Jumaat, September 18, 2009

Wanna win an IPhone?


This year is Malaysia's 52nd Independence Day! Yay!

Stand a flag in front of the house,.. check.
Stick a flag on the car rooftop,.. check.

Put an iLoveMalaysia logo on website to win iPhone 3GS,.. REALLY?

YES! This is a chance for you to win yourself one fancy, must-have smartphone - iPhone 3GS worth RM 2500 each! That's not all. The best part is, you can also refer someone to join this campaign, and if they are selected as winner, you as the referer will win the exact same prize! - all while expressing your love to the country!

How to win:

1. Click here
2. Fill in the form, make me your referrer (email: farinajamal@gmail.com )
3. You will receive an email from Exabytes with the title "Thank You For Participating In 'iLove Malaysia' Campaign"!
4. Click on the link in the email to get the generated Java script coding.
5. Follow the instructions on the page to upload the coding.
6. You are done! congratulations!

They will pick the winners randomly! So, good luck to all of you!

easy peasy teeny weeny.

p.s: Lissa, I made you my referrer! Good luck to both of us!

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