Selasa, Januari 19, 2010

Bibir kering? Kini tidak lagi :-)

In the mood to do reviews. Haha. Selalu Anis je yang menulis pasal beauty products, but here's one that I use, that I think every gals should have! (Even guys, if you're into this sort of stuffs)

It's called Smith's Rosebud Salve, and was introduced to me by the numero uno make up artist in Malaysia, Nurul Syukor.

Since I got my hands on one, it's absolute must have item in my handbag!

Since 1895, this world-famous salve has been lauded by fashion magazines, make-up artists, and celebrities as their number one preferred lip balm. In addition to being a wonderful lip moisturizer, natural-looking lip gloss and lipstick base, it is still a family favorite to aid in the relief of chapped and dry skin, blemishes, diaper rash, and detergent burns.

I've tried SOOOO many lip balms before, but nothing could compete with this one. Bak kata Upin dan Ipin, "Betul betul betul!" Tak kisahlah bibir kering merekah-rekah pun, just apply a rich layer on your lips before you go to sleep, besok pagi bila bangun dah va-va-voom, Bibirmu seksi!

Kalau kulit kering, pakai sikit je terus rasa halus macam kulit bayi. And langsung tak melekit-lekit.

Sayangnya, kat Malaysia tak ada jual menatang ni. I got mine when my mom went to Canada a few years back. Can get it from any Sephora outlets. Tapi boleh beli di Amazon! It's like, USD5 to USD7 (about RM17 to RM25) each but worry not, satu benda ni je boleh tahan bertahun.

My verdict: Sangat worth buying.

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5 ulasan:

FreakyG berkata...

kau sangat memahami..aku baru dok complain2 psl bibir kering..mane nak dptkan huwaaa

Im berkata...

Demmm.. cabin crew en. veto tadak yg tau brand ini. Ponat en. veto kluar masuk kedai kat LA nun.. tapi tak jumpa.

Lissa berkata...

apa kata kita order secara pukal di amazon kawan2???

leh jimat shipping.. hehe

anis-chan berkata...

ko tau apa aku jumpa?

kena tunggu spree! :D

FreakyG berkata...

sy mau join sekiranya anda mahu order scara pukal di nana..kwn farina jugek..ekekek

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