Rabu, Februari 17, 2010

Good News From Indonesia

Hey friends,

I am now helping out a friend by writing articles for Good News From Indonesia, and I am pretty excited about that! Haha, okay...I admit, I've only written a couple articles for them, but being the only Malaysian writing in, and the only female, has its perks.

As the only Malaysian, it helps people see that not all Malaysians are 'tuan rumah kejam belasah pembantu rumah tanpa hati perut'. Altho, to those Malaysians who do so, shame on you!

As the only female, well...it's official,
"Farina is the prettiest in GNFI"


So read, and learn about all the wonderful things about our neighbouring country. Maybe then you'll give our 'big brother' the respect they deserve.

About GNFI

Good News From Indonesia is your independent and trusted premier source of all kinds of good news from Indonesia. Our vision is clearly defined within good news, with no intervention from political, religious, or any private interest that might harm our independence.

Good News From Indonesia is committed to sharing only good news because we appreciate positiveness and optimism; and especially from Indonesia because we believe our country has a lot of good things to offer. And it is also our intent to show the world of the brighter side of Indonesia so that they can see and understand us in the best possible way.

So, if you are positive and optimistic, you’re on the right track. And if you’re on the flip side, here is Good News From Indonesia to make your day!

p/s: Thanks Bro Arry, for asking me to join board of writers. It's truly an honor.

5 ulasan:

GNFI berkata...

The honor is clearly mine. I think you missed out one important thing. Your articles attract many readers, and always ranks in the top 5.

awesome blossom berkata...

hahahahaha... tak tahan dgn komen 'farina is the prettiest'.mmg x de option lain kan? congrats, btw! u've always written good stuff.

Ian berkata...

You quoted our email string haha...it should be private LOL!

annelisbrilian berkata...

Hi, Farina. I am a college student majoring in journalism from Padjadjaran University, Bandung.
Intends to make a research about twitter account of GNFI that provides news and set the editorial agenda where Good News is A Good News. Can i have your email? :)

annelis brilian berkata...

oh ya, my email : annelis.brilian@gmail.com
hopefully you can help, Farina. Thank you very much :)

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