Rabu, Oktober 14, 2009

3 weeks away!

Sekadar Gambar Hiasan.

Hey Beautiful ladies of SSP 9599!

Ready for our upcoming reunion dinner? It's after all, just another 3 weeks away!

Hope you've all got your 'bling-bling'est dress already. After all, the theme is Glittery Glamorous so we do want to see you all dressed up, go over the top with all the glitter, babes! I heard, there will be prizes for the best-dressed lady of the nite too.

Dah lah cantik bergaya, got hadiah sum more. Wow.

But if you haven't figured out what to wear, fret not. You still have, about 3 weeks left!

Okay, if you need me to be exact,
23 days.

(okay sengaja nak bagi gelabah)

Hope you've all made your payments to either Fatma or Peon already too. These girls, and the rest of the committee members have worked their ass off to make this event a success, so come do our part to lessen their misery!

So ladies, all set to party? :-D

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