Isnin, November 09, 2009

Day 3: Enjoying Jakarta

Day 3, 26th October 2009

Spent the 1st half of the day shopping at Thamrin JCC.

Then off to Plaza Semanggi. Lunch alias dinner at The Buffet.


Silakan menjamu mata.

The choc ice cream is super sedap here, and I wish we took photo of the cute lil burger. Suka!

Harga buffet di sini at normal hours is Rp60rb++, which is about RM20, dah campur air and service charge prolly will reach Rp90rb, about RM30.

Tapi we went at Crazy Hours, only Rp40rb++, campur tolak bahagi comes to about Rp60rb seorang, dalam RM20 je! And the arrays of food are amazing, ada Western food, Japanese food, Indonesian food...macam-macam dan semua sedap-sedap!!

*air liur meleleh*

Beautiful tuan rumah, Aie

Aie and I then left the rest of the gang shopping at Plaza Semanggi, pulang ke rumah untuk aturcara selanjutnya.

Aturcara apa?

*uhuk uhuk*

Rahsia. :-D

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