Khamis, Oktober 22, 2009

Sana Sini Situ

Baru sedar macam jarang update. Haha. Bukan apa, kadang feeling macam dah update tapi ternyata tu kes baca Along yang update! Hahaha...and she writes it much much better than I ever could maka saya jadi minder. Hish.

Kalau nak baca tentang how did our charity sale go, and how we managed to raise RM650for the earthquake victims in Padang (Alhamdulillah!)

Read here

Atau, kalau nak baca tentang perjalanan 4 gadis sunti ke Kuantan to attend a wedding and end up not only doing that, we also stalked an artist. Budak AF summore.

Baca di sini tentang our roadtrip to Faatin's wedding. Oh, and she looked super lovely!

Or, about the day we got sucked into the time tunnel and ended up in the 80s. I must have annoyed Along coz I kept on asking her, "where on earth do they get these things they wear??!"

But really, we went and watched Revenge's gig in coordination with KukuBesi's 1st solo exhibition in Wisma Bentley.

My very 1st experience to watch my brother perform!

Read that, here.

Nota 1: Pics are all courtesy of Along.
Nota 2: Saya sedar entri ini sangat berunsur parasitisme. Hahahahahaha. Peace Along!


2 ulasan:

Along berkata...

parasit tuh cam melekat kat badan ke itu pacat ke ape eh?

*membayangkan mende sucking each other, okeh tetbe 18sx plak imaginasiku*

hehe, tak kesah,babe.

pasneh citer pasal baby hannah and pancakes :D

Cah Ayu berkata...

ape neh.. sedot2 plak kat sini. tsk :P

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