Jumaat, September 11, 2009

Susilo condemns ‘sweeping’ of Malaysians

Susilo condemns ‘sweeping’ of Malaysians

JAKARTA: President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has reminded Indonesians that the “sweeping” of Malaysians will not resolve problems but only create new ones.

He said the 1.8 million Indo-nesians working and studying in Malaysia were worried by the excessive reaction from a small number of Indonesians.

“I have received SMSes from our people in Malaysia which among others said: Please find an amicable solution to the problem with Malaysia,” he was quoted on a newspaper website yesterday.

Speaking after chairing the Cabinet meeting yesterday, Susilo said the “sweeping” was an act of force and against the law, particularly when Muslims in both countries were observing fasting. — Bernama

Thanks Pak SBY!

But seriously, if anyone really need to do any 'sweeping', agak-agak sudi tak come to my house and sweep the floor, boleh? Nak nak lagi dah dekat nak raya ni, seswai sangat.

Asal jangan sweep barang-barang bagi licin lesap, sudahlah.

Peace Love Unity and Respect!

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