Khamis, Oktober 22, 2009

Honesty, The Best Policy

Me: Buy me a handbag,ya? (in that tiny whiny begging voice)
Kitt: Why a handbag? I can buy you other things, jeans ke, books ke...kenapa nak handbag juga? You've tonnes of handbags already. Tell me, why do you need ANOTHER handbag?
Me: Well, because, a handbag is timeless.
Kitt: You already have something timeless. My love.
Me: Ummmmhhh...
(like, how do you argue with that??)
Kitt: Tell me.
Me: Because, I want to show off.
Kitt: Okay. The bag will be yours.

Hahahaha. So honesty is (most of the time) the best policy.

Thank you love!

3 ulasan:

kitt berkata...

I cant recall i said "Kitt: Okay. The bag will be yours." hahaha. did I?

f a r i n a berkata...


you did! you did!

haish. buat2 lupa lah plak.

Ernie Khairina berkata...

i'm weak over pink T_T
nak sangat the bag!

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