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Makassar: Tracing My Roots

Setiap kali orang menyebut perkataan Makassar, pasti memcetus perbualan dengan Ibu, tentang niat to retrace my roots.

Iya, saya berdarah Bugis. On my late father's side. Atuk masih menyimpan salasilah keluarga dimana dimulai oleh nama seorang lelaki Bugis yang kedengaran amat macho, "Daeng Penalang Bugis". Wahhh , bukan main hebat namanya!

Altho I don't stay true to my Bugis blood sebab saya cepat mabok laut padahal orang Bugis terkenal sebagai seafarers unggul.

Dan saya tidak tahu banyak tentang Bugis dan Makassar, tanah asal Bugis. Kecuali apa yang saya baca melalui Good News From Indonesia dan apa yang saya tahu dari sahabat baik saya di Jakarta yang kebetulan berasal dari Makassar, I basically know nothing about my ancestors.

Tapi kekurangan pengetahuan saya bakal segera berakhir, InsyaAllah. Because...

Makassar to have Museum In Malaysia

I am sure, everyone knows that Bugis people used to travel overseas, to many nations like Malaysia, Singapore, India, Madagascar, Srilanka, South Africa, and some prefered to settle there and call the newland home. I have many Singaporean and Malaysian friends whose anchestors were Bugis people. In Singapore, Bugis Junction is one of the hottest spot for shopping.

Looks like the bond becomes better now when the Makassar city administration in South Sulawesi province, will open a museum in Malaysia in 2010, in view of the Malaysian government's plan to open a museum through the Malacca museum agency in Makassar.

They would soon carry out the plan now that discussions had already been held between the Makassar cultural and tourism office and the Malacca museum agency. Well, i think it is become clearer that friendship between Indonesia and its neighbor is unavoidable, something we need to pursue.

Welcome home, friendship :)

(Side-creator of GNFI, Farina Jamal, a Malaysian, is also a Bugisnese in blood)

Source: GNFI

Ngehehe. Ayat terakhir tu memang siap2 ada, okeh. Tidak ditokok tambah oleh yours truly. To be acknowledge as a Bugisnese is an honor, to be named as side creator of GNFI, waaaaaa! Terharu biru! Thanks Bro Arry!

And I can't wait to take my grandparents to this museum.

Maybe I should start a Good News From Malaysia blog pula. Should I? *mikir*

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GNFI berkata...

I have been to makassar twice, and i found some interesting facts about Bugis people.
They are honest, confident, loyal, and brave. And to be honest, i've met some great bugis people, and i adore them. I vote for Jusuf Kalla last year for Indonesian president, and i was so happy when finally Pak Lah handed over the premiership to Najib Razak. Kalla and Najib are only two great people. Let's go further back. We have Habibie, we have madagascar president, and if you are indonesian, you'd know how we here in indonesia pay high respect to bugis people, for their bravery, for their determination,for their honesty esp when trading.

And yes, dik...they were great sailors, hundreds of years before James Cook landed at now New Zealand, Bugis people had traded with the Maoris.

I adore bugis people, just like i do to Jogjanese.

Good News From Malaysia blog will be interesting, but, unlike in Indonesia, you can easily find good news about malaysia anywhere.

Lynn berkata...

My paternal grandma is Bugis and my maternal grandpa is Bugis, too. So that makes me half-Bugis, no? ;)

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