Sabtu, Oktober 03, 2009

Kitchen Goddess (yeah. I wish!)

Is actually glad with the amount of cooking I have to do. Keeps my mind off stuffs.

Not that the pain doesn't still linger, tho.

And not too glad with the amount of yakking I would get from the maid once she sees the kitchen tmrw morning too. Think she's even getting nitemares right this moment.

Some people said, that I write less these days about my life. That this blog has become less, and I quote, 'self-centered'. And they want me to write about my life!

Aneh. I am flattered, of course...don't take me wrong, but u guys really wanna read about MY life?

Biar betik korang? *kagum*

Baiklah. Akan saya berusaha menjadi seorang yang self-centered. Akhir kata...

"baik korang datang weh openhouse aku sat lagi, penat aku masaaaaaakkk!"

Note: Kitt, wish u are here. Love u.

Posted by ShoZu

5 ulasan:

Im berkata...

tiada aral melintang patah.. pasti datang. kagum nehh... sempat memblog sambil main masak2.

. : LaDy iRm@ : . berkata...

akan ku serangg..... hehehe

pssttttt :
tapau bley?

. : LaDy iRm@ : . berkata...

akan ku datang,

utk menghargai kesungguhan kamu memasak...

pssttt:bley tapau?

tasya berkata...

heheh..mcm penah dgr word self centered tu :P
owh makanan di open house kamu sgt sedap sekali..thx ye, sy tdo kekenyangan semlm :)

Lynda berkata...

makanan sgt sedap

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