quake's epicentre, the city of Tasikmalaya, the roof of the local parliament building was reportedly damaged.

However it was in rural areas where the impact was greatest, with poorly-constructed homes, often built with little concern for the regular earthquakes experienced right across Indonesia, failing to withstand the quake's intensity.

Many of the dead were also the victims of landslides, a common occurrence in deforested rural areas, especially with the wet season having just begun.

Rescue attempts were being hampered by the fear of follow-up landslides.

"We have prepared tents for temporary shelter in each district where there has been damaged," a spokesman for the National Disaster Management Board, Priyadi Kardono, said.

Rabu, September 02, 2009


My house was broken into yesterday.

At noon, around 11am.

Seems like the bugger got into the house via the fire exit window by cutting the grill and taking out the window glass one by one, and stacking it properly some more.

And the fire exit led him right into my room.

After taking his time, taking away my beloved laptop and a box of jewelleries (even the plastic ones!), he was entering my brother's room when our maid, who went up to clean the toilets, ran into him.

He fled the same way he came, through the window. Walked the ledge, jumped into next door neighbour's lawn, and walked calmly out. Walked across the street, jumped into opposite neighbour's lawn, and ran off. This, was witnessed by my younger brother.

Upon further investigation with next door neighbour, we have come into the conclusion that he might have been planning this for sometime, because the walls that protect their lawn is 'decorated' with piercing glass, and that bugger has taken his time to make them blunt.

Last nite at 10pm, when most of the residents in the area were attending a RukunTetangga meeting at a nearby kedai mamak, the guy striked again. This time, the RukunTetangga president's house. Some people saw him entering the house through the roof, and they all gathered with sticks and iron poles to catch this guy, (and yours truly got so happy at the prospect of getting my things back!) but alas, it was not meant to be.

The slimy creep escaped.

Sad? Of course I am. Especially because among the things I lost, was the ring Arwah Abah gave to Mak as a token of his love to her. I wrote about receiving the ring some time back, if you guys remember.

But a friend wisely said,
"kadang Allah turunkan dugaan untuk mencuci kita dari dosa, untuk mengampuni kita, tapi syaratnya, kita harus redha."

Saya redha.

Like my mom said, mungkin jodoh saya dengan barang-barang itu sampai di sini sahaja.

Kadang Allah ambil sesuatu dari kita, untuk beri yang lebih baik, yang lebih indah.

Who knows kalau besok ada jutawan masuk meminang bagi kereta Ferrari sebijik dan laptop merah matching dengan kereta dan barang kemas seguni?

Who knows!

nota: tadi malam masih takut mahu tidur di kamar sendiri. Aneh rasanya, knowing a strange man were there that morning, going through my stuffs. Ada yang bilang, the only way to overcome this is to cepat-cepat kahwin so that lepas ni tak perlu tidur sendiri lagi. Hahaha. Apakah? :p

Selasa, September 01, 2009


Saya bangga menjadi anak Malaysia.

Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan yang ke 52 Malaysiaku tercinta!

Tanggal 31
Bulan lapan lima puluh tujuh
Merdeka ! Merdeka !
Tetaplah merdeka
Ia pasti menjadi sejarah

Tanggal 31
Bulan lapan lima puluh tujuh
Hari yang mulia
Hari bahagia
Sambut dengan jiwa yang merdeka

Mari kita seluruh warga negara
Ramai-ramai menyambut hari merdeka
Merdeka !
Tiga satu bulan lapan lima puluh tujuh
Hari mulia negaraku merdeka

p.s: Along, thanks for the vid!

Happiness Is The Truth

Been a while since I felt so deliriously happy to the point that I fell like telling the whole world how I feel, and why. But, having been...