Jumaat, Oktober 23, 2009


Membaca blog Zahiril Adzim pagi ini membuat pipi rasa tertampar. Perit. Simple saja topiknya, tentang kebolehan mendengar, bukan setakat didengari.

Saya petik sedikit cuplikan dari blognya,

Tak usah dibayangkan chemistry yang indah, jika tidak mendengar.
Tak usah diucapkan kata cinta, jika tidak mendengar.
Tak usah dirancangakan masa depan, jika tidak mendengar.
Tak usah dirasakan lafaznya penyatuan, jika tidak mendengar.
Tak usah direncanakan kebahagiaan, jika tidak mendengar.

Kadang kita mempunyai banyak cerita untuk dikongsikan, kadang mempunyai bertan-tan pendapat untuk diutarakan, sehingga cara komunikasi bercambah dengan hebatnya, tak cukup sekadar bertemu muka, panggilan telefon, sms, chat, Friendster, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter...blog! Hanya untuk memperdengarkan cerita.

Maafkan sering lupa mengucap TERIMA KASIH kepada kalian yang sering sudi mendengarkan saya disini. Without you, saya sama seperti orang yang berteriak-teriak sendiri di dewan kosong. Bergema, lantang...tapi tak ada yang mendengarkan.


Encik Pacar, yang sering saya paksakan untuk dengari saya, namun seringkali saya terlupa, dia juga mahu didengar.

Maafkan saya. Saya tahu kemaafan kamu ada segudang banyaknya buat saya, dan saya boleh ambil kapanpun saya mahu, tapi saya mohon kemaafan kamu, seikhlasnya.

And please, do remind me if I forget to listen again.

Because we both know it'll be a rocky bumpy road ahead but it's worth fighting for.

Saat didengari di majlis persandingan Peon & Zeff.

p.s: Encik Zahiril, thank you for the reminder.

Khamis, Oktober 22, 2009

Honesty, The Best Policy

Me: Buy me a handbag,ya? (in that tiny whiny begging voice)
Kitt: Why a handbag? I can buy you other things, jeans ke, books ke...kenapa nak handbag juga? You've tonnes of handbags already. Tell me, why do you need ANOTHER handbag?
Me: Well, because, a handbag is timeless.
Kitt: You already have something timeless. My love.
Me: Ummmmhhh...
(like, how do you argue with that??)
Kitt: Tell me.
Me: Because, I want to show off.
Kitt: Okay. The bag will be yours.

Hahahaha. So honesty is (most of the time) the best policy.

Thank you love!

Sana Sini Situ

Baru sedar macam jarang update. Haha. Bukan apa, kadang feeling macam dah update tapi ternyata tu kes baca Along yang update! Hahaha...and she writes it much much better than I ever could maka saya jadi minder. Hish.

Kalau nak baca tentang how did our charity sale go, and how we managed to raise RM650for the earthquake victims in Padang (Alhamdulillah!)

Read here

Atau, kalau nak baca tentang perjalanan 4 gadis sunti ke Kuantan to attend a wedding and end up not only doing that, we also stalked an artist. Budak AF summore.

Baca di sini tentang our roadtrip to Faatin's wedding. Oh, and she looked super lovely!

Or, about the day we got sucked into the time tunnel and ended up in the 80s. I must have annoyed Along coz I kept on asking her, "where on earth do they get these things they wear??!"

But really, we went and watched Revenge's gig in coordination with KukuBesi's 1st solo exhibition in Wisma Bentley.

My very 1st experience to watch my brother perform!

Read that, here.

Nota 1: Pics are all courtesy of Along.
Nota 2: Saya sedar entri ini sangat berunsur parasitisme. Hahahahahaha. Peace Along!


Rabu, Oktober 21, 2009

First Kiss

One kiss is all I want
To take away my tears
And give me a healthy smile

One kiss is all I want
To give me hope
And take on life as it comes

One kiss is all I want
To know your lips
And hold them forever

One kiss is all I want
To show you I love you
And be there for eternity

Jumaat, Oktober 16, 2009

GLAMorous Sifu!!!

Di Suatu Masa...

Ditag oleh Pokcik di Facebook membuatkan saya tiba-tiba tidak senang duduk hari ini.

Tambahan pula disajikan dengan gambar-gambar Sifu yang wowwwwwww HAWTTT!!!

Sekali pandang, macam Johnny Depp!

And he's like what, 50 something?? OMG. Indah sungguh ciptaan Tuhan.

Bak kata Cah Ayu,
"hensem sangat sampai pening aku tgk..

pening... muntah2.."

Bak kata Along pula,
"pingsan sbb nak soh dia dukung, nek atas katil then yes baru cpr.

*pengsan lagik*"

Soraya pula kata,
"bisakah aku bertanya padamu....di mana datang sayang ini...di sudut mata mu, atau bisikan mesraaaaaa..."


Ye. Kami memang rakan-rakan perverted who totally digs HOT older men.

Oh. Belilah GLAM Lelaki. Ada artikel tentang mereka ini juga. Bolehlah baca, kalau nak.
Eceh mentang-mentang Eross dah kahwin.

Hahaha...tak, tipu. Belilah belilah!

Pastu potong gambar sifu and bagi kat saya, okeh? Ngehehehehhe.

nota kecil: Kitt, don't worry. Kau tetap yang termuahhhh di hati!

Rabu, Oktober 14, 2009


Am developing a rather close but spooky connection with Encik Pacar.

Maybe this is normal to others, I am not sure, but certainly is new for me

Like...i can know exactly what he's thinking, despite the distance.

Like is I suddenly wake up for no reasons in the middle of the nite, I know he just woke up there too.

Or suddenly my heart palpitate for no reason, I asked him, what are u doing, why is ur heart going so fast? Are u looking thru my facebook? (misalnya) and again, i was right

Or pernah, saya tengah buat sesuatu, masak ke apa, and I got flashes of some things that has never happened. I'll just ask him, did u just imagine about bla bla bla bla (no, bukan 18sx). And, surprise surprise, I was right. Again.

Dan banyak banyak banyak banyak banyak lagi peristiwa yang membuat Encik Pacar kadang merasa sedikit cuak dan bertanya, "How do you do that??!"

Is this normal?

Discussed this with Anis yesterday, she agreed with me that it is kinda spooky.

And then she said something I wanted to hear,
"maybe that means u r meant to be together :D"


thrill *gedik gedik*

Or it means,

He cannot ngorat-ngorat, main-main mata, senyum-senyum, jeling-jeling dengan awek lain!!!

muahahahahhahahahahah! *ketawa kemenangan*

Us (by Stephany Josephine)

When I can relate to those sweet love songs, and even the corny ones make perfect sense...
When we can't stop to bug each other every now and then...
When we know that our best friends would probably throw up hearing our lovey dovey conversations, yet we don't care.
When I feel irrelevant with the world and you're the only one I can relate to...
When you write notes of days we spent together, and I made secret blogs just to save every details of our chats... and poems I couldn't stop to write...
When we wonder if it's just the syndrome of a new couple...
When we could project where this is going to be on the second day we're together...
When both of us being so persistent to fight for this...
When we start to care less about bad and cynical comments...
When I end up thinking about you during my boring bus trip just when I thought I could skip you a bit...
When you, that bad boy, turned into the sweetest man one could ever imagine...
And when this what you used to call "a senseless bitch" softened up...
When we become the best version of ourselves because of each other's presence...
When strangers would prolly get sick of reading this pointless poem...
When people might think that we rush things...
When "can't get enough" literally means can't get enough...
When we don't ever wanna lose this...

That is probably, how much in love we are.

And still baby, nobody will understand...

3 weeks away!

Sekadar Gambar Hiasan.

Hey Beautiful ladies of SSP 9599!

Ready for our upcoming reunion dinner? It's after all, just another 3 weeks away!

Hope you've all got your 'bling-bling'est dress already. After all, the theme is Glittery Glamorous so we do want to see you all dressed up, go over the top with all the glitter, babes! I heard, there will be prizes for the best-dressed lady of the nite too.

Dah lah cantik bergaya, got hadiah sum more. Wow.

But if you haven't figured out what to wear, fret not. You still have, about 3 weeks left!

Okay, if you need me to be exact,
23 days.

(okay sengaja nak bagi gelabah)

Hope you've all made your payments to either Fatma or Peon already too. These girls, and the rest of the committee members have worked their ass off to make this event a success, so come do our part to lessen their misery!

So ladies, all set to party? :-D

Selasa, Oktober 13, 2009


Busy busy time.

Hence, the lack of updates.

Seems like everyone is staying back late at work these days, why huh?

Not enough time to finish work, or time is consumed by Tweeting?

Oh well. hiks hiks hiks.

Update lagi nanti ah. Boss dah sound, "young lady, minimize the internet usage!"


Khamis, Oktober 08, 2009

Helping Hands

Pernahkah terbayang bagaimana perasaan mereka, bagaimana rumah tempat bermain, tempat berteduh, tempat bermanja melepas lelah, runtuh dalam sekelip mata?

Dapatkah terfikir betapa sedihnya, hilang tempat bergantung, semuanya terjadi didepan mata, hanya beberapa saat?

Adakah terasa betapa pilunya, tinggal sehelai sepinggang, terpaksa menanti simpati orang ramai, hanya untuk mengalas perut yang kosong berhari-hari belum terisi?

Bagaimana agaknya rasa, hilang saudara mara rakan taulan, hancur berkeping-keping dibawah runtuhan kontrit yang selama ini melindungi, tiba-tiba menghancuri?

Tidak dapat, bukan?

Kita mungkin tidak dapat merasa sakit perih saudara-saudara kita yang sedang menderita di Padang, akibat kejadian gempa beberapa hari yang lalu, tapi kita dapat menyumbang sedikit, insyaAllah dapat meringankan beban mereka.

We're holding a charity bazaar this weekend in Pasar Shah Alam, Section 13 (near Stadium Shah Alam). Will be selling pre-loved items, anything from clothings to household items to accessories...u name it, we sell it.

If you want to make a little contribution, you could:

a. Gather up your pre-loved items for us to sell. Your junk could be someone else's treasure. Those clothes that used to be fashionable for like 5 days, those bags that you think you'd wear some day but never got to it, those mugs or picture frames that ur exes gave but malas nak simpan buat sakit hati, even books and magazine, anything anything anything...We want em!!

We can arrange for pick-up, or we can meet up somewhere, or you can join us and be minah bundle for a day. What say you?


b. Help us by buying! Come see us at the bazaar, we will all be dressed in Yellow, starting from 7 till noon.

Prices would start at 50 sen. 50 sen weh!!! masuk toilet pun bayar lagi mahal tau!

All proceeds, and I repeat, ALL proceeds, will go for relief efforts for our friends in Padang.

Rabu, Oktober 07, 2009


Dance among the ribbons
of the birthday balloons.

Smile through the lit candles
and sing to the classic happy tune.

Eat the cake of wishes,
frosted with sweet dreams of parties to come.

Blindly swing at the flying unicorn,
sending treasures across the lawn.

Spin among the music and laughter
in your perfect party dress that's brand new.

And till next year my darling,
Happy Birthday to you, Along!
nanti kita gi mabok2, okeh?

note: Kitt wishes you a 'Happy Birthday' too!

Selasa, Oktober 06, 2009

Resepi : Risoles


So many people requested for this recipe when they came over for Raya. I actually got it from Google, but most of them complained that they don't understand it as the recipe is in Indonesian! Hahaha...i guess a good command of the language does come in handy.

It is actually the ONLY thing I made during that openhouse (besides the raya cookies yang korang tak makan tu kan) so I am happy with the warm reception it received! hahaha. Bangga tak hengat.

And so I present to you, as requested....

Risoles Ayam

Bahan kulit:
150 gram tepung gandum
2 butir telur
275 ml susu cair segar
1 sudu teh garam
(kalau consistency adunan terlalu pekat untuk dibuat dadar, tambah sedikit susu. Dadar haruslah tidak terlalu tebal dan tidak terlalu tipis, supaya tak koyak bila digulung)

Bahan isi:
200gm daging ayam, direbus dalam 600 ml air (dipotong dadu selepas direbus)
3 sudu makan mentega
1/2 buah bawang besar, dicincang halus
3 sudu makan tepung gandum
3 sudu makan susu tepung, dilarutkan dalam 300 ml stok ayam (gunakan air rebusan ayam tadi)
25 gr lobak merah, dipotong kotak kecil, rebus
25 gr kacang pis *I substitude lobak and pis with frozen mix veggies. Works just as great, and I love the colors provided by the veggies!*
1 sudu teh garam
1/2 sudu teh serbuk lada hitam
1 sudu teh serbuk pala (nutmeg powder)

Bahan utk menyalut
100 gr tepung roti
2 butir telur (dicairkan dengan sesudu air)

Cara Membuat
Buat isi, tumis bawang besar csampai harum. Masukkan tepung gandum. Kacau sampai menggumpal. Tambahkan susu cair sedikit demi sedikit sambil dikacau hingga licin.
Tambahkan ayam, mix veggies, garam, lada hitam, dan nutmeg powder. Kacau sampai meletup-letup. Angkat dan dinginkan.

Kulit, Aduk bahan kulit jadi satu lalu buat dadar satu per satu. Ambil selembar dadar. Letakkan 1 sendok makan penuh adonan isi. Bungkus bentuk segitiga, empat segi, hexagon pun boleh kalau suka.

Gulingkan risoles di dalam telur, lalu di tepung roti. Goreng hingga kecokelatan di atas api sedang.

Inti risoles boleh juga diganti, satu lagi resepi yang pernah saya siapkan adalah Risoles Smoked Turkey and Cheese.

1 sudu susu pekat
Smoked turkey, dipotong 2
Kepingan keju, dipotong 2
Telur rebus, dihancurkan
Italian Herb/Thyme/Parsley cincang atau serbuk (optional)
Garam dan serbuk lada

Cara membuat:
Mayonaise di campur susu pekat manis, cuba rasanya, jika mahu lebih manis boleh tambahkan susu pekat manisnya, dan kalo suka yg lebih masam boleh tambah mayo nya. Beri Italian herb atau parsley cincang, garam dan lada hitam sesedap rasa, ketepikan.

Ambil 1 kulit, susunkan semua bahan isi (smoked turkey, telur hancur, mayonaise dan keju). Bungkuskan seperti melipat envelope atau popiah.

Gulingkan risoles di dalam telur, lalu di tepung roti. Goreng hingga kecokelatan di atas api sedang.


Sabtu, Oktober 03, 2009


"Frankly, if you want to have faith...

You have to stop being blind"

-Raditya Dika-

Posted by ShoZu

Bosan ke?

Ada yang bilang, blog saya dah jadi membosankan semenjak saya kurang menulis tentang diri sendiri. Semenjak saya dah menjadi kurang 'self-centered'.

Jadi menulislah saya. Iya, saya sedang mengenal hati budi seseorang. (gile ayat majalah 'mango'. Eh. Kantoi baca majalah tu. Haha)

Tapi hari ini ada pula yang bilang, blog saya bosan. Dah jiwang. Malas nak baca.

Pernah dulu waktu saya tidak menulis tentang cinta hati, katanya saya malu punya pacar seperti dia. Maka saya tulis. Tidak, saya tidak malu. Jauh sekali dari itu.

Saya kira...

Saya tidak akan bisa memuaskan hati semua orang.


Ada aku keysahhh???

Posted by ShoZu

Kitchen Goddess (yeah. I wish!)

Is actually glad with the amount of cooking I have to do. Keeps my mind off stuffs.

Not that the pain doesn't still linger, tho.

And not too glad with the amount of yakking I would get from the maid once she sees the kitchen tmrw morning too. Think she's even getting nitemares right this moment.

Some people said, that I write less these days about my life. That this blog has become less, and I quote, 'self-centered'. And they want me to write about my life!

Aneh. I am flattered, of course...don't take me wrong, but u guys really wanna read about MY life?

Biar betik korang? *kagum*

Baiklah. Akan saya berusaha menjadi seorang yang self-centered. Akhir kata...

"baik korang datang weh openhouse aku sat lagi, penat aku masaaaaaakkk!"

Note: Kitt, wish u are here. Love u.

Posted by ShoZu

Jumaat, Oktober 02, 2009


"cintaku bukan PERNAH,

Tapi akan selalu ADA"

Posted by ShoZu

Make or break?

Made Kitt a very angry man today, and I have no one else to blame but myself.

It's one of those make or break moments, a test to this budding relationship, either it's meant to work out or doomed from the start.

I pray, and I hope, this will work out.

Coz you, Kitt, is anugerah terindah yang pernah ku miliki.

And I love you so much.

Forgive me?

Posted by ShoZu

Allah's way to show love

I found this heart-touching writing in my bro's website, GOOD NEWS FROM INDONESIA. I shared this with you all.
Tears of Unimaginable Power

There're some verses in the holy book of Quran, mentioned that good people, will always get tested with hunger, fear, disaster. You can't call yourself a true believer, until you pass all the tests.

In other verses, God says that He will never ever overburden us, no test will be given beyond our capacity to overcome.

West Sumatra, Indonesia's paradise of Sumatra Island, was severely hit by a huge earthquake. Another test is being conducted to Indonesia again. MAKE NO MISTAKE, this is GOD's way to tell us, that He loves us..this is God's way to tell us, that INDONESIA IS STRONG ENOUGH TO PASS ALMOST ALL TEST.

GNFI send our deepest condolences to the departed souls, may Allah blessed their souls, and place them in a better world hereafter. Amien. For the west sumatrans, Be stronger, be very strong.

Happiness Is The Truth

Been a while since I felt so deliriously happy to the point that I fell like telling the whole world how I feel, and why. But, having been...